5 Unexpected Ways Sex Toys Build Intimacy In A Relationship

Last updated on : July 26 2020

A woman leading her partner down a narrow path into city of sexual intimacy.

Sex Toy And Intimacy

Sex toys are fantastic things; however, people tend to forget why they're called toys. A sex toy is about fun, exploration, intimacy, and having a good time. Sex is always just as much about the journey as it is the destination.

Although some sex toys can cure loneliness, other ones can help couples to reach orgasms. Moreover, there are quite a few ways in which sex toys can spice up a relationship. 

Perhaps most importantly, sex toys also increase intimacy. This heightened intimacy can come about in a virtually endless number of ways. However, there are five especially important ways that sex toys increase intimacy between couples. 

1. Through Discussion

It's important to remember that intimacy isn't a euphemism. People often talk about it as just another word for sex. However, it is something much more than the physical act. 

Intimacy is the idea of knowing someone better than almost anyone else in the world. It's about finding out all the things that one's partner doesn't share with anyone else. Likewise, intimacy is letting one's partner do the same with you. 

A sex toy is a way of finding out things about each other in a fun and playful manner. Sex toys provide a chance to explore who people are as a sexual being. And in turn, this can forge a secure connection between a couple. 

It's important to remember the role of communication when using sex toys. A healthy Interaction isn't just about talking. You can bond through speech, subtle sounds, physical reactions, and more. 

In the end, communication is partially about giving signs to one's partner. It's equally essential for both people to focus on listening to those signs. When both people put that effort in, then a sex toy dramatically increases the overall level of intimacy. 

2. Through Exploration

Sex toys are a fantastic means of physical exploration. This aspect is especially exciting because it lets one understand a partner uniquely. 

People should take a moment to imagine tickling themselves. It just doesn't work, does it? How well would someone understand their reaction to tickling if they only self-explored?

Even sex toys which are fun on their own are going to be limited if it's a solitary activity. However, when you use sex toys with a partner, then everything is improved.

Using a sex toy with a partner means each person gets to explore the other's physical reactions. In doing so, people discover things about themselves and their partners that are often unique and exciting.

This sharing experience through physical exploration intensely builds intimacy. 

3. By Opening Up

The earlier exploration has a payoff over time. And that reward is an increased understanding of each other's sexuality. However, it doesn't necessarily end there. 

Play tends to focus on understanding the other person. Sex toys can undoubtedly bring out pleasure. But they can also help people find out new things about themselves. 

What someone finds enjoyable can lead to trying out different experiences. The search for those experiences can pave the way for other toys or new uses for existing ones. And it enhances intimacy by having one's partner along the way for the entire journey. 

4. By Improving Confidence

What makes someone sexy? A lot goes into a truly sexy persona. However, there's one undeniable component of a genuinely alluring person. 

The sexiest people radiate confidence in every aspect of their life. That should include the bedroom as well. And this is where all of the earlier explorations lead to an increase in confidence.

As a couple explores their desires, they become more confident. Each person becomes more confident as an individual. And likewise, both people grow into a more confident couple as well. 

Eventually, each person will begin to fully accept that they understand the other on a deeper level than they ever thought possible. This understanding is in large part because they explored so much together with the toys.

They're not just sexual partners; they're a team who's learned a lot during the totality of their relationship. 

5. Through Sickness and Health

Of course, the ultimate goal of a relationship is something long term. Different people look at long term relationships differently. Some people are looking for a traditional marriage, while others might not like labels. 

Whatever one calls the relationship, though, people tend to strive for similar ideals. This ideal is to have someone they can count on through both health and sickness alike. People don't want to have accidents, injuries and illness enter into a relationship. 

But life is complicated, and sometimes people have to fight for their health. These challenges can often place a massive strain on sexual relationships. Sex toys can change all that for the better. 

Sex toys aren't just adding something new to one's relationship. They can also augment how one would typically go about things. What's more, toys are a few areas of life where a mechanical aid can work as well or better than one's own body. 

If someone does become injured or ill during a relationship, then it can feel like the physical aspects are out of the picture. But this is where real intimacy shows itself. Sex toys will have built up the confidence of each person. 

From here, they'll be fine suggesting how to use toys to get around any physical issues which might have come up. And in the end, this means the relationship really can keep growing no matter what real questions might have come into it. 

How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner

Select the best time

While there is no perfect time to introduce the idea of using sex toys in the bedroom, it's probably a bit too soon to bring it up on the first few dates. Wait until you have had a couple of sex sessions together and built up a healthy level of confidence and communication inside and outside the bedroom.

You can help speed up the process by lending lots of praise to your partner as your sexual togetherness grows. It will be much easier to introduce a sex toy when he is confident that he can satisfy you sexually, especially when you present it as an enhancement to both his and your sexual pleasures. 

Start a conversation

One way to ease the subject of sex toys into the conversation is to find some articles about sex toys and their benefits. Then introduce the topic by saying: "I found this interesting article about how sex toys can be a lot of fun, what do you think of it? "

Let your partner read the article. This introduction will not only help you to gauge the reaction of your partner, but it will also allow a discussion of sex toys to flow between you naturally.

Purchase sex toys together

Virtual shopping at an online sex toy store is a perfect opportunity for you and your partner to interact and discuss things you might like.

Being able to browse in your own home in comfort will make it easier for you to talk openly about what you may want to try out.

When you get used to staring at various sex toys together, it's going to be a lot of fun too!

Mutual orgasms

The common problem men have with sex toys is the fear that they will be left out. So guarantee a sex toy is a win-win. Look for unique sex toys for both him and you or interactive toys that give you and your partner a variety of pleasurable possibilities.

Self-pleasure with sex toys

Give your man a sex toy as a gift and let him experience it on his own before introducing it into your couple play.

When he enjoys the device and the pleasures it provides, you might find he is interested in sharing the experience with you.

Use him as a sex toy.

A perfect way to get him on board with the idea is to pick a device he can wear so that he practically is the sex toy.

These choices ensure that his manhood is still the centerpiece of your sex session, and the sex toy just becomes a means of improving both your pleasure during penetration.

Final Verdict

It's time to start the journey and have some fun.

All of the discussion above comes together to form a clear conclusion. Sex toys can bring intimacy and take your relationship to the next level. It's up to the couple to figure out which toys are the right fit for their life. 

What's clear is that there's always going to be a perfect toy for whatever point one is in a relationship. And, a toy for where one wants to take things. 

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