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12 Santa Inspired Christmas Dresses

Last updated on : December 06 2015

You better watch out, you better not cry - we are redefining your Santa suit. In this post we rethink Santa and take inspiration from Santa’s past and present. We style our trendy and alluring bandage dresses differently to achieve a festive holiday look and say goodbye to the traditional “Santa suit”. Instead we choose to be feminine, love our curves, and bring a trendy and personal style to the timeless and classic persona of Santa.

When you think of Santa you likely think of red, white, and sometimes even silver. Yet those aren’t the colors you’ll be limited by this year. Originally, when the tale of Santa became popular among adults and children Santa was depicted in outfits - wearing not just red and white but a variety of colors including purple, green, blue, and even brown.

santa origins

The signature colors of red and white became the standard colors for Santa (around the world) thanks to the 1930’s advertising campaigns of Coca-Cola. The company put the persona in the brand’s color - red and white and its depiction of Santa seemed to stick. It became so popular that even now when anyone thinks of Santa – the red and white colors are believed to be the absolute standard. But that is just not the case when we tiptoe into the origins of Santa.

Origins of Santa

According to Snopes the very origin of the persona of Santa is obscure. No one really knows which Santa is the original but it is agreed that his image is directly impacted by those who are telling the tale. He is a descendent from Saint Nicholas but his jolly personality, world famous “ho, ho, ho”, round belly, and white long beard are all creations of the storytellers. Some of his traits are no doubt original but identifying which ones are up for argument.

In fact not only was Santa’s appearance and personality shaped by the storytellers over years but so was where he lives, what he does, and his entourage of reindeer, helpers, and elves. All of these things and parts of Santa are an evolution of time and generations. Regardless, Santa has always brought cheer and happiness. As you work on your Santa inspired Christmas dress style this year take pride in knowing you are simply holding onto tradition and telling the story of Santa in your own fashionista way.

12 Days of Christmas Dresses

Whether you stick to red and white or step outside the box and choose purple and silver we’ve compiled the best 20 Christmas dresses for Santa inspired looks and styles. These looks are versatile and work for festive parties, nights out, or simply hosting your own holiday celebration in your home.

Sassy Santa

purple off shoulder bandage dress

For this look you need a purple midi bandage dress, silver accessories, and strappy heels. To dress it up for a Christmas party accessorize with crystal earrings or silver, and white gold. It is a strapless number so you’ll be showing teases of skin. An addition of long chandelier earrings paired with a white or bling clutch and heels complete the look. Add a sequin purple Santa hat from Custom Santa Hats.

So Fresh and Clean Santa

The crisp blue of our midi bandage dress is so alluring that a red Santa hat will be just the accessory you’ll need. Add natural makeup and sensible heels and let the dress do most of the talking. When you decide to go with this type of blue instead of the traditional and more widely accepted red be sure to own the look fully. Finish it off with bling accessories, textured clutches, and flawless free flowing tresses to keep the look warm and jolly. You can also consider adding a tailored waist length red blazer if you prefer more coverage on your arms.

LBD Santa

This look features our black one-shoulder dress and simply works well beyond Christmas. Add one of the DIY cuffs by Bromelia, red lipstick, a Santa hat, and sultry stilettos heels for a classic Santa style that simply works.

Sparkly Santa

This foil red bandage dress is sultry and sexy. The V neckline gives you the skin display you love but the sparkles just take the look to an entirely different kind of festive. Pair your Sparkly Santa dress with a classic red Santa hat, white faux cuffs, and silver accesories. Add a complimenting oversized drawstring handbag to complete the look.

Nude Santa

nude bandage dress

Think of the nude or beige dress as a reason to explore festive style with your favorite Christmas colors. Go for green, red, or white. Red is a preferred choice because it is bright, festive, and will give you a crisp Santa look. Pair the dress up with red heels, a delicate candy cane color scarf or a red necklace. Leave off the Santa hat and opt to wear a reindeer hat or a candy cane colored elf’s hat.

Starlight Santa

Atop many Christmas trees is a sparkly star. Our one shoulder gold bandage dress ensures you are the star of every holiday party you attend without question. It glistens and blings and that is why we’ve named it Starlight. Pair this gold dress with both red and green for texture and allure. Opt for candy cane designed hats, scarves, and mittens for a North Pole ensemble that simply doesn’t quite work but yet - does. For something more traditional Santa inspired go with a Christmas headband like this Giant Red Bow Headband by Claire's and pair it with red rings, dangling earrings, and shoes.

Cool Jetset Santa

If you were shy about stepping out in a figure-hugging dress then most stylists propose you step out one in this color. Not only is the color chic but it’s totally effortless to pull it off with a minimum accessories. Also, wearing a uniform dark shade bandage dress, makes you look leaner and appear more slim. Convert the look to a Santa inspired creation with bling chandelier earrings, a festive clutch, sensible heels, and a bright red classic Santa hat. The look is fresh, a bit bold, and sassy.

Hot Mama Santa

A red dress is not only the color of Christmas but it also makes a bold statement and communicates passion, sex, and happiness. With the right accessories this dress makes you look both classy and seductive at the same time. It features a flattering sweetheart neckline that pairs well with long earrings that fall to your shoulders or close to them. No need to really do more than add the classic Santa hat. You may want to bring in a sequin Santa hat for more texture.

red midi bandage dress

Temptress Santa

Our deep V midi bandage dress is one of the more risky Santa styles. The more subdued red hue and plunging neckline make this dress full of invitation. The knee length midi design ensures you keep your dignity in tack. Pair it with stilettos or pencil heels in either black or nude. Put on red lipstick and wear an updo to accentuate your cheekbones for a full “fresh from the North Pole” Santa blush. Forgo the traditional Santa hat and opt for a red reindeer nose and antler headband.

Shimmer Santa

This Santa inspired comes together with our shimmering silver bandage dress. The dress features a fresh glistening material that is flattering and perfect for festive occasions. To pull off a Santa look that is classy, sexy, and relatable requires a traditional Santa hat and lots of red bling. Avoid matte finished accessories and opt for high gloss instead for balance. Wear an arm climbing bracelet, sequin clutch, and free flowing tresses for a jolly look that is flirty, shiny, and fun.

Innocent Santa

Technically, this dress is grey but for us that makes it even more perfect. The grey long sleeved bandage dress is inspiring, delicate, and quaint. It makes for the perfect base to a trendy and original Santa style. The grey color literally gives you a blank canvas. Wear a classic red Santa hat or get a custom santa hat made to fit your style. This dress also works with reindeer themes, elves, and Santa helper costumes for that holiday gig you landed at the mall.

Date Night Santa

This Santa look is for when your love wants to take you out on Christmas Eve and you want to bring a bit of festive style along. Our beige sexy back cross bandage dress is timeless and elegant. The dress shows just enough skin and cleavage without spoiling holiday wholesomeness. Pair the dress with red high gloss yet elegant earrings, bracelets or cuffs, and sensible deep red patent heels. Add a lovely and dainty Christmas brooch and simple thin ribbon accessory and be the softest and most sultry Santa in town.

Santa Is Coming to Town

So here's the deal Santa is coming to town and you’re defining how this year. Be your own kind of Santa and be  inspired by fashion not tradition. Show off your curves gloriously, accessorize elaborately, and wear it all confidently. The origins of Santa are truly unknown and who he’s become today is the result of generations weighing in. So why not take these Santa inspired Christmas dress styles to heart and do your own thing.

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