Clothes For Clubs – Just Get The Right Ones!

Clothes For Clubs – Just Get The Right Ones!

Posted on June 24 2014

clothes for clubsWith trendy clubs establishing themselves in all cities, a night out now is often a club night. Therefore it pays to be prepared and here are 5 tips just for girls together with a whole host of goodie stuff on clubs around the world and some of the stuff that goes on in them !

1. Get the right clothes for clubs ok!
Most clubs do not have strict dress codes in place and therefore you could head off in jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes this is a very cool and perfect look, and a gal in a white tee and jeans is often a refreshing sight. But if you going to rock properly then you need a dress that is going to stand out, not just any dress, but a bandage dress.
2. Watch the make up and accessories 
For sure make up is necessary, but keep the dress loud and the make up light otherwise you are going to look over done and even tired. Keep it as natural as you can and let the dress do the talking. Plus, clubs have long queues at the ladies so touching up a heavy look will be a difficult fight, and a girl in the know never loses her cool at the mirror. If anything do lots of eye makeup because your eyes are going to be in demand, and go for artificial fashion jewelry that complements your dress - there is always a danger that you may drop an earring on the dance floor.

3. Make sure your shoes are sexy

Sometimes there’s a sacrifice that needs making - comfy or sexy! Try and get both comfy and sexy because you can’t compromise on sexy. The right clothes for clubs demand the right pair of pumps or boots. Need we say more, but you can check out The Kewl Shop collection of very sexy shoes and be comfortable that you will make the right decision.


4. Carry a handy purse
Whatever clothes for clubs you choose, remember to match with a (very) small handbag. Who wants to deal with a big handbag in a busy club and placing your bag on the floor and dancing around it is just not going to cut it, ever. Just don’t do that please! So a small clutch style or metallic chain shoulder bag that can hold your makeup, keys and phone is perfect. You can always put a cross body bag on and dance comfortably, and often this looks pretty sexy too, but only if it’s small girls.


5. Be a lady
Don’t get drunk and ruin the occasion, keep your cool, be in demand but don’t show the enjoyment in all of that. The most important thing about clubbing is to stand out, the right clothes for clubs; a sexy look and the right behavior should set you apart in a positive way. Be the girl everyone talks about because you look good and are good – get it!

The Kewl Shop stocks very sexy clothes for clubs, party dresses and your standard look great and turn heads club wear. These clothes for clubs are designed to ensure you stand out on the dance floor and have your fans clamoring for more.
Some stand out clubs:
It pays to know where to go once you have the right clothes:-

Pangaea Singapore - According to Michael Ault and Forbes Magazine, Rich Man's Club Pangaea is the highest earning club in the world. Dine out on this bit of news once you have been there and marvelled at the spectacular that it is.
Pacha Ibiza - Once home to the ubiquitous Pete Tong, Pacha Ibiza specialises in house music and is the subject of James Blunt's song 1973. The club is arguably the best night club in the world. Certainly it is resident in one of the party capital's of the world.
Fabric London - Voted best club in the world for most of the decade. Has as one of its features a vibrating floor, known as the "bodysonic" dance floor. The vibrations are caused by a series of bass transducers working off the music being payed. It really is a case of feeling the beat!
Cielo NYC - According to Timeout this club has won a bevy of Best Club awards in it's half decade of existence, and it deserves them all. The sunken dance floor attracts plenty of pretty people.  
Some of the best club music around:
I know its difficult to always keep uptodate but you gotta start somewhere. So here is a constantly updating resource for you to refer to. 
You're going to drink aren't you!
The government advises that you should not regularly drink more than 3 to 4 units of alcohol if you are male and 2 to 3 units if you are female. In this instance regularly means every day or most days of the week. And one unit is defined as 10ml of pure alcohol. 
But what does this mean? Be careful what you drink and do the math! Here's why. The alcohol content in drinks is expressed as a percentage of the whole drink, and not all drinks are born equal.
A single shot of spirits, traditionally 25ml with an alcohol content of 40% is equal to one unit. 25ml multiplied by 40% is 10ml of pure alcohol or one unit.
A pint (approx. 568ml) of strong beer at 6% is therefore 34ml of pure alcohol or 3.4 units. Wow! and a small glass of wine, usually 175ml at 13%, is an amazing 2.3 units.
So try this for size - drink single shots of vodka in a large glass with tonic water, ice and lemon. Vodka, best known as one of the more pure spirits will have the least impact on you in the morning and the tonic serves as a good non-alcoholic buffer and provides volume. You can have three of these with a degree of safety, far better than a single beer or a small glass of wine (which are rough equivalents in units and almost always require a second or a third).
But what about calories: There is approx. 220 calories in a pint of beer (lager), a small glass of wine about 150 calories and a shot of vodka 55 calories, add half a can of tonic water at 60 calories takes your glass of vodka and tonic up to 115 calories. Thats half the calories of a lager and 75% of a small glass of wine. A winner if you are going to do it. 
Check out this great book on vodka for perky alternatives to your standard vodka tonic. 



Anything else you want to know, leave a comment below.

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