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A Peek Into The WanderLust Girls

Posted on November 17 2015

wanderlust girls

Our editorial team stumbled upon the WanderLust Girls and fell effortlessly in fashion love with the duo.


Emily's commitment to balancing high fashion and comfort simply makes sense. She opts for wider heels (easier to walk in), loose blouses, texture, and simple lines. Abigail's realistic approach to style and fashion with traces of mystery are not only subtly sexy but filled with wanderlust inspiration. The fierce emerging fashion duo consistently sports big sweaters and trendy bleached blond tresses that are so crisp and fresh they give us goosebumps.


Lucky for us Emily and Abigail sat down to share what it takes to run a high fashion blog as well as provide snippets and tips into their personal style. Enjoy!

Your blog, WanderLust Girls, is not just about fashion but about beauty, travel, and more. Why did you start it? Any advice for newbies?

We both grew up in a small town just outside of Boston and met at the ripe age of 11. Throughout middle school and high school we shared our wardrobe. Either Abigail would buy the top and Emily would buy the bottoms, or we would just split the bill. (We're really good at sharing). We even happen to be the same shoe size. It was a match made in fashion Heaven.


So, when we went to separate colleges we both sort of panicked. Our wardrobe had been compromised! But we knew after we graduated that Abigail would move up to NYC and we would live together once again sharing our wardrobe.


To keep each other up to date on what we had bought while we were apart, we started a blog as fashion post cards to each other. We would put together a look and write back and forth to each other saying what the new item was that we would both soon own. After that, someone had to tell us that other people could read the posts (we were a bit confused on what a blog actually was) and that we should maybe shape it up and try and do something with it. So we did, and here we are!


The best advice is to comment on other blogs, reach out to companies and brands you want to work with on social networks. At times it can be hard to work for yourself, but that is true with any field.


When we first started trying to do this we did a lot of free work. The challenge was turning the corner of giving ourself some more worth after we had gained enough experience. But we did, and have continued to add worth to our blog and services. This business is always growing and we can't wait to see what comes next!

Your commitment to friendship and fashion is how WanderLust Girls came about? How cool and inspiring is that? Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers that inspire you from time to time?

We both really love Sincerely Jules. She has such a sweet personality that you can really feel from her blog. We also love to follow jewelry designer Dylan Lex for her monochromatic magnificence.

Sincerely Jules does seem to be sweet and refreshing and who doesn't love a nice piece from Dylan Lex? If you had to choose - who are your top three high fashion designers or stylists?

Saint Laurent

Love them all. The newest collection by Saint Laurent is everything.

So aside from your extraordinary and wanderlust inspired style what do you ladies do outside of your blog?

It's really hard to tell what is "outside" of the blog these days because we live together as well and we share a lot of the same friends.


To sum ourselves up outside of the blog... we're kind of like rock and roll grandmas. We love staying in, drinking tea and watching friends, or we're the complete opposite dressed in lots of leather and kicking it at a local dive bar or dancing at a hole in the wall concert venue.


There is no real in between. We're very close with our families as well. There is a lot of Facetiming that goes on in our apartment.

You're living the dream and thank goodness for FaceTime. We love all the looks on your blog. What inspires them?

Our personal style definitely has a downtown vibe and a whole lot of rock and roll influences. Abigail's style is typically tomboy chic, inspired by a casual 'model off duty' look. Emily is more feminine, and a bit more emo. She draws from poets like Poe and Tim Burton.

We must ask - what are you "go-to" outfits and one of your most memorable ones?

Emily's go to look is Aritzia vegan leather leggings, a black tee, and simple black vince boots. Emily's most memorable outfit was actually a costume that our good friend Ami Goodheart created. Her aforementioned love for Edgar Allan Poe came to it's peak when Ami loaned this black raven gown she had created.


Abigail's go to look is black pants, a white tee, and a leather jacket. Abigail's most memorable outfit was an all snakeskin print look that was snapped by several magazines during Fashion Week.

Love it all ladies! What are the best ways for our readers to stay in touch with you?

Our readers usually reach out via Instagram in the comments. We're definitely on that media the most. We always say be active in the blogging community.


Don't forget to pay Abigail and Emily a visit at the Wanderlust Girls, they are a great read and come highly recommended by us. Follow them on Instagram too.  

wanderlust girls

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