5 Sex Positions You Need To Try For Better Pleasure And Stimulation

Last updated on : June 17 2021

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Sexual Positions

Sex is supposed to make you feel good. Your bedroom should be a place that empowers you and allows you to explore your body and sexuality on many different levels. But sex is much more complicated than just oral play and penetration. It's about knowing what positions work for you and which ones make your partner go crazy (and a dose of anatomy basics).

It might be hard to find the best sex position for all parties involved. Before you decide that your new partner doesn't give you enough sexual satisfaction (and put a cross on them), it's a good idea to try out a few new positions. You may find that missionary gives you much more G-spot stimulation and pleasure than a regular doggy style or the other way around.

A little experimenting can do wonders for your relationships, no matter if casual or the big thing. Discovering new sex positions, introducing sex toys (check out online sex toy store) and lubricants will encourage you and your partner to change-up the game, be spontaneous and vulnerable with each other.

Below you will find five sex positions for maximizing pleasure and stimulation. Check them out if your sex life starts to feel a bit monotonous or you seek something fresh, fun, and climax-worthy!


In this position, the woman lays face-forward on the bed with a pillow underneath her pelvis and her legs closed. The man is positioned on top of her and thrusts his penis in and out in a rocking motion (you can add clitoral stimulation for improved pleasure). 

Why: This position requires minimal effort and gives maximum pleasure to both partners. The penis is angled downwards, stimulating the sensitive head of a penis while rubbing over the G spot. You won't maintain eye contact in this position, but you will get a show-stopping experience for sure!

Tip: Use a vibrator to raise the experience to the next level.


You lie on your back with your partner straddling you like in the regular cowgirl position. Then, they insert their penis into the vagina and start rocking back and forth. Your partner can relieve some of their weight by leaning forward and supporting themselves on their arms.

Trying to figure this position out? Check out the image below and the write-up from women's health mag

cowboy sex position

Why: In this position, the legs are semi-closed, which intensifies the penis and clitoral stimulation. Plus, the person on top is the dominant one and has control over setting the pace and delaying the climax. 

Tip: Tell your partner to hold down your wrists or strap them to the headrest for some bondage-spiciness.

Sideways Spoon

It's an excellent position for dual stimulation. You lie on your sides with your partner behind you (just as if they are spooning you), with your bum against their pubic bone. As your partner makes a thrusting motion, they can reach around with one hand and stimulate your clitoris.

Why: This position is fantastic for G spot stimulation and allows for deeper penetration with plenty of friction. 

Tip: While your partner does all the work, use a clitoris vibrator to send yourself over the edge. 

Legs Over Shoulders 

You get a snug and tight fit in this position, so your partner's penis or strap-on will seem even bigger. One person lies on their back with one or two legs over the dominant party's shoulders. It's good to start with a missionary and slowly raise your legs (you can try crossing them behind your head, but it's good to do some stretching beforehand). 

Why: You can take control of how deep your partner thrusts by raising or lowering your hips. Who doesn't like some good, ol' control?

Tip: some women need more stimulation to reach climax, so while your hands are free, use a rabbit vibrator to help them reach the climax.


The corkscrew position works the best on the side of a bed or a couch. You lay down on your side, resting on your arm and hip, and close your legs together. Your partner then stands behind you, enters you with his penis or strap on from behind, and starts rocking back and forth.

Why: pressing your legs together creates a fantastic experience for your partner and allows a tight penetration. Plus, they can massage your breasts or stimulate your clitoris with their free hands, similar to the sideways spoon position.

Tip: To add a bit of Picante, try doing it on a kitchen countertop or a desk. You can also add a bit of a warming lube for an easy glide.

Are These Foolproof Methods for Insane Orgasms?

After learning about those 5 sex positions, you might be under the impression that once you've mastered these, you might all but guarantee your path toward being named a Sex Monarch soon. 

Unfortunately, we've got some bad news: it's not that simple. Even though the previously mentioned sex positions might feel wonderful for some of your sexual partners, others might find them boring or tiring. There are numerous reasons why you could face such a situation. 

However, the most important truism that you'll have to remember if you want to expand your knowledge on how to provide pleasure is: everyone is different. What one of your sexual partners might find incredibly enjoyable, others might find unappealing in the slightest. 

It just might be that the difference is in the bodies. We all vary in shapes, sizes, and some of us even in musical tastes. Because of that, some of the sexual positions might be uncomfortable for people with specific body shapes.  

However, that's not all. Our crotch area differs as well. And we are not talking about the differences between men and women. Instead, some women can easily orgasm through penetrative sex, whereas others don't. Your skills might not be at fault - it could be just a matter of anatomy. 

Now, it doesn't mean that you should despair - there are other methods to make your partner cum. Spoiler alert: they might involve hands, your mouth, and sex toys. Sure, we all would love to have simultaneous orgasms all the time, but the truth is, they are as common as rain in Nevada. Sure, it happens, but definitely not quite often. 

We must also add that we all vary as well when it comes to the type of stimulation. It means that what worked for one partner might not be ideal for another. You could experiment and see what their reaction is or ask them what they enjoy the best. 

If your partner is not experienced, they might not be aware that they like when someone plays with their nipples or scratches their backs, leaving light marks. That's why you should always go to bed with an open mind and no preconceived notions. Remember, what worked for someone else, might not work now, and it only means that you'll have to adapt and find a way to make your partner beg for more. 

Lastly, it would help if you also considered whether your partner feels comfortable enough to let go of any barriers. Some of us have defense mechanisms that were created to protect us from pain and hurt. Because of that, they might not feel comfortable enough and enjoy the moment, leading to issues with achieving orgasm. 

Though many factors could cause such situations, and in some cases, a visit to a therapist might be necessary, one solution that often is enough is to get to know the other person better. Both of you might be afraid of being judged, and getting rid of all the barriers could require some time. However, once both of you feel completely comfortable with one another, you'll see that things are much better when it comes to sex.  

Best Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure 

For everyone, "the best sex position" will be something different. Some will love the missionary position or sideways spoon, but the sensation will be too snug and not stimulating enough for others.

Research says that satisfaction in bed has a significant impact on our bodies and mental health. It allows you to get some cardio and exercise your muscles while also relieving stress and tension. Having regular intercourses can even extend your life!

Unfortunately, only 64 out of 100 women experience orgasms during sex. And if vaginal orgasm is not your thing, that's perfectly OK! But then, there are even more reasons to try out different sex positions to find the one and have the intimate experience.

So, grab your partner, get on your hands and knees, or put your legs around their neck, and experiment.

In case online articles and guides are not enough, don't hesitate to reach for porn for inspiration (remember that just like romantic comedies-they don't necessarily show real life), or hit up the nearest sex therapist office for a bit of advice.

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