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Last updated on : February 09 2016

The origins of Valentine’s Day is obscure. Some say it was named after Saint Valentine who was incarcerated by the Romans. The folklore details that Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter whom often came to visit him. On the day before he was executed he left a farewell love letter that was signed “From Your Valentine” and the line has been recognized for centuries as the most romantic expression of love ever. The Catholic Church recognizes 3 different saints named Valentine (spellings vary). Although we are unable to identify just where and when Valentine’s Day became a national day of expressing love we are all forced to face it.  

Valentine’s Day is not always glamorous or like in the movies but nevertheless we do our best to make it count. Whether you are heading out on the town for a fabulous and romantic night with your lover, cooking a seductive meal at home, or meeting up with your single friends - you need a dress that is sexy, sultry, and hot. Pulling off sexy style takes a bit of planning, confidence in your body, and a fair assessment of your closet just in case upstyling is needed. 

The most important element to any Valentine’s Day dress is the neckline and fit. Necklines that plunge, dip, or sit lower than your average choice provides understated sex appeal that is confident and feminine. The proper fit of your dress ensures your curves shine and highlight your feminine profile. It is likely that you have have an ideal of the dress you want to wear on the occasion so here are a few ways to up-style it (give it a different feel and look), tailor it to be a bit more sexual, or simply give you ideas for your next date night.

Styling Your Sexy Must-Have LBD

What do you do when your special someone springs a surprise Valentine’s Day dinner on you? Or tells you to meet at an undisclosed location for a romantic night out? There is a reason why the LBD is considered a closet staple. Your LBD is your go to and must have for random invitations that hit every now and then. When you are unable to plan properly for an event your LBD (little black dress) is easy to style and versatile enough for formal and relaxed occasions.

Choose a LBD and add a stylish twist that highlights a particular part of your body for added sex appeal. A strapless LBD that bares your shoulders is lovely but add a belt to cinch your waist and show off your curves a bit more this year. Remember that black is slimming and naturally streamlines your body so it gives you a polished look with the least bit of effort. To balance wearing black on the day of love complete your look with a dash of red in the form of red pumps or dangling earrings. Opting for a red clutch, bracelet, or jacket is also not a far fetched idea.  Keep the accessories simple and dainty to maintain a look of classy femininity.

 valentines dresses

First Date Sultry Style

You know what they say – you only make a good first impression once - so make it count. If you are preparing for a blind date or getting ready to meet your online friend for the first time this Valentine’s Day choose your dress wisely. Avoid showing too much skin but rather rely on a snug fit. A sultry two piece bandage dress is the dress you need to show off your fun, flirty, and inherently sensual style.

If you want to opt for a more conventionally stylish ensemble, a two piece peplum bandage dress is the one you want. It conceals flabs and bulges and yet offers tasteful glimpses of skin (collarbones, arms, and back). Throw on a jacket or shrug and accessorize with bright or classic colors such as gold or silver to make a lasting first impression. Sultry style is often more comfortable style so pair whichever dress you choose with sensible pumps or heels.  

Wear Something Colorful

Often we like to stick to colors we count on regularly such as blacks, grays, whites, and browns. Yet there are tons of colors in the rainbow and Valentine’s Day gives you a stage to share them with everyone. Put on gold if you want to exude confidence and charm, opt for turquois if you want to be responsive and open, pink to welcome love, orange to offer warmth and compassion, and blue if you are in the mood to hold intellectual conversations. Every color evokes a mood and inspires your emotions more than you may think so use them to your advantage on the day of love.

Choose a stunning backless bandage dress to ensure that your love cannot take their eyes off of you or an ombre bandage dress for a sensual color riot. Pair your colorful dress with dangling chandelier earrings that kiss your shoulders, sensible and dainty bracelet cuffs, or elegant necklaces and rings.  

valentines day dresses

Casual Date Ideas and Style

What if you’re seeing someone but the L word has yet to be uttered? Or you and your date are not too serious or going exclusive? What do you wear and just how casual do you go? If you want to entice and tease go for a figure hugging little number like our best selling Sexy Front Zipper Bandage Dress. If you want to keep it friendly because you have yet to decide just what you want from the connection consider more casual and lovely styles such as a flared bandage dress as it screams flirty yet fun at the same time.

Flared styles are comfortable and versatile so you are able to fully participate in whatever your date has in mind – a movie and dinner, bowling (wear boy or biker shorts underneath), or even a night stroll on the beach staring at the stars. Flared styles are ideal for casual dates because they are relaxed yet sexy. Add a statement necklace, textured clutch, and inviting hairstyle that compliments your neckline.

Make It Sizzle

Less is more - literally. A draped or scantily clad woman's body is the epitome of sexual invitation on Valentine’s Day. There are dates and then there are Valentine’s Day dates with that special someone who rocks your world. This is the perfect opportunity for you to speak volumes without saying a word. Let them know what they mean to you and blow their socks off with a sultry, bold, and uber-sexy deep plunge or drape dress.

These dresses leave no doubt as to where this romantic night is heading. Pair it with sky-high heels and unperfect teased hair for a show-stopper look that has their jaws on the floor from the minute they see you. If you prefer more cover of your bust try a long sleeved two piece bandage dress for the same effect.

valentines bandage dress

Wild Moods Call for Textured Prints

Sometimes we feel a bit primal in our love and lust and a print or textured dress is often our go too. The great thing about these styles is that you are able to go easy on other parts of your look and let the dress do the heavy fashion lifting. Nothing says wild and free as much as an animal print mini or foil-like bandage dress. 

Animal prints are like jeans - they are fashionable and trendy all year long. Every season you are likely to see a celebrity on stage or a fashionista swearing that “Animal prints are trending!” Whether you opt for a dress, a top, or a pair of shoes; animal prints are bold, wild, and edgy. Show your beau your wild side in a sexy cut out bandage dress or drive them wild with a leopard printed bandage dress. To tame the look a bit pair it with a single-colored cardigan or denim or leather shrug.

Give ‘em Red

Wearing a red Valentine’s Day dress is a no-brainer. Red is the color of love, passion, and all other sentiments that get your pulse racing and make your head light. Red is one of the best choices when it comes to date night dresses because it provokes energy, captivates, and is strangely addictive. A red strapless cocktail dress that flares is the perfect choice for a casual date, movie night, or cocktail party.

If you want to wear something that screams grab me don a red V-neck glitter bandage dress that hugs your curves and presents your sexy feminine silhouette. Leave accessorizing to a minimum as red packs more punch than other more docile and cozy colors. A low cut red bandage dress or one with a sexy cross back is enough to set the night aflame. Do not be too scared to pair your flaming hot red dress with a bold red lip color and nails but do consider leaving your hair free and disheveled to aid in your subtle sexual invitation efforts.

Of course if you're looking to tone it down a bit try pink, a softer and more feminine color and not as powerful as red. 

red valentines bandage dress

Florals Are Perfect for Blooming

Floral dresses manage to give you a perfect fun and flirtatious look that works for most occasions. Whether you find yourself participating in a Netflix and chill or heading to a sweet lunch date blooms are romantic, tasteful, and wonderfully feminine. The best thing about floral patterns is that they are never tame and conceal more than you may think. If you are bloating or feel a bit out of sorts a floral dress hides all the insecurities for you.

Never opt for a floral dress that flares but rather one that either traces your curves or hugs them very snuggly. Add a touch of glam and simplicity to your Valentine’s Day dress with a floral or patterned dress for a sensual look that is fun and relaxed.

Maximize Your Look

You do not always have to opt for tiny revealing dresses to pull off sexy and seductive looks. The right maxi dress that drapes and barely covers your body is sound choice to achieve the same. Go for a look that titillates the mind and ensnares the senses with a soft hourglass gown that exposes your back and plunges down the front. Or opt for drapes styles that also feature slits.

The key to a sexy and sultry Valentine’s Day look is to remember to embellish your dress with the right pair of shoes, a fancy clutch, and on-point jewelry and makeup.  

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