Use These 7 Tips To Overcome Awkwardness On A First Date

Last updated on : August 16 2021

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Meeting a stranger for a first date can be a little overwhelming for many. Things can go wrong or get weird between both, making the situation uncomfortable. 

There's a lot of pressure on being dressed up, funny but not obnoxious and intelligent but not sounding disdainful. All these thoughts while sitting in front of a stranger while also trying to avoid the awkward silence. 

Many apps can help you find a date, but they won't tell you how to survive this meeting. So, here are we, at your rescue, informing you of the seven tips that can help you avoid awkwardness on a first date. 

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1. Make Plans Ahead Of Time

The feeling of curiosity before a date is one of the best feelings. You finally decide on a date and place to meet a person whom you think might be the love of your life. 

To make this date perfectly blissful, you need to plan to give your best impression. 

If you're a guy, the first important thing is to book a venue for your date. It should be somewhere your date feels comfortable and not dominated. You should also set a budget for the date. Showing off your money and how much you can spend will not last you long. 

Most ladies like to split the bill at the end of a date. So, it is only fair to select a place that doesn't make them dig into their wallet. 

Do your research and look for a restaurant that is trendy and affordable. A great way to remove the awkwardness and increase the "Wow" factor of your date night will be to treat your date with a bottle of fine wine. 

Another important thing that is a must while planning is when you plan to pick your date up. 

If you plan to pick the person up in a car, make sure that it's clean and smells good. Load a beautiful playlist that's soothing and romantic to help you set the right mood. 

Lastly, decide on the outfit you will be wearing on your first date. Your choice of clothes must be according to the venue. It should not be blinky and should be in soft shades.  

Ladies can go for something cute with florals, and minimal makeup will do the trick. Additionally, you don't need to overdo the makeup - you can try a good color nail paint but don't forget to use a Gel nail polish remover before applying it. 

Guys should dress slightly better than the venue requires.   

2. Be Present In The Moment

Woman focussing on conversation

Not being present is a big turn-off, especially when you keep checking your phone or your phone keeps buzzing. 

It is very excruciating when the person sitting across from you is immersed in their phone. You can keep your phone in silent or airplane mode. Silent mode avoids constant distraction, and you'll be able to give your undivided attention to your date. 

Be an active listener and understand what your date is trying to say. Your date will appreciate that you are keen on listening to them. Being a good listener will also help understand whether they are a good match or not

Similarly, if your date is on the phone and not listening to you, don't feel offended about it. You can politely remind your date of your presence.

3. Skip The Negativity

Couple talking positively

Everyone gets sad and disheartened at some point in their life which leads to negative thoughts. It's okay to talk about those feelings to your friend but not on your first date. 

A date night is when your date is looking to spend some quality time getting to know you. It is not the time to cry and crib about your life's problems. 

Everyone loves to be around a person who is fun and has a positive outlook towards life. So, try to be warm, happy and keep an open mind about your conversation. 

You should send out good positive vibes to have a successful date. This tip is essential not just for your first date but for every date you will have, as you never know who that special someone will be.

Try complimenting your date appropriately by finding genuine qualities in them. Even if you feel the person is not suitable for you at some point during the date, try enjoying the company so that at least both will see off on a positive note.

4. Make It A Two-Way Conversation

Having a two-way conversation is a no-brainer, but still, many of us mess this up.  

A date should always be about getting to know each other, and the only way is to ask the right questions

Well, it's okay to feel nervous, as chances are your date is feeling the same. So, admitting and letting your date know about your feelings appropriately will make them comfortable and break the ice too. 

Then slowly get into the conversations, which should be back and forth. Don't be self-absorbed by just talking about yourself and not asking the other person. 

It's better to come a little prepared with the kind of questions you would like to ask and know about them. For instance, you can always start by asking about their favorite hobby, sports, travel destination, or cuisine. 

Conversing like this will keep the conversations light and fun. Once you find a common interest, it gives you a reason to extend the date. 

While having a conversation, especially on the first date, avoid picking up topics on religion and politics. People have strong beliefs, and it is easy to offend them when you share your opinion on these sensitive topics. 

5. Be Aware Of Your Body Language  

Couple displaying healthy body language

Your body language tells a lot about you. It includes both verbal and nonverbal cues. 

Your language, tone, and hand gestures play an essential role while communicating. Sometimes you might unknowingly feel out of control. But a minor tweak by catching that negative body language can do wonders.

For example, keeping your hands folded shows that you are not interested in what your date is talking about to you. An open body language includes relaxed shoulders, uncrossed arms, and an unclenched jaw. 

Relax your breathing while speaking to your date; it indicates confidence—similarly, feet facing away from your date show that you are not interested in the subject. 

Therefore, just saying that you enjoy having a conversation with them isn't enough. Your body should also send positive messages to indicate interest.

Sometimes, you might get silent flirty indications of interest from the other side on the first date itself. You need to identify these indications by reading their body language to remove awkwardness later. 

For example, if it's a cooler ambiance but still their face flushes, it is an indication that they might have a crush on you. Similarly, if your date is suddenly stumbling over words and can't formulate sentences, it might indicate that they are into you. 

Also, the adage of eye-to-eye contact while speaking may not hold in today's world, where people find themselves glued to their smartphones, and eye-to-eye contact might feel weird. 

However, it is not awkward if you spend most of the time looking at their eyes, nose, and lips.

6. Learn To Lean

By the end of the date, you can start showing subtle hints if you develop an interest in them. 

If you like the person, you can lean towards them, sending a clear message of your interest in them. 

The Cosmopolitan magazine suggests treating "Leaning" case by case. In a noisy bar, where your date cannot hear you, leaning on the other person towards you does not necessarily mean they want to listen to you. 

On the other hand, if the date is in a quiet place and both of you can hear each other speak properly, leaning in may indicate genuine interest.

Another variation of leaning can be shuffling. 

If you like the person, you can shuffle closer to them while talking. Doing so will indicate that you want to get closer.

Similarly, look out for signs from your date night also. But while doing this, if the person sitting across from you sits far back in their chair, it's a sign that they are uncomfortable. Observe and understand these signs to avoid any awkward situation.

7. Split The Bill, If They Want To

It's nice to offer to pay for the meal, but don't hesitate to split the bill if your date wants to do that. 

You can explain that you are willing to split the bill on the next one, but if they still insist, then go for it. 

In today's era, we believe in equal partnership. Respecting each other's thoughts is the first rule in any relationship, and the same goes for dates too. 

Besides, splitting the bill may remove unnecessary obligations from each parties' minds and removes finances from being an ugly topic of discussion later on. 


Use these seven tips to overcome awkwardness on your first date, bearing in mind there will always be some things that come out of the blue no matter how much you prepare. 

But the best thing is as both are strangers to each other, you can laugh off the silly moments and use your charming self to make the other person comfortable. 

Having a good sense of humor goes a long way. Striving to have funny conversations will make a date memorable. No matter how the person turns out to be, enjoy the date. 

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