5 Reasons Why Hairstylists Choose Clip-In Hair Extensions

Last updated on : December 12 2021

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Now that the holiday season is almost here, more and more people visit salons to get their hair done for upcoming parties and other social events.

If you want to change things up with your hair and look your best but don't know where to start, consider clip-in extensions.

Benefits Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Here are the top reasons why stylists all over the country can't stop raving about clip-in hair extensions:

  • Instant Transformation

Clip-in hair extensions are perfect if you want a quick solution for a botched haircut or a change of hairstyle. You can get instant length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow out, experiment with color without having to change your actual hair color, or add bangs without a haircut. 

  • Easy Application

Most people who make an appointment to a salon lead busy lives; they don't have the time for long styling routines.

A significant selling point of clip-ins is that they are straightforward to use and put on your hair without glue, tapes, or heating tools.

Clip-ins are so easy to put on that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. 

Remove tangles from your hair by brushing, then section off pieces of your hair and clip in the extensions. Apply gentle pressure on the clip to secure the extension in place.

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  • Temporary Use

One of the most frustrating things that stylists frequently experience is when a customer doesn't like the final results of a dye job. 

If a customer insists on a color that they'll likely regret later on, or a client wants to change their look every few days or weeks, stylists can offer them clip-in hair extensions for complete flexibility. 

Clip-ins are temporary extensions that are perfect for people who are new to the world of extensions. 

They are also great for those exploring their options and those who don't want a longer dye job commitment.

  • Simple Maintenance

Another plus for clip-ins is that they are super easy to maintain. ZALA clip-in hair extensions are made from 100% premium Remy hair, making them soft and silky.

If you want to maintain their quality and extend their lifespan, you should properly take care of your extensions. Wash them from time to time by soaking them in warm water in your bathroom sink.

Gently apply a sulfate-free shampoo to your extensions – don't scrub the shampoo in, as this can cause tangling. Rinse the extensions with cold water, then air dry before brushing.

You'll also want to keep the extensions hydrated and full of moisture. Since they don't have access to oils that our natural hair gets from the scalp, you'll need to apply a deep conditioning mask that's specially formulated to work with hair extensions.

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  • Easy Styling

As much as possible, avoid heat styling to prevent damage to your Remy clip-in hair extensions. You'll be surprised at the variety of styles you can come up with without using a flat iron or curling wand. 

You can embrace your hair's natural texture and take it to the next level with clip-in extensions. 

If your hair is naturally wavy, spritz on sea salt spray to get your hair damp and leave to dry, and you'll get beachy waves. If your hair is naturally straight, you can still get this look by braiding your hair before sleeping. Once awake, remove your braids and tousle your hair, and you'll have that wavy look without having to use a curling iron.

If budget isn't a problem, you can buy two sets of extensions – one straight and one curly to cut down the number of times you have to style and increase your extensions' life.

But of course, there will be special events when heat styling is necessary because you want to look your very best. You can style as you usually would, but keep the temperature low and apply heat protectant spray to maintain the quality of the extensions.

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Tips from Top Hairstylists on How to Wear Clip-in Hair Extensions

If you're running late for class or work, hair extensions can help you pull off a polished and put-together look in minutes.

By following these tips from hairstylists and with enough practice, you'll soon be a pro at wearing hair extensions. 

  • Get the Color Right

To achieve a seamless transition, you need to get a color closely matching your natural hair. Getting a shade that's too light or dark may give you less-than-perfect results.

Color wheels are a stylist's best friend because they help provide clients with the right color for their hair. 

If you don't have color wheels, you can check out ZALA's wide shade range and take advantage of the online store's free color matching service. 

Just upload a photo and get a personalized color recommendation from one of their hair experts within 30 minutes. 

  • Style Them Together 

Some ladies make this common mistake: styling the extensions, putting them on their hair, and then styling their natural hair separately. 

However, clip in your extensions first and then style the extensions and your natural hair together for the best results. Styling this way will create a more natural, seamless look. 

  • Create Instant Layers

Clip your wefts in a diagonal line to achieve a layered look. This way, you won't need to bring them to a salon to have them professionally cut. 

Try diagonally placing two-clip and single-clip wefts on both sides of the head, starting from the top of your eyebrow towards the crown. 

Just make sure the extensions are placed higher on the sides and lower on the back. This technique creates a diagonal effect that results in a softer, feathered look and will make the extensions blend perfectly with the rest of your hair.

  • Backcomb Like a Boss

If you have thin hair, your hair extensions might have difficulty staying in place and need something extra to grip. Using a fine-tooth comb, tease the section of the hair you're clipping the extensions into to create texture.

Spray a bit of dry shampoo so you can fasten the clips without slipping. You can also tease the hair above where you're going to clip the weft in to prevent the clip from showing up. 

  • Hide Short Hair 

If you have thin hair, you may notice short hair sticking out at the nape of your neck. One way to hide these pesky strands is to twist this part of your hair and make a small bun out of it, then clip your first weft into this section. 

Another way to hide is to add textured waves using a curling iron. Doing this will make the extensions look as natural as possible and prevent the shorter layers of your hair from sticking out. 

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  • Use the Right Brush

You've already noticed that stylists have an army of hairbrushes as part of their arsenal, with each brush serving its purpose. The same goes for your hair extensions. 

Instead of a regular hairbrush, use one specifically designed for hair extensions. This brush comes with looped nylon bristles that won't snag the extensions.

  • Placement is Key

Clipping the extensions near the top of your head is a common mistake. However, it would be best to avoid doing this at all costs since you have thinner hair near the crown, making the clips more visible. 

To successfully conceal these clips, start placing the extensions below the eyebrows. If you're after more length, then place them under the ears.

Want another placement tip? Don't clip in too close to the scalp. Instead, put the clips a bit farther down the hair shaft to lessen the load on your hair. Also, clip multiple pieces of extensions closely together to give the illusion of fullness and thickness.    

  • Get a Trim 

If you frequently use your flat iron or curling wand, your hair extensions become dry and more prone to split ends. Keep them looking fresh by booking a trimming appointment at your salon to get rid of the damaged ends. 

Since you already spent money to get premium human Remy hair, you should make the most out of your hair investment by taking them to a professional. 

  • Don't Go Overboard

The number of hair extensions you apply should match your natural hair density. 

Matching your hair density means that if you have thin hair, you would require fewer hair extensions. You won't even have to use up all of the wefts in your set. 

And if your hair is on the thicker side, you may need to purchase additional wefts. 

Conclusion - Don't Fret About It  

You don't have to get your clip-in extensions perfect on the first try. Since these extensions are only temporary, you can always unclip and try again until you get the right look. 

Enhance your natural hair with a set of clip-in hair extensions today. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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