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Last updated on : August 24 2017

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is mostly true, yet never applies to what you wear in Vegas. Ever. What we wear is not an optional choice we make daily but rather a commitment to expressing ourselves without having to actually speak. Whether walking the Las Vegas Strip or browsing the grand boutiques between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay hotels your Vegas dress is a big deal and requires effort, confidence, and bit of planning based on what you plan to do when you get there.

The City of Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada. It is a resort city that draws millions of tourists a year looking to get lost in its glamorous nightlife, gambling, shopping, and dining. It is also well known as one of the top three host destinations for conventions and training seminars. No matter the reason you find yourself in Las Vegas prepare for your trip properly based on where you plan to go.

Things to Remember When Choosing Your Vegas Dress

Las Vegas is a place where being your uninhibited self is mandatory. The truth of the matter is, you are going to take loads of pictures and the last thing you need is to come home and wonder “what was I thinking when I wore that?” The key is blending in as if you frequent Vegas daily. Your Vegas dress and outfits must not just flatter your body but should bring out your eyes, make you stand out in a crowd, and show skin - lots of skin. 

Vegas is full of timeless shows, exotic girls, and scantily clad waitresses and hostesses. In short, the competition for being the center of attention is quite stiff and difficult. So the best way to stand out amongst the crowd is to bring your confidence, ignore fashion dos and don'ts and most importantly have a good time because a genuine smile in all your pictures is going to be your best accessory.

We know that heading to Vegas for any occasion requires the best of your wardrobe and the perfect dress selections. Here are a few ideas to keep your Vegas wardrobe fresh, sexy, and satisfying.

Casual Day Vegas Dresses

Choosing a Vegas dress to wear during the day is simple and straightforward. The key to daywear in the city is to ensure that whatever you put on is comfortable, breezy, and polished. Flattering blouses, light cotton dresses, simple pleats, or flowing skirts work well. If you find that you may spend most of the day in the adult playground made of slot machines and blackjack tables consider a bandage dress that is bright and bold such as a vibrant blue number or a fitted dress featuring an intricate floral pattern.

For day-time shopping and walks remember that you are in a desert. In September to December you can expect cooler days but typical weather is warm. A trendy jumpsuit, comfortable leggings, or slacks are great for winter. Vegas is very hospitable and will happily assist you with a weather report.

The fun-filled Las Vegas Strip stretches over 4.2 miles. A long walk might be insurmountable in your towering heels, so pick your shoes depending on the occasion. Comfortable low-heeled or block-heeled shoes are good for shopping and walking around the Strip.

how to choose a vegas dress

Party Dresses for Vegas Nightclubs

Nightclubs on the Strip usually enforce a strict dress code. While your beau may have to jump through a number of hoops (have him opt for business casual), you have somewhat of a free rein. Perhaps the only rule for you when it comes to your choice of party dress is “Don’t look like everyone else!” You want heads to turn when you walk into the nightclub or evening event and opting for a structured dress or body hugging number is a safe fashion step. With the right Vegas dress, innate confidence, and a stunning smile you instantly become the center of attention.

The nightlife scene in Vegas is recognized as setting the pace for nightlife throughout the states. From intimate locations to glitz and glamor destinations every Vegas club is bound to be the home of beautiful, sexy, and hot women. Stand out by adding your personality to your look, amp up your assets, and turn heads twice with a little black dress or bold clubbing dress. Opt for cutout styles to add a touch of temptation in various colors ranging from white to black. Stilettos and high heels are perfect and quite indispensable for your night out painting the town red and grooving to the rhythm of the nightclubs in Vegas.

Choose a comfortable yet sexy pair of heels to set off your dress with statement necklaces and bracelets that give your arms the illusion of being firm, long, and elegant.

vegas club dress

Restaurant Style

There are more 100 upscale restaurants on The Las Vegas Strip alone. These hotels offer fine dining options requiring formal attire that is classy and timeless. Your beau will be required to wear a suit jacket and you will likely need to opt for something a tad conservative. Think bold colors and form-fitting contours but less skin. 

A high-collared plunge neck dress hugs your curves, gives you the illusion of being taller, and makes  your shoulders temptingly kissable. A short dress is likely already a closet staple in every girl’s wardrobe so if you have one pack it up. As a rule of thumb knee-length styles offer classy looks of sophistication while shorter styles should be kept to casinos and night clubs.

vegas dress

Concerts and Shows

Las Vegas is one of the best places to to relax and enjoy a show. From random shows featuring comedy to acrobatics that blow your mind the chances of you going to a show in Vegas is very possible. The performers and celebrities who attend these shows look amazing. Costumes that display skin and looks that woo you. Steer clear of elaborate flashy outfits and over-the-top sequined ensembles favored by the performers as it might make it difficult for you to stand out in the crowd. These are the occasions for you to show off a well-cut and fitted dress and statement accessories. Less is more when attending shows. Go a bit more formal if the show is in the evening. Evening shows and concerts offer the best opportunities to shine - accessorize your Vegas dresses with elaborate jewelry and fancy clutches 

The dress code for concerts and shows during the day is very low-key, relaxed, and basic. Choose fierce dresses to get more edge or simple bodycon styles to keep it soft and comfy.

looking good in vegas

As you work towards choosing a dress let your fashion sense, taste, and the venue help you decide on a Las Vegas dresses thats right for you. Here’s to being fierce and kewl.

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