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5 Body Types That Rule Strapless Dress Styles

Last updated on : February 11 2017

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There is no secret that women come in all shapes and sizes, and that the best way to bring out your curves is to dress according to your body type. Figuring out your body type is not a difficult job either – a simple Google search throws up a significant number of answers. Whatever your body type is, there is no restriction on what you wear - just about how you wear it. But knowing how to accentuate your curves surely helps in giving you the curves and shape you love.

There are some body types that are best suited for strapless dresses because such dresses either emphasize your best features or drive attention away from problem areas in your silhouette. In this article we are going to highlight how to choose the best strapless dresses based on your body type. Here’s what you need to know.

Pear Shape

The most common women’s body shape is considered to be the pear. If you have a pear-shaped body, your booty and hips will be wider than your shoulders and your bustline. Generally, women who have pear-shaped bodies tend to have a delicate upper body structure with great arms and shoulders, which is what makes a strapless dress a fabulous choice for you. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, and Rihanna all have pear-shaped bodies, and boy, do they flaunt it - as should you.

When you are trying to find a strapless dress that is perfect for your pear-shaped body keep a few things in mind. No matter what dress you are buying ensure that it focuses attention to your upper body. For example, ruffles and embellished necklines are a great way to draw attention upwards. You could also go for A-line strapless dresses because not only do these give a slimming appearance to your hips, but they also accentuate your upper body. Another option available to you are knee-length strapless dresses with empire waists. Long strapless dresses are also an option, if you have the height to carry it off.

Apple or Diamond Shape

The best way to judge whether you have an apple-shaped body is to stand in front of a mirror in your underwear. Typically, women with an apple-shaped body type are said to be ‘top heavy’, which means that you have a full waist and bust, broad shoulders, as well as a wide torso. Your arms, legs, and hips, on the other hand, tend to be thinner and shapely. If you have an apple or diamond-shaped body, all the weight that you gain will mostly go to your waistline. Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, Rosie O’Donnell, Tyra Banks, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are celebrities that possess an apple-shaped body.

When you have an apple-shaped body, you should avoid dresses that attract attention to your waist and your stomach area. Stay away from strapless dresses that have belts or any embellishments near the waistline. These styles and designs may add pounds to your waistline. Any strapless dress with a built-in waistline will only draw more attention to your waist, which you definitely don’t want to do. Dresses that have excessive fabrics in the mid-section are to be avoided like the plague because they will just add more volume, which is counterproductive and will make you feel and appear “frumpy”.

Most women with apple-shaped bodies have a great bust, so ensure whatever strapless dress you choose accentuates it. A knee length A-line strapless dress with a sweetheart neck will definitely work for you. This is because A-line dresses usually lengthen your body and the sweetheart plunging neckline attracts attention to your cleavage while framing your face.

Since you have thinner and shapely legs, do not hesitate to show them off – it doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short. Choose a shorter hemline. Another great choice is a color block strapless dress, which features dark colors like black on the sides and a lighter color like white in the middle. This is bound to take the attention away from the areas of your body you want to conceal.  

Rectangular and Straight Shape

If you have a rectangular or boyish-shaped body, then you have something in common with celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts, Keira Knightley, Trinny Woodall, and Reese Witherspoon. More than 45 percent of the women in the US have a straight or a rectangular body shape. The silhouette of a rectangular-shaped body is kind of straight with a slightly boyish look about it.

Picture an hourglass figure and now mute the waist a little bit – this is exactly what a rectangular body shape looks like. Your body shape is characterized by narrower hips, small bust, and an undefined waist. One of the best things about your body type is that when you gain weight, it is evenly distributed so you can get away with carry  a few extra holiday splurging pounds.

If you have a rectangular or a boyish body shape, the perfect strapless dress for you is one that will help create the illusion of more curves and give you an attractive silhouette. Strapless dresses that give you a more defined waistline are the way to go. Wear strapless dresses that have fitted bodices or border prints on the bodices will create an illusion of curves. Another dress style that works great on rectangular body shape is the peplum strapless dress. Keep in mind that whatever dress you choose, it should add volume to both your upper and lower body proportionally. Choose knee-length strapless dresses because women with this body type tend to have great and shapely legs.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Also known as an athletic body type, inverted triangle body shape is mainly characterized by broader shoulders and narrower hips. Women with inverted triangle body shape tend to have a larger upper body with a wide back as well as a fuller bust. Your waistline and hipline will not align with your shoulder line, if you possess an athletic body type.

Even though you have a good bustline, your best assets are your shapely legs - so show them off. Celebrities with inverted triangle body shape include some of the most famous models in the world, including Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bündchen, as does famous actress Renee Zellweger.

If you want to dress up so that your body resembles the hourglass body shape there are a few things that you can do when you have an inverted triangle body shape. Dress in a way that attracts the attention away from the wider shoulders and bigger upper body, and accentuates your lean legs and slimmer lower body.

A perfect strapless dress would be A-line strapless dresses with an empire waist. An empire waist maxi strapless dress will also look great on you. Remember, the perfect strapless dress for you is one that adds volume to your lower body. For example, full skirts with embellishments that draw the attention to your hips.  

Hourglass Shape

Even though this is the most coveted and the most envied of all the body shapes, only 8.4 percent of women in the world have the hourglass figure. Most supermodels do not have this body shape because the hourglass shape is all about curves. Some of the main traits of this body type are a full bust line, shapely legs, and a well-defined waist.

The highlight of the hourglass shape is the fact that the bust and the hips are more or less similar in size. The 36/24/36 vital statistics that was once considered perfect belonged to women with the hourglass body shape. Some of the most well-known celebrities with the hourglass figure are Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Shakira, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

If you have an hourglass figure and are on the lookout for the perfect strapless dress, you are extremely lucky because almost anything works. Whether you want to wear a strapless bandage dress with a sweetheart neckline or a tube strapless dress with a cling skirt, you will look great in both. You can wear strapless dresses that have a defined waistline or can accessorize it with a belt, so as to highlight your natural waist. Although it is true that you can wear any type of strapless dresses, it is recommended that you stay away from baby dolls and empire waist dresses which hide your waist.

Regardless of what fashion magazines may say, it is important to understand that there is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to building your personal style. Embrace your body type and rather than blindly aping others, go for something that makes you feel beautiful and confident, and that is all you need to rock any strapless dress you have set your heart on. Like Coco Chanel said, “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

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