5 Tips That Will Change Your Eyebrow Grooming Game

Last updated on : June 27 2021

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Whether you choose to groom your eyebrows yourself or visit a salon is irrelevant.

The important part is that you are happy with the result and get that extra confidence boost that you feel when you style your eyebrows as well as the rest of your body and outfit. 

Here are five tips that will change your eyebrow grooming game or help you to create the best eyebrow care and maintenance routine that works for you.

Introduction - Eyebrow Grooming

1. Aim For Natural-looking Brows

2. Use Different Grooming Methods

3. Keep Your Grooming Symmetrical

4. Don't Clog Your Eyebrows

5. Use Eyebrow Gel


Eyebrow Grooming 

Your eyebrows can make or break how your face looks, especially if you usually keep them perfectly groomed.

Eyebrows improve your whole look and freshen up your face, so it's important to groom them with care. If you overpluck or wax, it can cause your overall look to change. Re-growing your eyebrows takes time, and you may not wish to have to draw them on in the meantime.

Eyebrow care is not as simple as taking your tweezers and happily plucking away. You will need time, dedication, and at least a little know-how. You don't need to attend beauty school or have qualifications to be able to have great looking eyebrows.

Whether you are a novice to home DIY beauty or someone who has lots of experience with eyebrow grooming, it never hurts to garner more information, tips, and tricks.

Looking into products that will help your eyebrow game as well as how to make the most of the eyebrows you were born with is vital to finding methods of grooming that complement you as an individual.

Here are five tips that will change your eyebrow grooming game or help you to create the best eyebrow care and maintenance routine that works for you.

1. Aim For Natural-looking Brows

You will always need to do a bit of grooming on your brows, but you need to ensure that this grooming will work for you.

You could spend weeks or months, allowing your brows to keep growing out and then changing them into different shapes that you think are ideal.

However, a method, style, or shape that looks great on someone else may not work with your brow color or face. Rather than looking as amazing as the brows did on the person who inspired your change, they won't suit you.

The key to finding your perfect brow aesthetic is to look at them as they grow out and stop trying to change them into something they aren't.

The simple answer is that you have an individual face shape, and mother nature was kind enough to give you the eyebrows that are perfect for you. They just need a little care.

Let your eyebrows grow for five or six weeks and just tidy them up rather than altering them out of their natural state.

2. Use Different Grooming Methods

There are more methods you can use to groom your eyebrows than simply tweezing.

Tweezing is the easiest method of eyebrow maintenance to learn, and probably the easiest to do yourself at home. The downsides are that you can only pull out a couple of hairs at once, so the process can be time-consuming. The benefit of this method is that you can be far more precise.

Waxing is fast and efficient. It takes one pull to get rid of many hairs. It takes eyebrows longer to grow back than simply shaving away unwanted hairs would, similar to hair removal on the rest of your body.

While the most straightforward solution for waxing would be to visit a professional, it is still possible to do home waxing on your eyebrows. You can buy a wax melting kit.

We advise that, when doing your eyebrows, you stick with hard wax. You may find that the first few times, you take off too much or too little, but with the time you will gain experience and knowledge about the best way that works for you.

Threading is something relatively new, but it has become more and more popular. The process is swift, but the pain level varies from person to person. Some thread varieties can hurt more than others.

Again, this is something that you could learn to do from home, but it may take a fair amount of practice.

Nevertheless, you must find the grooming method that works best for you, remembering to factor in the pain level, irritation level, frequency, and associated cost.

3. Keep Your Grooming Symmetrical

While it is great to get close to the mirror and see up close which hairs are still straying and which ones need to be left alone, staying too close won't help you check if your eyebrows match each other.

Sometimes checking the symmetry of your brows comes as an afterthought when you have finished plucking your eyebrows. However, if left until the end of your grooming, it may be too late if you have over-tweezed.

If you stand arm' s-length apart from a regular, that is non-magnifying, mirror you will be able to get the best judgment on where you need to tweeze and where should be left well alone.

The lighting wherever you carry out your maintenance is also essential.

Natural light can give you the best insight into how your eyebrows need to be groomed, as this is how people usually see them.

Artificial, vanity lighting can be great, but, while it may make you look amazing, it may also hide some alterations you need to create and won't show you honestly.

4. Don't Clog Your Eyebrows.

While you must moisturize your skin, including the skin on your face, it is just as crucial that you try to keep oils, creams, and moisturizers away from your eyebrows.

Facial products slow down the growth of the hair, which can cause further struggles for those who want thicker eyebrows, or if you have over-plucked and are anxiously waiting on your eyebrows growing back to their original style.

Likewise, clogging your pores and covering the follicles can also cause breakages and, worst-case scenario, loss of eyebrow hair.

Coconut and castor oil, on the contrary, can help your eyebrows grow, and they work like a hair conditioner would with the hair on your scalp. The hair will get smoother and more durable, something that will not occur if you use regular hair conditioner on your brows.

Still, it does not mean you can neglect the skin around your eyebrows. Do not forget to moisturize it and use some soothing cream or gel after you have plucked your eyebrows for the redness to go away.

To have as little irritation as possible after tweezing, do your eyebrows right after a hot bath or shower so that your pores will open up and it will be more comfortable and less painful to pluck your eyebrows.

It is also essential that you remove all makeup every night and ensure you wash your eyebrows just as well as you would the rest of your face.

Eyebrow hair is very delicate, more so than head hair, so needs taking care.

If you allow makeup and other everyday dirt, such as oils and dead skin, to build up, you are hampering your hair growth. While also risking the chance that you will develop spots within your eyebrows, which can be very uncomfortable and a pain to get rid of without damaging your follicles further.

5. Use Eyebrow Gel

When you have finished grooming, maintaining, penciling, and filling in your eyebrows, and then head out into the world, you can feel amazing.

It is incredible how much a little thing like groomed eyebrows can bolster your self-confidence and image of how you look. You walk down the street like a queen.

However, you may look in the mirror three hours later and see that your perfect grooming has rubbed off or smeared while you are going about your day.

A solution you may find for this is using eyebrow gel.

It looks like mascara and comes with brushes of different shapes and sizes - you need to choose one based on your eyebrow structure.

This beauty product not only works like a hairspray for your eyebrows and keeps everything tidy and in place, but it gives them additional definition and makes them look lush for the whole day long.

Eyebrow gel can also help you keep your makeup in place.


Using these five tips, you should find it easier to look after your eyebrows.

Whether you choose to do them yourself or visit a salon is irrelevant. The important part is that you are happy with the result and get that extra confidence boost that you feel when you style your eyebrows as well as the rest of your body and outfit - including matching your hair color to your skin tone

You may find it beneficial, although not necessary, to attend a training course to aid you, allowing the experience to further your knowledge and ability to groom your eyebrows.

With regular grooming, you may find that it takes less time to complete your maintenance with a combination of increased knowledge and experience.

Lastly, remember to always be true to you, including the shape and style of your eyebrows.

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