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9 Ways to Look Slim After Holiday Splurging

Posted on November 30 2015

holiday splurging

The holidays bring a variety of cozy and wild emotions. We love spending time with our family and friends but feel guilty for our lack of self control when it comes to snacking and eating our holiday favorites. We splurge on everything from cookies to pies and struggle to get to the gym because our family sporadically buzzes in and out of town.

So what is a girl to do when it comes to maintaining her sexy? Do we give up completely and opt for loose fitting clothes until we get back into the gym regularly or do we simply call upon our inner fashionista to get us through the next couple of months?

The truth is that it is the holiday season so worrying about pounds should be the furthest thing from your mind. Instead find simple ways to keep your fashion sense in tact and look fabulous throughout the holiday season while doing so. We’ve consulted with our stylists to give you go to secrets for looking slim after splurging on holiday treats without having to go frumpy or disheveled.

To pull off sexy and alluring styles you need confidence, style sense, and a bit of know how. Remember that the secrets we share here are not just to help you conceal the pounds you may gain during your holiday splurges but also are real time secrets to looking more slim and used by celebrities and public figures around the globe.

Our style secrets uncover what it means to use clothing to the fullest. We take a hard look at how to look more slim using layers, help you understand the strength and purpose of strategic accessories, and give you a new appreciate for heels.

The best styles for your body type depends on what you consider to be your assets. Remember that curves are in, less is more, and identifying your color and styles is only half the battle. Choose patterns that are flattering and designs that display the assets that you are most willing to share.

Tip 1 - Wear clothing that fits.

This might sound a little too simple, however, even slender body types look larger if they wear something that just doesn't fit. Remember that going a size up or down can do the trick. Too tight and you look stuffed. Too loose and you look huge.

It is very tempting to choose to go up a size when we put on a few pounds in an effort to keep it a secret but banish the thought and stick with well fitting clothes.

Tip 2 - Avoid horizontal stripes.

The best thing to do is to avoid horizontal stripes when you are in a fashion pickle and need to play it safe.

Horizontal stripes are simply too fickle. Not all dresses, blouses, or shirts that feature horizontal stripes are doable. Sometimes the stripes are not aligned and visually cause a visual ruckus and other times the stripes are not flattering - either too wide or too thin.

The best thing to do is to avoid horizontal stripes when you are in a fashion pickle and need to play it safe. If you must don stripes (because you love them) try vertical bottoms if you have longer legs and vertical tops if you have a longer torso.

Tip 3 - Add a belt.

Belts also flatter most body types so you likely are going to pull the look off without a hitch.

Belts are the saviours of fashionistas and stylists everywhere. Anytime your wardrobe seems flat or your body seems too wide when you look in the mirror then tame the look with a strategically placed belt.

Belts also flatter most body types so you likely are going to pull the look off without a hitch. If you find you are more of a triangular shape place your belt slightly below your bust to give you a clearly defined waistline. If you find you are more rectangular shaped consider placing your belt on your lower hips for the appearance of a longer torso and higher on your waist for the appearance of longer legs.

Here is a breakdown on the location of your hips and waist to help determine the placement of your belts.

Tip 4 -  Prints work magic - kinda.

If you must put on prints, opt for smaller prints or crisp ones such as polka dots.

Prints are trying with all their might to make a comeback. We saw them peek a bit in the spring of 2013 and they have hung around and evolved since. As cute as they are if you don't want to look 10 pounds heavier you need to be sure they work well with your body type before letting them become your go-to. The best styles for any body type rarely involves large chunky prints of any sort. If you must put on prints (because some are simply worth the risk) opt for smaller prints or crisp ones such as polka dots.

Wear prints on top if you have a longer torso but avoid them if you have a short torso. Wear them on bottom if you have long legs. Remember that prints are only fabulous if you have the length and height to pull them off so that they are rightly displayed.

Most women put on prints with the belief that the prints make them appear more slender but in reality prints should be avoided and regulated to accessories or under layered apparel such as tank tops or scarves.

Tip 5 - Heels are a must.

Putting on a pair of heels makes your calves look more toned and lifts your toosh.

Don’t be swayed by the height of your heels when it comes to this tip. As long as you are off the ground by at least 2 inches stylist agree that heels are a go to for looking more slim. Have you ever noticed that on television and in movies most women are in heels (even in the most random circumstances)?

This is by far the most simple and cost effective way to enhance your body type and appear more slim in a pinch. Putting on a pair of heels makes your calves look more toned and lifts your toosh. Heels also ensure that each body type possesses a feminine profile because of their natural ability to improve posture, walking, and stance.

If you have longer legs choose heels with straps for subtle sex appeal. If you have shorter legs consider strapless. If your calves are thick and muscular consider wedges as they have a slimming effect on certain body types that is worth exploring. Remember that darker heeled wedges or colorful pumps will have the most slimming effect on legs.

Tip 6 - Layer your favorite dresses.

Often we worry about adding clothes when we already feel bloated and fear we have gained a few pounds. During the holiday season it is important to remember that layers are your friend. A properly layered outfit gives you texture and depth which easily conceals any extra body weight you may have picked up. Layer up with a plan and purpose to achieve the exact look you want to pull off.

One of the best ways to layer is to do so with one major piece of clothing such as a bandage dress or jeans. Layering with a bandage dress is simple and requires the use of tights, coats, blazers, or scarves. If you decide to layer with jeans you get a bit more versatility and easily turn to your favorite crop tops, oversized sweaters, and boots.

Tip 7 - Keep your hair away from your face.

The more of your face you show the more slender you appear.

Our normal reaction to feeling frumpy, puffing, and a bit more chunky than usual is to cover our faces in shame. Banish the thought and instead go for hairstyles that do the very opposite. Choose hairstyles that are flattering to your face. Pull your hair up in a simple ponytail or go for a half-up, half-down style.

The more of your face you show the more slender you appear. If you tend to usually wear free flowing tresses explore a bit with parts and style your hair away from your face.

Tip 8 -  Cover up a bit.

When you need to appear more slim consider covering all of your skin. For bottoms don’t just stick with jeans and pants. Also explore with skirts or dresses that are paired with tights or sexy printed leggings. For tops opt for long sleeved dresses, turtlenecks, and shirts. The continual coverage and concealment of your skin gives you the illusion of being very slender, polished, and styled.

Covering up a bit around the holidays is completely doable because the weather tends to be cool. When you explore with covering up remember to keep your color palettes dark and warm. For example, instead of opting for white go for browns and tans.

Tip 9 - Wear black and accessorize.

Black is one of those colors you need to learn to rely on. Believe that black makes you appear more trim and slim because it indeed does. Black has a slimming effect but is often hard to pull off at holiday parties or around the New Year. So instead of simply leaving your home in all black attire remember to add a splash of holiday cheer and color with your accessories.

As you consider accessories remember to keep your lines fluid. Choose longer dangling earrings instead of studs. Longer necklaces and scarves are also preferred.

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