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5 Viral Messages About Your Beauty

Posted on June 23 2015

Our eyes are very valuable. Brands around the world spend billions of dollars in trying to get us to see and buy their products. Each brand tries something different depending on the year and celebrity trend. Campaigns are massive and can cost millions to get them to work but a few campaigns stay on our radars because they are inspiring, eye opening, and real.

The Heart of Leadership did a survey to gain insight into how teenage girls and women in 2015 view themselves. The report revealed that more than 70 percent of girls feel that they are under pressure to be pleasing to everyone. It also revealed that approximately 98 percent of women believe that they should look a certain way.

As a chief fashion buyer committed to making women feel fierce and confident in their own skin - these numbers are heartbreaking. With brands realizing the plague and plight that comes with being born a woman in the 21st century we are beginning to see initiatives to rebuild womanhood from a more wholesome and real perspective. Acceptance of curvy figures is rapidly growing and natural looks are beginning to take the spotlight.

The initiative to rebuild womanhood and promote healthy balanced lifestyles began in the early 2000s and continues. Fashion trends have taken to embracing fitted and revealing styles such as bodycon and bandage dresses (body conscious dresses), leggings, yoga pants, and tiny shorts. We are living in an era that seems to be dedicated to helping us believe in ourselves - but at times the message is crossed. I’ve compiled a list of tear jerking beauty campaigns that every woman should see as we each fight to feel beautiful in a world that makes that very difficult.


Dove | You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Dove is known for offering women a variety of beauty products at an array of price points. Its brand is soft, ultra feminine, and strong. They defy stereotypes and put self worth on the table in plain black and white. For its Real Beauty campaign they enlisted the help of a former forensic artists with the FBI who was charged with drawing suspects or missing persons based on descriptions.

Dove asked him to create two drawings per participant. The first drawing was how the women saw themselves. The second was how a person who spoke with them saw them. The results were amazing.

Watch Dove’s True Beauty Campaign.

It was clear across that board - we are our worst critics. The self described images added pounds, highlighted moles, and pointed out double chins. The way the women saw each other was completely opposite. Grab a box of tissues for this bold challenge to look inside yourself and find your true beauty.

Always | #LikeAGirl

Always is a worldwide brand with a commitment to women’s empowerment and care . It provides flexible feminine hygiene products that fit into the lives of all women from athletes to musicians to artists. They have one message as of 2012 - being a girl is nothing to be ashamed about. Throwing like a girl, running like a girl, and simply doing things in a feminine fashion is - okay - because we are essentially girls.

Watch #LikeAGirl video now.

The campaign went viral not just because of the concept itself but because of the brand who stood behind it and continues to do so.

Learn more about the campaign here.

Nike | Find Your Greatness

In this campaign we learned that greatness was not a devoted privilege. We learned that it was not a gift only held for the rich and fabulous but it was a choice. Nike took the concept of greatness and redefined what it meant - not just for women but for us all. It is very remarkable. It did receive a notable amount of backlash but all in all - the commercial was well received and for good reason. It aired during the Super Bowl.

Click here to watch the video.

So in short - greatness, true beauty, and being a girl is what being a woman and girl is all about. It’s inspiring that our throws are just as strong as a man but more graceful when it counts. It’s uplifting to know that we can be great by choice and not worry about the phrase “like a girl” mattering to us anymore.

American Greetings | World’s Toughest Job

Women are built to carry the weight of the world in ways that only other women understand.

Motherhood. For women today it takes on many forms. Whether you’ve birthed a human being, taken in a stranger, or built an empire that touches lives. You’ve experienced motherhood. Women are built to carry the weight of the world in ways that only other women understand.

American Greetings placed an advertisement for the world’s toughest job. The work described in the interview was exhausting, unimaginable, unrealistic, and in many respect not doable. When the interviewer shared that there was no compensation and that it just “pro-bono” the shock and amazement was impressive.

Through care, understanding, and empathy women aspire, inspire, and grow the world - literally. So if you have a bad day think of what you’ve mothered and share this video.


Fanpage | Slap Her!

Young boys instinctively choose to protect women and well - that just makes you feel all fluffy and lovely inside.

So this isn’t really a product brand that was launched solely to sell or promote something but more of a movement. This Fanpage video popped up and tookus all by surprise. It has to date received just under 30 million views. It was a social experiment that was refreshing. Young boys instinctively choose to protect women and well - that just makes you feel all fluffy and lovely inside.

Watch it here.

As we continue to address the impact of social media and fame on how women view themselves and their individual roles in communities we should remember and take note of a few things.

  • True beauty is beyond skin deep.

  • Men and women can work together to preserve the value womanhood.

  • Sometimes it just takes a smile or a movement to change things - so join one you care about and spread the message.

Images courtesy of YouTube Channels Always and Dove.

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