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Last updated on : May 25 2017

toe rings

Toe rings are a simple and fun way to add a bit of easy femininity and girly touches to any outfit, including our speciality bandage dresses. This little accessory may be small but it gives you sexy style that is big, glamorous, and unique. These rings are typically symbols holding delicate meaning and reflections into your personality and lifestyle. 

Fashion is changing everyday and toe rings have become a new must-have making its fashion rounds. The toe ring is offered in a variety of materials including gold, silver, plastic, and even jewels.  

Toe rings are increasingly popular in the US and Canada as an accessory that is spotted on the red carpet, on television, and everywhere you look during warmer days. Even though the trend is relatively new, toe rings have been worn by women from as far back as the 4th Century BC. 

History of Toe Rings

The earliest records of women wearing toe rings originate from India. The Sanskrit epic, “Ramayana”, written by poet, Valmiki, in the 4th Century BC mentions the use of a toe ring as a decorative women's accessory that is traditionally worn by married women and brides. Toe rings worn on the same toe on both feet were mostly indicators that an Indian woman was married. Toe rings were also often used for curative purposes and ward off evil spirits. 

Today toe rings have become a sexy and breezy fashion accessory in Western countries. Opting for toe rings for strictly fashion reasons began to peak in the United States in the early 1960s and has since continued to peak in other cultures. The trend simply continues to gain traction because of it is unique feminine poise and style. Toe rings are usually worn with open toe shoes such as sandals or flip flops. 

Adjustable Vs. Fitted

There are a wide variety of toe rings available today, in different styles, materials, and types. From a simple silver band to more intricate designs with gemstones, there is no limit to the type of toe rings you can find, buy, and wear. The biggest dilemma you are likely to face when you buy a toe ring is whether to get one that is fitted or adjustable. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it all comes down to personal choice and wearability.

Adjustable toe rings are more commonly available as they offer the convenience of "one size fits most" comfortably. They also tend to be more affordable than fitted toe rings. The downside is that adjustable toe rings tend to pinch the underside of the toe if worn for a long periods. This discourages most people from wearing them frequently but this can be avoided by simply opting for a wider band toe ring and adjusting your toe ring to a loose and comfortable fit. 

Fitted toe rings are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and are recommended if you want to flaunt your toe ring daily. Fitted toe rings come in solid bands usually that feature textured or pattern designs, inset gemstones, and in rare cases a blend of two metals to keep up with trends and to maintain versatility. A fitted toe ring is usually made from gold, silver, or some sort of plastic.

Choosing the Right Toe Ring

If you decide to buy a fitted toe ring, consider choosing one that matches your personality rather than outfit. Toe rings are big indicators of who you are and their roots have also been seeped in sending a message. Continue on in this tradition and share yourself with the world. Opt for hearts if you tend to love without regret, animals if you Vegetarian, or maybe a simple birthstone. 

To measure your toe use a string and measure around the toe where you plan to wear the ring. Mark the length and measure it using a measuring tape or a scale. Then, you can use the scaling chart used for regular finger rings to find your toe ring size. The most popular sizes for women are usually 3 or 4.

What are Toe Rings made of?

Traditionally, toe rings were made from solid gold or sterling silver. As they’ve gained popularity as fashion accessories, toe rings are now available in a variety of more affordable materials.

Elastic, string, and alternative metals commonly used to make fashion jewelry are often used to make the toe ring you can find in most stores now. They’re even decorated with beads, gemstones, and many other things to give you the options for your unique and individual style statements.

Where to Wear a Toe Ring

Many women feel like jewelry for the feet is not a style they want to embark on. Toe rings are a an emerging fashion idea and many women are apprehensive about being able to pull the look off. The key is to remember that toe rings should be a reflection of who you are. Here are a few simple rules to get started as you embark on your toe ring journey. When wearing casual clothing, beach wear, or sportswear, choose a toe ring that’s made of elastic or some other non-metal material and decorated with beads. For evenings out or parties, metal toe rings are a more formal and tasteful choice. Toe rings can be a fun and fresh accessory to try all year round, not just for summer. So go ahead and let your feet shine! Match toe rings with all your outfits and make a style statement that is truly uniquely you.

toe rings


Where is a great place to buy toe rings?

Try, they're cool, trendy, and affordable.

Do famous people wear toe rings?  

Check out this blog for famous celebs with toe rings - Huffington Post 

Can my boyfriend wear a toe ring?

Contentious maybe! He's got to be the right kind of guy to pull that look off. But a quick poll of the girls in the office returns a humble but not resounding yes - toe rings are here to stay and the right one can look very masculine on a man. Try and go for a solid metal band without pattern or one with a masculine pattern. Gold, sterling silver or even matt brass is acceptable for your guy. Still not sure? Check out the Flickr group - Men with Toe Rings 

What toe do you put a toe ring on?

There is no hard and fast rule on this. Most people wear a toe ring where it is the most comfortable. The second toe next to the big toe on either foot is popular because the shape of this toe, it's proximity to the big toe, and the wide toe pad allows the ring to fit comfortably. It's also the natural choice. Ask a few friends what toe they would wear one on and almost all will say the second toe. If you want to be different, wear it on your little toe.

Do you wear toe rings? I'd love to see them! Send me a pic.

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