7 Hacks To Stay Healthy Juggling School And A Full-Time Job

Last updated on : June 28 2021

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Studying while working full-time is probably one of the most challenging experiences you can imagine.

You have no time for yourself or other people around you. It takes a toll on your physical and mental health. These challenges cause a lot of people to drop out of school, lose their jobs, and even abandon families.

However, many students will still graduate with distinction despite working and taking care of their families. It is proof that you can work and study at the same time. 

Here are six excellent hacks to help you study and work full-time while maintaining your health and sanity. 

1. Prepare Mentally

The battle is first won in your mind. You must first understand the gravity of the task ahead. 

At a minimum, prepare yourself for sleeping fewer hours in the night, feeling sleepy during the day while you work, and attending school lessons when your friends enjoy parties or social gatherings. 

Mental preparation helps you to organize your life before your school course or work begins. In addition, you will know who to inform about reduced availability, the measures to take, and how to cover for lost time. 

Mental preparation gives you a clear view of what it will take to work while attending class. Nothing will surprise you once you begin the process because when you prepare the mind, the body will take the cue.

2. Organize Your Time

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Enrolling in a class while still working full-time will steal every spare minute from your day. If you have to hack this level of multitasking, you need to be in control of every minute of your day. 

The added activity of school or work means that you have to squeeze everything to fit your new responsibilities. School may take several years. But, at the same time, you are expected to meet targets at your workplace. 

This level of continuous commitment and responsibility demands strict time management and organization with a long-term view. You will have to organize your time to have enough of it to complete assignments, attend class, and still fulfill your work obligations.

Try Negotiation

A little bit of negotiation will help. For instance, you may request early morning shifts at work to leave more time to attend classes in the evening.  

You may also take longer shifts or more shifts early in the semester to create room for revision in the end.

Use The Weekend

Try to work or take classes over weekends to cover for time lost during the week or to spend quality time with your family. 

But don't forget the weekend is also an excellent time to rest and rejuvenate the body and mind, which is also essential.   

By organizing your time well, you avoid living a chaotic life that takes a toll on your work, health, and education.

3. Get Support From Those Around You

While the pursuit of academic advancement is a personal goal, you need the support of people around your life. 

Friends, bosses, and your tutors will play a significant role in making your studies a success. Their cooperation can provide you with a flexible schedule that avoids clashing your school and work schedules.

Your Boss And Workmates

Inform your boss that you have enrolled in a course. If you are not comfortable sharing such information, request an adjustment of your schedule without disclosing the reason. 

Letting your boss know helps you to create time for school. For example, if you need an hour off to revise for your exams or attend class-related activities, it will be easier because the boss knows.

Ask your workmates to cover for you and adjust shifts to accommodate your school needs. In case you have an emergency, request them to help out with your hours. Of course, you will need an excellent relationship to enjoy such support.

Your Family Or Roommates

Your family or the people you live with should also support your endeavor the most. They should know that you will be available for fewer hours than before. 

Speak to them to ensure they understand when you need silence or an extra hour to complete an assignment. 

And hopefully, your family will also help you with some of the duties around the house so that you can put more hours at work or in class. 

Your Social Circle

Obtain the cooperation of friends and people in your social circles. 

If you miss an occasion or need a friend to run an errand, they will cover for you. First, however, remember to take advantage of semester breaks to repay the people who supported you when you were pressed.  

They will feel appreciated and will be willing to extend more support in the future. 

4. Know What To Sacrifice

Work and school will take away time and resources. It is also an energy-consuming combination, especially considering that it will last several years. 

Your life cannot continue as normal. The combination requires you to sacrifice time and resources.


Time is the most critical sacrifice you have to make, so employing time-saving techniques is essential.  

You'll find yourself reducing your sleeping and enjoyment hours, waking up early to complete your assignments, and rushing home after work to catch the class.  

So know what activities are essential to you, like getting exercise and enough rest, and work out what you can sacrifice to make more time for your new responsibilities. Sacrificing sleep will not have a good outcome.  

Use your breaks at work to catch up with your schoolwork. You need all this time to perform well in class and still meet your academic goals.


Juggling work and school also strain your resources. You have less time to take up gigs that would bring more money. All the overtime is also taken up by class.

On the other hand, you need the money to buy learning materials and pay bills. Therefore, the situation demands prudent financial management.  

Prepare a budget and see where you can make savings. If you smoke or drink, this might be the perfect opportunity to stop, not only for your health but also to save money.   

Social Sacrifice

Combining school and work also demands social sacrifice. For example, you will be studying while your peers watch a game or go on a picnic or holiday

However, social sacrifice should not be a reason to worry. It becomes easier to handle once you realize that you are making a sacrifice for the greater good in the future. 

5. Use All The Help Available

Obtain all the help possible from family, friends, and entities that would make your life easier. 


How long does it take you to complete tasks? Remember that every minute in your life counts. If you take too long on one activity, you will lack time to attend to other crucial ones.

Try to shorten the time on individual activities and avoid procrastination, so you can save time for class or attend to job-related responsibilities. 

Technology will make your life more accessible to a great extent. For example, you can use technology to follow classes remotely, work from home to save traveling time, write your assignments, edit, and even organize your work. 

You can try an audio-typing app that takes a shorter time to complete an article or an online dissertation writing help service. Other platforms help you to format and cite your paper, reducing the time taken to complete your essays.  

Most of these apps are free and come with incredible features.

Financial Help

Can you obtain financial help? Applying for scholarships and grants ease your financial burden. 

The extra money will mean that you do not have to take more part-time jobs to raise school fees or cover your expenses. 

6. Rest, Exercise And Nutrition

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It is strange to tell a person juggling school and work to rest, but this will save your life. 

Take regular breaks daily to allow your body and mind to recuperate. A rested mind and body will deliver more insightful ideas when studying.

Fatigue is the greatest enemy to productivity and good health. As you rush from class to work each day, the mind and body wear out.  

Do not push yourself to the point of burnout. Instead, plan your time, get all the support available, and rest when you should.  

A change of venue is one way to rest without abandoning your work. For instance, you can study in the park or a coffee shop. The body and mind will be in relaxed mode, helping you to avoid fatigue.

Lastly, ensure you get the recommended amount of exercise and eat appropriately because exercise and nutrition are as important as rest. 

7. Develop A Routine

Tune the body by developing a routine, particularly a morning routine.

A routine sets a clock or seasons for your body and mind. It gives you an idea of the amount of time on your hands and frees you from making unnecessary decisions. 

Wake up at a specific time and sleep at a set hour. Sleeping well is also one of the ways to manage your energy. 


Juggling work and school is a difficult task for many. 

However, the most successful have mastered communication, working with the people around them, and technology to accommodate their tight schedule - while getting sufficient rest to avoid burnout.

Ultimately, you will have to make significant sacrifices to achieve your long-term goals.

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