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What to Wear Under A Bandage Dress

Last updated on : January 21 2016

textured black bandage dressFinding the perfect dress is only half of our battles. Aside from the more obvious parts of your look that include your earrings, purse, and hairstyle choice you likely are going to come across the challenge of finding suitable undergarments.

Depending on the dress you may be on the hunt for bras, seamless panties, or some sort of spanx to give you shape and support for the night. The thing to remember when shopping for your dress is that the little things matter the most.

The best way to get the sexy, sultry, look you desire is to plan. The problem with choosing the right undergarments is that we fail to plan and then we have fashion blunders. For example the day you decide to wear granny panties is the day you were walking by a hot guy (or girl) and your cute little strapless sky blue dress flies up and reveals your teddy bear boy shorts. If only you had chose to wear your solid panties or thong you likely could have left a better lasting impression.

In short once you find the perfect dress it is time to search for the right types of undergarments for your dress. Straps, bulges, and the like are never going to give you the look you dreamed or hoped for. The traditional bra is our natural go-to but what happens when the traditional bra just won’t due?

It is common to spend a fortune on our dress but being apprehensive to spend a bit more on suitable undergarments to pull it off is always a test of our commitment to fashion. We’ve been running the shop for a little over three years and we’ve learned one or two things about what you should and could wear under your dress to pull off the most complicated and elaborate bandage dress styles out there.

Different women have a different preferences for which underwear makes them feel comfortable and shapely. But we all have the same common goal - look fabulous, curvy, and well endowed in the dress we take forever to pick.

The thing to remember about finding undergarments is that every dress needs the right undergarment to pull it off. Often one or two pieces of quality and versatile undergarments are suitable to wear with most everything we have in our closets. So finding the perfect one is worth the hassle, stress, and care. Naturally, some dresses are easy to figure out such as strapless designs but what about the sexy little number with a criss cross back and super high thigh split?

what to wear under bandage dresses

Undergarments for Your Bandage Dress

In many cases a high quality bandage dress does not need any undergarments. They are designed to hug you like a second skin and support your body like an all over piece of shapewear. However, if you are wanting to give yourself more shapely proportions consider these:

Buttock pads - buttock pads come in a variety of styles and options. Some are simply underwear with pads on each cheek while others are simply silicon (or something similar) pads that are inserted into well fitting underwear. The buttocks pads gives you a Kim Kardashian fit and sexy appeal that is hard to resists. 

Adhesive bras - adhesive bras are perfect for those hard to conceal styles that we all love to wear to the club and parties. Adhesive bras feature a glue like substance that clings to your breast. Padded adhesive bras give you a bit more shape in your bust and is often preferred if you loathe the idea of going without a bra.

Waist cinchers - if you are wanting a very defined waistline then you are likely going to need to invest in a waist cincher for your bandage dress. The key to purchasing a waist cincher is to remember that you must be sure that your cincher is made of a snag free material and is relatively thin. Most bandage dresses cling to your body and a hefty corset like waist cincher is the very last thing you want showing through your dress. A good rule of thumb is to take your dress with you when you go shopping.

classic black bandage dress

[The Classic Black Bandage Dress]

Types of Bras for Select Dress Styles

Strapless Dress: Naturally a strapless bra style or bodysuit is your best option. If you are comfortable with your tummy and not looking for added control simply opt for a strapless dress. Choose a bodysuit to slim down your stomach and provide more support and control.

Racerback Dress: This dress style is the one with the criss cross style backs. You see it common in sports shirts and tanks as well. Many bras on the market today offer flexible strap options that convert easily to a racerback style.

Plunging Cleavage Dress: This dress needs an adhesive bra style or simply adhesive breast pads to help conceal your nipples. There are styles that come in flesh tones so check around to get an adhesive style that is barely noticeable.

Strap Dress: The thin straps of dresses are very common and are often called spaghetti or noodle straps. In these dresses you have various options because many bras come with “clear” straps. However, most fashionistas simply choose strapless bras for thinner strapped dress styles.

Backless Dress: As we mentioned earlier - investing in the proper undergarments saves you time and money. As with more elaborate necklines this dress is best worn with adhesive bras or pads.

Types of Panties and Underwear

Brad Goreski, once said, "When it comes to underwear, there's nothing worse than a visible panty line. Sometimes it seems like nobody knows that seamless underwear exists. But Calvin Klein makes them. Commando makes them. Hanky Panky makes them. You don't need a drawer full; a few pairs will suffice."

Before we can zero in on which underwear suits a particular type of dress, it’s essential to become familiar with the types of underwear worn by women. Different underwear works for different dresses and it is likely your have more than one style of underwear in your drawers.

Boy shorts are shaped just like men’s briefs; they are rather rectangular in shape, unlike the other types. They come in both low-cut leg and others that extend to the thigh. They are also available in low-waist and high-rise types and a variety of fabrics from cotton to lace to seamless. Often this style serve the exact same purpose as a thong – no visible panty lines when worn under form fitting dresses.

Briefs or as more affectionately termed, “granny panties” provide you with full coverage and a high waist. It may not be as attractive as a lace boy shorts, but they sure are comfortable! Surprisingly, if you are looking for pretty briefs, then yes, lace, baby-ribs are just as attractive too. Briefs can be the option for any casual-wear dresses or rock a high-waist brief on a sheer dress!

Panties with a French-cut typically have a high waist and high rise cut on the sides. You can go for these if the regular waistbands make you feel uncomfortable. They are availed in many textures such as cotton, lace and even spanx.

Hipsters, also known as hip-huggers have a very low-waistline and provide full coverage. They are ideal if you are trying to get away from granny panties but want the coverage.

Bikinis have a really low waistline, just like the hip-huggers. The front and the back are shaped like a triangle. Although they give you less coverage, they can be worn under various type of dress because they are not so visible.

Thongs are one of the most sought-after women’s underwear in the whole wide world of underwear (or used to be). They work best with bodycon dresses that are really firm-fitting. There are no panty-lines since it gives zero coverage and the waist is usually very low as well. Flesh colored thongs are ideal for those sheer-net dresses.

G-Strings, a sister to the thong, doesn’t give any coverage at the back and even lesser in the front.

Types of Underwear for Select Dress Styles

Mini Dress: Speaking of skirts flying in the wind, wearing boy shorts under mini dresses will give you more coverage, than the popular choice of wearing a thong or a traditional bikini panty.

Office Dress: Wearing an appropriate shapewear will tuck you in in all the right places and no visible underwear lines are likely to show because these are thicker fabrics.

Casual Dress: Those long, loose dresses have no restrictions for underwear. It’s a great opportunity to bring out the granny panties or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

T-Shirt Dress: Go for a seamless thong so there are no visible panty lines as t-shirt dresses can often be very figure hugging and revealing.

Jumpsuit Dress: There is always a temptation to go commando, going underwear-free that is; but if you rather wear underwear, then boy shorts with more length and a high-rise is a great choice for those super-clingy pant-suits

Sheer Dress: Opting for a silky or a lacy thong that is barely there works perfectly under a body-hugging slip.

what to wear under your bandage dress

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