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Last updated on : January 14 2016

stylebook review

Our Rating - 5/5 

Stylebook was launched in 2010 and puts your closet in the palm of your hand - literally. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is lightweight and offers a variety of features to categorize your closet and build looks based on what you upload. 

Stylebook was inspired by co-founder Jess Atkins. Jess worked as an art assistant with Lucky Magazine and was faced with the cold hard truth - being fashionable and fabulous on a budget requires planning and effort.

During her experiences as an intern involved with the fashion closets of Vogue and Modern Bride, Jess realized that organizing one’s closet not only saves time when putting together an outfit but also expands your wardrobe and ensures everything in one’s closet gets to see its fair share of wearability.


About The Kewl Shop

We write a lot about Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty on our blog, The Kewl Blog, and this is why we are reviewing the Stylebook App. However we are also famous for our bandage dresses that grace many a sexy body and have turned countless heads. Take a look at our shop today, then the next time you use Stylebook you can upload one of our dresses.     


Functionality ensures that your experiences with the app as a user is positive and useful. Using an app should simplify your life in some way rather than simply occupy storage space on your mobile device. Good functionality means you are more likely to use the app regularly in your day to day activities.

Stylebook takes just a few short moments to download but requires patience as you import your pieces. We uploaded only a handful of items and it took us approximately 30 minutes to do it. There is a slight learning curve but nothing too involved. You have the ability to upload your pieces to a category or create your own list of categories. If you are looking to upload pieces in your wardrobe right away the default categories are enough to get you started.

Aside from simply uploading your pieces you are also able to remove the background through an intuitive “erase background” feature and add simple notes on each piece of clothing such as style, brand, size, fabric, etc, all very useful. 


Uploading pieces is surprisingly fun and provides all the information you need at a glance. We found the “notes” and “status” info slots to be very useful because sometimes we have pieces in our closet that are out on loan to a friend or at the dry cleaners but nevertheless are part of our closet. Maintaining the status of each piece of clothing in your closet ensures you know what is available to wear, what is in laundry, and which pieces you need to replace soon. This info section also gives you the option of recording how often you wear each piece to avoid redundant fashion blunders.

The most exciting part of the app beyond its “closet” feature is its “inspiration”, “packing” and “looks” features. The “closet” feature is where all your pieces are displayed with relevant notes. The “inspiration” section of the app allows you to record some of your favorite styles from bloggers and celebrities. You also have the option to create inspiration folders based on style types such as street style, after 5, or tomboy chic.


The “packing” feature is by far our favorite because it enables you to add your clothing and looks in folders with your destination titles - which makes traveling a breeze. This unique feature allows you to compile your travel wardrobe in one spot to provide an overall view of your away from home looks. It is perfect for coordinating your work looks for out of town training and board meetings alongside mandatory client cocktail meet-ups.

In addition to these great features Stylebook also enables you to put each of your looks to a calendar and plan out your wardrobe each and every day of the month. Your looks are easily planned according to what you are doing for the day, where you are going, weather considerations, and more. The calendar is an impressive feature on the app as it allows you to be exceptionally prepared when planning your looks while also helping you calculate how often you are wearing each look or piece to avoid always “looking the same”.


Development in a mobile app plays a key factor in your experience. Apps with a constant track record of updates ensure that the developers are working hard to keep users happy and satisfied. Apps with limited updates lack the personal touches that improve the user experience and fail to work towards building a platform that is lag and glitch free.  

Stylebook has been featured in many prominent fashion magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar, and GQ (yes they have a version for men). They are committed to keeping users happy because each app update offers an improved user experience and addresses glitches and lag. They are currently on version 6.1 which has taken the app international with shopping features that include more brands and retailers that ship to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. They are also always adding new stores including Charlotte Russe, Diesel, and H&M.

Cost and Customer Reviews

Full access to Stylebook is fairly affordable at $3.99 USD. There are no additional in app purchases required. 

The good:

"The app is incredible for helping you keep track of what is in your closet...plan outfits, and remember those a-ha-this-looks-perfect-together outfits that usually stem from a laundry or out-of-time crisis but now you don’t want to forget it. The app is also pretty to look at."


The not so good:

"The process of uploading your closet to the app takes a while if you have a fair amount of clothes. You have to take a picture of it, carefully trace around it, which I found the most time consuming and then work on the next. If you are this way inclined this process can however be a lot of fun."


Overall Usefulness

In short Stylebook is a simple closet catalogue tool that doubles as an inspiration hub. Aside from taking time to upload your wardrobe into the app you also have the opportunity to browse the company’s blog, speak to an expert tailor, and explore a clothing care guide.

The best part of the app is the style inspiration insights from respected fashion bloggers such as Anuschka from Into Mind and fashion consultants like Rachel Bagley from Cardigan Empire


In addition to useful style tips and clothing care instructions the app also makes shopping for styles and looks you love easy and effortless with large catalogues of apparel from many online retailers.

We gave Stylebook a Kewl Necessity Score of 5/5. The app provides unique features that fashionistas truly appreciate such as the closet categorizing, the wardrobe calendar, and style insights. It is also fairly easy to navigate and available for an affordable price.

To learn about Stylebook visit 

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