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Last updated on : June 15 2021

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Modiface Gets 5 out of 5 from us and is a "Must Try"

The app is a realization of a project completed at Stanford University in 1999. It puts automatic face analysis technology in the palm of your hands that is more than impressive and interesting. From 2001 to 2006 the software moved to the University of Toronto where it picked up the development of signal processing algorithms and won an innovation prize from MIT.  was founded in 2006 and holds a leading portfolio on skin analysis and facial visualization.

In fact the software you get to explore via the ModiFace app is the facial visualization software in use by more than 150 websites. The ModiFace technology is featured in more than 60 million downloads and powers an array of apps that feature personalized makeup and hairstyle applications. The apps technology has won a variety of awards. Inc 500/500 and Profit Hot recognized the company as the fastest growing company in 2015. The company also won the Lifestyle Category in the Samsung Challenge.  

Why You Have to Try It

Kewl Girls have come to expect more than simply style and fashion from us and this app tends to open our eyes in a whole new way. It is considered the ultimate selfie editing app but easily doubles as a facial style generator. The app is designed to help you remove blemishes and imperfections while smoothing and brightening your skin. It also enables you to literally put on various looks. Try on more than 2,000 shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lashes, eyeliners, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, foundations, and more. It packs a healthy amount of hairstyles with varying colors, lengths, and styles as well.  

ModiFace Review


One of the other interesting and fun features of the app is its ability to reshape your face from your nose and mouth to your eyes and cheeks. The feature also allows you to manipulate your image in detail such as stretching your chin or giving  yourself bigger lips.


As with all our fashion and style app reviews we took a hard look at ModiFace’s actual functionality. The main things we found interesting and useful about the app is its ability to manipulate your face - literally. Although the application of different shades of eyeshadow and lipgloss are impressive the ability to adjust and shape your hairstyles and facial features is very advanced.

To begin upload your image. Your image is very simple to create: simply pull your hair into a ponytail and leave your entire face exposed and stand in front of a white background. Once your image is uploaded choose to adjust your image and reshape your eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. Go a step further and retouch your image. You have the choices of removing blemishes, smoothing away wrinkles, and brightening areas of your face. If you make a change you’d rather not keep there is an easy to use eraser to remove those changes.

Hairstyles and Color

Aside from being able to completely retouch and manipulate your face you also have the ability to pick a respectable hairstyle. Hairstyles are selected through celebrity inspiration - which is sort of tricky. The images are very small at the bottom of the screen so it is difficult to identify facial shapes when selecting. Most of the available hairstyles are very similar in that they are long just designed differently. The downside to having to choose a hairstyle from the apps arsenal is that it is limited to lengths which include short, medium, and long and to color including blonde, red, and brown.

The extended feature available outside of hairstyle titled “hair color” gives you unique coloring options. Within “hair color” you are able to choose opacity (how dark or light) and shine. You also are presented with an impressive hair color wheel featuring actual hair swatches.

We found that when you are playing with color and are seeking a color that is rich and deep adjusting the shine achieves the goal. While adjusting the opacity contributed directly to the actual shade. 


When you first download the app there are only 6 options for blond and brown and 3 options for red. In total there are only ten styles to choose from and each is populated repeatedly depending on your choices and preferences. If you purchase the app you are then presented with more than 150 hairstyles which makes it easier for you play around with and apply.

Once you select the style, length, and color you are able to adjust the hairline relatively easily. Think of it as though you were putting a wig on your picture.


Next you are able to apply makeup. This feature is broken down into three sections: lips, face, and eyes. The lips feature allows you to choose between lipstick, lip gloss, or lip liner. In order to achieve the perfect shade simply start by taking a picture of your preferred shade and the app actually finds a suitable match for it. Then apply it to your image. It’s a bit tricky but once you get it to work it is fun and allows you to load your regular lipstick color without having to start from scratch or explore colors you find in a magazine.

The most important factor in color matching images is to ensure proper lighting. For each lip feature you are able to increase or decrease the intensity of the color as well. “Intensity” helps you “put on” the lipstick. We each apply lipstick differently. Some of us put it on very heavy while others of us choose to keep it light. You are able to get the perfect application with the “intensity” feature and it is impressively accurate. Lip liner helps you maintain a clean line, lip gloss gives you a subtle yet kissable shine, and lip stick is ideal for applying heavy pigment that gives your lips the illusion of being more full.

The next feature we explored was titled “face”. The face feature allows you to select foundation, bronzer, blush, contour, highlight, and concealer. If you ever wondered what each of these does or how they are applied to your face you easily get a crash course exploring this feature. The foundation feature is simple and applies evenly with a touch. Similar to each lip application, you are able to adjust the “put on” factor via the intensity feature.

The “blush” feature is advanced and gives you more than simple coloring but also 4 ways to actually apply it. Whether you prefer to apply your blush high, in the center, or lower on your cheeks the application shows you just which application is most flattering. Likewise the “foundation”, “concealers”, “highlights”, “blush”, and “contour” features at least 4 application styles.


The “eyes” feature is full of the same choices and options as face and lips. Exploring the features within “eyes” presents a range of application styles including mascara, shadows, lashes, brows, and liners. Shadows enables you to select up to two or three colors and lashes are available in more than 20 styles ranging from full to thin. The app’s “brows” feature is a bit more limited than we expected. It offers simple color options but fails to deliver arch options.  

All in all the makeup section of the app is by far our favorite. Aside from simply helping you determine the colors that compliment your face you also get quick makeup visual tutorials without the hassle of loading anything. The process of applying the make teaches you a thing or two about the craft you likely overlooked or skipped.

Additionally, the makeup you apply is easily identified. When you apply each product the app displays the color and brand readily for your convenience and consideration.


As mentioned before the “looks” feature presents more than 150 styles on celebrities. It does not include hair and so the primary purpose is to apply makeup designs to your image and face. We found them to be pretty and sweet but mostly as simple inspiration pieces in a pinch. ModiFace makes finding a makeup style so unique and creative that simply settling for already created looks is a hard sell when you have the opportunity to create your own. Here are some of our own looks. 


ModiFace offers a large selection of eye coloring options. The app features more than 30 eye colors (we are guessing) ranging from blue to orange to red. Some of the colors are a tad creepy while others are sexy and sultry.


ModiFace offers you unique facial analysis technology that is relatively stable. The app was released in November 2014 and has undergone 3 updates since. Aside from the ModiFace app the company has also released bundle packages that include many of the company's other products including ModiFace Medical, Photo Editing Kit, and Beauty Kit.

Cost and Customer Service

ModiFace offers a completely free version that gives you access to most of the app yet limits looks and hairstyles. To gain complete access the app costs $3.99. There are also in-app purchases for upgrades costing just $1.99 each - just in case you only prefer certain features. The separate app upgrades include one for hair color, hairstyle, reshaping the face, looks, makeup, and contacts (eye color).

Overall Usefulness

ModiFace is an impressive app that surpassed our expectations. It offers you the ability to not just apply style and try on new hairstyles but also doubles as a photo shopping app to help you get flawless finished pictures. We gave the app an outstanding 5 out of 5 stars because of it ability to not only manipulate and apply makeup digitally but to act as a personal makeup coach. It allows you to apply various parts of makeup to particular parts of your face and thus help with contouring, bronzers, and even eye shadows so you learn to apply your makeup like a pro.

Download the app and get loads more info at

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