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How To Match Your Hairstyle And Dress Neckline Perfectly

Last updated on : November 02 2015

Updated April 2017

Every part of your look matters when putting on a bandage dress. From the top of your head to your toes you need to pull your look together in unique ways that complement your style, bring out your personality, and give you a feminine none hussy sex appeal.

When we begin planning our outfits our hairstyle is often a second thought. However, sexy looks and captivating sex appeal is only achieved when your style has been considered from head to toe. As you work to find your perfect look and hairstyle consider the neckline of your dress. If you fail to choose the right hairstyle your look just may fall flat. For example, opt for an updo and your look may tiptoe into being too formal or go for a free flowing look and it may make you appear unkempt. 

The most important part of choosing hairstyles to wear with your sexy dress is to consider these three major factors:

  • Your mood - if you are feeling flirty and fun then your hairstyle should reflect this by incorporating colorful clips and braids. Likewise if your mood is sober and sweet than sweeping ponytails full of curls is a better option.
  • Your neckline - your dress was designed to achieve a particular look that is both flattering and trendy. If your dress shows lots of skin you won’t want to hide any and thus need to choose an updo or half-up-half-down style.
  • Your dress length - the length of your dress determines how conservative or flirty you want to be and influences your hairstyle in order to keep the look fluid. Longer lengths (see these red pencil dresses) are more conservative and modest while shorter lengths are designed to tempt all the boys.

We’ve compiled a brief guide featuring our most famous bandage dresses and their necklines. The neckline of your dress likely ranges from halter styles to sweetheart to strapless. Each neckline works well with a variety of unique and versatile looks, however, to bring out the best in your dress and complete the look you want to achieve you must choose a hairstyle that flatters your neckline rather than conflicts with it or conceals it. 

As a general rule necklines that are more elaborate and detailed work best with hairstyles that are pulled away from the face so that the dress is easily appreciated for its intricate and feminine design. While necklines that are more simple such as a strapless or sweetheart cut tend to be more versatile and depend on other factors we’ve mentioned: your mood and length.

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High-necked Bandage Dresses

High-necked bandage dresses are designed to wrap around the base of your neck. These dress designs include turtlenecks and halter styles. You have really one primary option for these dresses and that is an updo. An updo for this dress style allows you to display your dress in the most flattering and stylish way according to the design. 

If your hair is short to chin length feel free to wear it down. Consider blow drying it to give it an extra bounce. For longer styles consider choosing a center part, side part, or no part at all when you pull it up into a ponytail. Add a dash of smooth texturing balm for added control and to protect your part all night long. 

To give it a sexy edge you can add some waves or full curls to your ponytail. Use a curling iron for these waves and curls. Separate your hair into parted sections of about three about three inches to achieve neatly overlapping waves and curls that fall freely. There are also pinned up ponytails featuring braids and buns to consider.

high neck bandage dress

Bandage Dresses with a V-neck

The V-neck bandage dress neckline is sexy and offers nice glimpses of cleavage and skin (try one in a sexy ice blue). Depending on how plunging your neckline is you may consider only opting for an updo to ensure the style of the dress is not obstructed. V-neck dresses are best worn with half-up, half-down hairstyles. These hairstyles are designed to pull hair away from your face but give you a sweeping feminine style with loose locks flowing behind you.

The half-down, half-up is a classic combination that softens the angles and blunt lines of the V-neckline that sometimes happens. To achieve this look start by applying a smoothing cream on your tresses while they are wet. Then, blow dry your hair, till it gets to its usual texture, be it curly or straight. Take a few of the top layers onto the back of your neck, and pull them together, into a twist. You can use bobby pins or a hair tie to hold it in place. Moving on to the front, gently pull out a couple of tendrils for a soft and feminine look. For more half-up, half-down styles consider these.

vneck bandage dress 

Round and Square Necklines

A round or square neckline (as in the fit & flared dress below) is designed to show off your shoulders while giving you a soft and flattering style. Most round or square dresses feature an array of sleeves including cap sleeves or long and short sleeves.

These necklines work best with free flowing styles that are simple with elaborate details such as braids, clips, or twists. Round and square necklines are best worn with your hair pulled off your collar or away from your face. In contrast for a sultry more exotic look free flowing curls around your shoulders easily complete such a look. For shorter hairstyles go for a pixie look.

To achieve a pixie look put gel on your hair and blow dry it using a hairbrush. Stick to only one direction while brushing your hair. Once it dries, you can use styling wax to work on your tresses, to give it a pixie look. Sweep up the side tresses onto the back, and any bangs onto the side. Separate the bangs along your forehead and twirl it in random spots, so there is a lot of movement.

round neck bandage dress

Strapless Neckline Dress

Strapless dresses offer a sensual display of your shoulders and frame your face in femininity and subtle sexual invitation. Like square and round necklines the strapless neckline is versatile and works well with both updo and free flowing hairstyles.

With strapless dresses your hairstyle polishes and completes your look. The hairstyles you wear for strapless dresses is determined according to the look you want to achieve. For a sexy and stylish look go for an updo hairstyle that lets you show more skin. For a more conservative look wear your down in free flowing curls.

With strapless dresses, you want to accentuate your collarbone. Apply smoothing balm and blow dry your tresses whether you are choosing an updo or free flowing dress.

strapless bandage dress

How does dress length and design affect your hairstyle?

As mentioned earlier dress length and design play a key role in your hairstyle because both create and influence your overall style goals. Dresses of short lengths are designed to be more provocative and thus should be worn with hairstyles that compliment your efforts such as feisty bangs, messy ponytails, or free flowing seductive curls. Dresses of longer lengths (midi bandage dresses as an example) should be worn with more conservative styles such as slick ponytails, twists, or buns.

Each dress is designed to not only be flattering to the wearer but convey a message and style. Plunging necklines that show more cleavage convey a style of purposeful sexual invitation. These dresses are best worn with styles that give convey seduction such as just woke up frizz or hanging tresses.

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