6 Home Remedies For Long Eyelashes

Last updated on : October 06 2021


About Eyelashes 

Beautiful, long, and luscious eyelashes are all the rage. Beauty trends change, but the desire to achieve fuller eyelashes is a constant. 

Eyelashes play a significant role in enhancing eye shape and also make them look more intense, open, and appealing. 

No matter the shape of the eyes, darker and longer eyelashes can immediately make one look more attractive. 

Apart from the cosmetic benefits, eyelashes also have a biological role in protecting the eyes from the sun's bright light, dust, and other particles floating in the air that may cause injury or harm. 

Either way, women lust after super long eyelashes and, in the process, end up going through endless hassles of curling, defining, or even gluing falsies to fake longer eyelashes. 

So much to look like a pretty Disney princess! *Facepalm* 

If you desire longer eyelashes to make yourself look more beautiful instead of false eyelashes, you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of natural home remedies that will help you achieve eyelashes that are long and thick.

What Causes Eyelash Thinning?

Thinning eyelashes are a matter of grave concern, especially with advancing age. 

Eyelashes continually move through four stages of growth (anagen), resting (catagen), shedding (telogen), and re-growth. As we age, eyelash growth slows down or stops altogether. 

People may have fewer eyelashes or excessive eyelash shedding due to health disorders, hereditary issues, certain medications like alopecia areata or procedures, and rubbing eyes so hard that they cause the eyelashes to fall out.

Natural  For Longer Lashes

What Are The Best Natural Remedies For Longer Lashes?

There are many options to have fuller and longer eyelashes. While artificial treatments are many, it's good to opt for natural home remedies that minimize damage and are free of side effects. 

Also, natural home remedies for lash growth might be slow but are effective. 

Do you wish for longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes the natural way? Listed below are some natural home remedies that can work miraculously in promoting longer eyelashes:

1. Olive Oil

A household staple in Mediterranean regions, olive oil is a miracle ingredient in your skincare regime. A potent antioxidant, olive oil has nourishing properties that keep hair healthy, making your eyelashes look longer and fuller. It is a rich source of essential fatty acids like oleic acid, squalene, terpenes, and palmitic acid. 

These fatty acids protect the hair strands from dryness and prevent breakage as they coat the surface of the hair strands. Oleuropein in olive oil has also been known to enhance hair growth and improve its appearance. A natural hair growth stimulant, olive oil is a powerful tonic for the nourishment of hair.

How To Use: 

  • Take a cotton swab, dip it in olive oil, and apply it on the eyelashes. You can also use an old mascara brush with thin bristles for this remedy. Wash and dry it before you dip it in the oil for a more straightforward application.
  • Take a few drops at a time to prevent excess oil from entering your eyes, causing irritation and redness.
  • Wipe out the extra oil, if any, on the lashes and leave it overnight.
  • You can also gently massage the area around the eyelids with your fingertips to increase blood flow and circulation. This remedy can aid in lash growth.
  • Follow this ritual for at least six weeks to notice visible results.


    2. Coconut Milk

    Coconut Milk is high in nutritional properties. It contains Vitamin E, B1, B3, B5, C, proteins, and fats. Coconut milk hydrates the hair shafts as it is rich in lauric acid. These essential nutrients boost the hair follicles and are known to promote hair growth. 

    Coconut milk is light and non-greasy, which is excellent for use as a fuss-free natural home remedy to get longer eyelashes. 

    How To Use:

    • Soak a cotton swab in a teaspoon of coconut milk and apply it to the lengths of your eyelashes.
    • Make sure you have enough milk absorbed on the swab to coat the whole lash hair length.
    • Leave it overnight.
    • Repeat this once every day to notice an enhancement in your lash length.

    3. Egg Protein

    An egg is a commonly used ingredient in natural home remedies for hair growth and conditioning. 

    Egg contains vitamins and minerals that support hair growth. Studies have found that the deficiency of nutrients like vitamin E, C, and B 12 is linked with hair loss

    So, eggs infused with these vital vitamins can be a practical component in your beauty routine, especially your lash growth.

    How To Use: 

    • Separate the yolk from the egg white and whisk it in a bowl.
    • Take a teaspoon of the egg white and use a cotton swab or spoolie to apply the egg white on the lower and upper lash.
    • Apply a drop at a time so that the egg white does not get into your eyes.
    • Avoid letting it sit for a very long time, or it may dry out and cause breakage. Wash it off thoroughly when the egg white has partially dried out. 

    Vitamin E

    4. Vitamin E and Green Tea

    Vitamin E is skin and hair's best friend. It is a powerful antioxidant that reduces damage due to oxidative stress and increases blood circulation to hair follicles, thereby supporting the growth of eyelashes. 

    Green tea has been used in home remedies for healthy skin and hair. It has powerful antioxidant properties that can inhibit hair loss. Similarly, Green tea can also contribute to denser and longer lash growth. 

    Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a major catechin in green tea and helps promote eyelash growth.

    How To Use:

    • Extract some Vitamin E oil from a capsule in a bowl.
    • Brew some green tea and let it cool.
    • Mix a drop of the oil into the strained liquid and apply it on your lashes with a cotton swab.
    • Leave this concoction on the lashes for an hour.
    • Wash it off with cold water.
    • Use this once daily to notice visible results. 

    5. Castor Oil 

    For a well-defined eyelash, castor oil can come to your rescue as this has been known to promote hair growth and arrest the fall out of old eyelashes. 

    As new hair grows, it causes the eyelid to look dark and dense, thus, rewarding you with longer eyelashes over time, as anecdotal evidence suggests. 

    Ricinoleic acid, a significant component in castor oil, can stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation when massaged on the skin. 

    As castor oil is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties, it will reduce skin infections and strengthen hair roots

    How To Use: 

    • Dip a cotton swab in a few drops of castor oil and apply it along the upper and lower lash line. 
    • Leave it for an hour and rinse off using a mild cleanser. You may also let it sit on the eyelashes overnight and wash them off the following day. 
    • Never be rough with your eyelashes, as they tend to be delicate. So, avoid rubbing the eyes vigorously as you take off the castor oil, or you may notice hair breakage.

    P.S: Castor oil is thick due to its high viscosity. So, you may want to dilute it with other carrier oils before use.

    Shea Butter

    6. Shea Butter

    Shea butter has gained popularity for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

    It is also packed with Vitamin C that prevents free radicals from damaging the skin and hair. As a common natural home remedy, shea Butter can be used to maintain eyelash thickness and improve its appearance.

    How To Use: 

    • Rub a little Shea butter in between your fingers. As the butter melts, take a tiny amount of it and apply it along the lash length. 
    • Rinse it off in the morning.
    • Use this remedy once daily before sleep to notice a difference in your lash length. 

    How To Prevent Thinning And Ensure Faster Lash Growth?

    To prevent thinning of eyelashes, try using a combination of these home remedies to notice remarkable growth in your lash length. 

    Additionally, a few other changes in your beauty routine and lifestyle can effortlessly help you achieve fuller lashes. These are:

    • Follow a healthy eating pattern. Ensure that your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, biotin, protein, and fatty acids that support hair growth. 
    • To support vitamin and mineral deficiencies, consult your doctor for appropriate supplements that strengthen hair follicles and promote stronger hair. 
    • Invest in quality skin and makeup products. 
    • Double cleanse to remove your makeup thoroughly. Ensure your eyes are squeaky clean and no makeup residue left behind before you apply anything on the lashes.
    • Steer clear of loading your eyelashes with cosmetic products like mascara or eyeliners. These products may hinder or slow down growth and cause damage. 
    • You may also try brushing your eyelashes with clean mascara or an eye shadow applicator. Be gentle and brush the lashes with softer strokes for a minute. It will trigger some blood circulation around the area that can aid in hair growth.
    • Avoid rubbing your eyes hard or pulling out your eyelashes.
    • Limit the use of falsies or eyelash extensions. Chemicals in the glue can deter hair growth and also cause eyelid inflammation.

    The area around your eyes is sensitive. Getting to the root of the problem is critical. So, weigh all the pros and cons before trying any of these options mentioned above to grow your eyelashes. 

    Consult your dermatologist and ophthalmologist before you use these natural remedies and also check for allergies. Discontinue these natural remedies if you notice redness or irritation around your eyes. 

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    6 Home Remedies for Long Eyelashes

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