The Little Black Dress - Everything You Need To Know

The Little Black Dress - Everything You Need To Know

Posted on June 26 2014

little black dress

It's Saturday night and you have been looking forward to that party all week, only to realize you have no cool clothes to wear! Let's face it - you probably have two hundred ladies dresses in your wardrobe but none of them fit the bill. Or maybe your best friend still hasn’t returned your favorite low cut dress. Instead of recalling your favorite FML moments, you can turn to the one solution for all occasions - the little black dress!

Yes, it is a cliché, the little black dress. But there couldn’t be an easier way to look sexy. With the increasing focus on today's trashy and tasteless fashion everyone can do with a fresh breath of sophistication. Show off your little black dress the right way and you will have the right type of men falling all over you.

Who invented the Little Black Dress

Some famous little black dresses over the ages:

Black dresses are always iconic statement dresses. Worn over the ages, a few have been remarkable enough to be constantly remembered and referred to. Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's is nearly 60 years old and it will always be the iconic black dress.

How to rock a LBD

So how exactly to wear a little black dress. Fortunately there are thousands of ways. This dress is truly Miss Versatility as you will see as you click through the links below. The interesting conundrum of whether you can wear black to a wedding, now resolved with a resounding yes, shows just how far we have come from that point where black dresses were exclusively reserved for mourning.

Here's how to stand out in a world where so many women are relying on their own little black dresses.    

How not to rock your LBD

Then there are certain things you just shouldn't do with a little black dress. 


Shoes and your LBD

There are so many shoes and just as many ways to wear them with your LBD. This dress can truly get you from office to office party simply through the addition of varying accessories, and shoes are some of the most important. 


How to make a LBD 

Of course not everyone wants to make their own little black dress especially now that you can buy a perfectly presentable one for around the $15 mark. But sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do and making, wearing and then talking about what you have done can be entertainment all in itself. 

Try it, and tell us about your experience in a comment below.  


What do men think about the LBD 

Want to know what the guys think? Here are two very interesting articles on exactly that topic. Don't let the second one worry you too much, if a girl is at full confidence we all know no guy can resist.  


Songs and music about the LBD

Surprisingly there hasn't been that much music written exclusively about these dresses that is sufficiently in the mainstream to be picked up here. One Direction has recently put a marker down.    

Where is the best place to buy a LBD 

There are thousands of places and you will have your own favourites but just for completeness I have added a few of my own. This is The Kewl Shop blog so clearly it gets a mention right at the top, but I'll vouch for those dresses, they have a way of making you feel wonderful, and nicely tucked in.   


Fitting into your LBD 

Just in case you are worried about whether you can still fit into your fav LBD, we've added this one last link below. There are no mentions of diets here, just pure raw physical exercise as that is the best way to lose the weight (I can feel another lengthy blog coming on here).  

The little black dress workout (video) - what you need to do to get into your LBD!


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