7 Things Halter Dresses Have In Common With Sex

Last updated on : June 18 2021

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Which dress works for all body types and satisfyingly presents your curves? Our vote goes to the halter bandage dress. 

In this post, we cover what these dress styles are, how to wear one. And what they have in common with sex, for fun of course - click on the links below to leaern more.

History Of Halter Dresses

What Is A Halter Dress

How To Choose A Halter Dress

Halter Dresses vs. Sex


Which dress works for all body types and satisfyingly presents your curves? Our vote goes to the halter bandage dress. 

In this post, we cover what these dress styles are, how to wear one. And what they have in common with sex, for fun of course.


At first, wearing a halter dress was a scandalous thing to do. Accepted at the beach or for evening wear yes, but never as fashion day wear. Too sexy for the times. 

Eventually, they became acceptable in the 1940s, and are now fashion staples for many of us. 

Marilyn Monroe wore an iconic version of the dress in the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch. The white pleated, low cut dress impeccably complimented her playful and flirty nature. The look left a legacy behind that many of us emulate today.

marilyn monroe famous white dress pose

What Is A Halter Dress

Named after livestock halters the dress is typically fastened around the waist and at the back of the neck. 

Backless shirts, dresses, swimwear, intimate lingerie, and many costume types use these necklines. On swimsuits, they minimize tan lines and maximize sun exposure on your back.

Their defining feature is to be (mostly) backless with strategically placed straps supporting your bustline. The style exposes your skin in unexpected ways and highlights your shoulders and collarbones. 

Additionally, they can have conservative necklines (less of a plunging V neck). More covered at the neck and bust means versatility at the hemline and back, a significant feature of the dress. 

low cut bandage dress

Low cut and a short hem is a racy combination

How To Choose A Halter Dress

Wear these dresses to a variety of events and venues ranging from summer to winter and casual to formal. Select the style and the fabric to match the occasion. 


Buy in mini, tea or floor-length to suit the occasion, just like you would any other dress. Mini refers to the hemline falling above the knee. Tea length is styles that hit softly at the knee.


Although the bodice is a form-fitting defining feature, the skirt varies from dress to dress.

If you are top heavy, an A-line skirt accentuates your figure and shows off your girls. If you have an hourglass figure, choose one that hugs your body like a second skin and shows off your curves.

Patterns & Prints

Experiment with colors, patterns, and prints to find the right match. Depending on the occasion, patterns and color add warmth and texture to your look and can flatter. 

See what works for you; try on different styles to check the fit and impact. We suggest a jacquard print or lace bandage dress because they conceal bulges and offer relaxed femininity.

lace styles bodice

Lace & bandage flatters in this style


The best fabrics for these dress styles are strong and sturdy. They provide a structure that supports your bustline. Velvet, denim, bandage, and heavy silk all work.

Loose fitting fabrics like linen or woven materials work for outings that require less support or definition of your curves. Loose fitting and flowing are sexy, think Marilyn Monroe in her famous white dress.  


Choosing the right bra is a must. These dresses have a single strap around the neck, so the style limits the types of bras you can wear.

Convertible bras, strapless, adhesive, backless, or pasties are options that work. Or go without if the dress provides enough support and you are confident. 

Halter Dresses vs. Sex

Halter styles are glamorous, sexy and show-stopping. And are the dress of choice for many a celebrity at red carpet functions. 

Their appeal is undeniable. Have you ever given a thought to how much the style has in common with sex? 

Here’s why we think you should.

The Girls

We love these styles because they present your bust line with poise and grace. The neckline gives you sexy cleavage no matter your bust size. 

They say that foreplay is essential when it comes to sexual relationships. And what better way to get things moving than with a beautiful, tempting display of your bustline. 

When you want to accentuate and do justice to your breasts, there is no better dress than our favorite. 

deep bustline

This variation in style has all eyes on your bust


Halter dresses are provocative, yet retain your modesty. 

With exposed shoulders, collarbones and back, they are flirtatious without compromising your dignity.

Entice your loved one by giving them a look at your sexy neckline and back, and leave the rest to their imagination.  


What woman does not want her lover to spend some quality time and attention on her sensitive neck? 

These are the kisses that you feel down to your toes. 

The way your dress displays your collarbones and the nape of your neck practically give your lover instructions!


When you are between the sheets, you want your lover’s eyes on you at all times. 

Foreplay starts with eye contact. The clue to maintaining a high level of interest is to make direct eye contact. 

These dresses hug your curves like a second skin and command your love’s gaze. Entice your lover's eyes, whether you are talking to him or walking to the ladies room.


A figure-hugging version conveys your level of confidence because most designs display your curves sexily. 

These dress styles say that you are uninhibited and confident enough to show a bit of skin.


No one wants their sexual experiences to be repetitive and boring. So, add a dose of spice and versatility to spark things up. 

Our highly versatile dress style never looks repetitive or annoying, and you can wear it so many different ways.  

Add a shrug on cold nights. Scarves when you want a splash of color minus the coverage - pick bright chunky earrings or understated bling to change the dress from informal to formal in no time. Add heels for height and sexiness, and flats for casual outings.

There are so many ways to wear this sexy dress style.

variety in a dress

Some eye-catching variety in this bustline


This dress is perhaps the most alluring dress in the history of fashion. 

It is also one that helps you create unforgettable moments that brim with sex appeal. We've said it before, think of Marilyn Monroe's iconic moment on the subway grate in 1955, her skirt billowing in an updraft and her curves on display. Yes, she is wearing a halter dress! 

They have been around for a long time. And throughout are beacons of sensual appeal. So we say, use them to your advantage. 


Coco Chanel rightly said, “A dress might look beautiful on a hanger. But it's better seen on the shoulders, with the movement of the arms, the legs, and the waist”. 

We couldn’t agree more.

It's critical to wear clothing that compliments your body and gives you confidence. And a halter dress ticks all the boxes, with our vote going to those in bandage styles.

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