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6 Fashion Tidbits You Missed

Posted on June 30 2015

I come across a zillion things when I set out to look for the best styles and crazes for the shop. Some make me laugh while others are just downright crazy. With each season brings a handful of trends, activity, and re-invented styles that amaze us or shame us. (If you are wanting to keep up with these trends simply stalk the latest runway show, grab a fashion magazine, or swipe through Instagram and Polyvore.) Here’s the scoop from last week.

1. Nipples for Breast Cancer Survivors

Surviving breast cancer is a solid declaration for women to be proud of who they are and accept the challenges that life throws their way. Many women who have survived breast cancer lose either one or both of their breasts. Though plastic surgeons have taken to reconstructing breasts for these women (with incredible results) finishing breasts off with a nipple has always been a challenge. But nowadays breast cancer survivors can “Get a Vinnie”. Vinnie Myers is a tattoo artists in Maryland that has changed all that.

He works with women who have had reconstructive breast surgery and gives them nipples -  the results are more than anyone would expect. He explains, “I used to think of a nipple entirely as a sexual thing. It was beautiful to look at and touch; this amazing, secret thing that belonged to a woman. Now I see it as this incredibly important piece to the human puzzle. I wasn't prepared for how something so small can make people feel whole again.”

See the full story by Elle magazine here.
Watch the video from New York Times here.

2. Redefining Bras

Bras are everything to us girls. We love our strapless ones for our summer tanks and clear straps for the days we get in a pinch. However, did you get a glimpse of the bras that recently hit the runway? These bras were not simply designed for support they were designed for lavishly displaying our feminine form and well - they exceed expectations - so they naturally come with a healthy price tag. I love Nancy Meyer because the brand always offers a hefty sale that makes its lingerie affordable while Kiki de Montparnasse Enchante Collection inspires and transform the way we all think of bras and panties.

See bras that start at $3k here.

Here’s a link to Victoria Secret’s Ruby bras that retail for $2 million each in 2014!

3. J. Crew Takes a New Direction

I’m obsessed with fashion and wear most trending and hot styles (that’s why the shop is always changing), however, for everyday wear I tend to go for flowing simple styles that are comfortable and light. So when I heard that the former head of women’s design at J. Crew had left the building and replacing him was Somsack Sikhounmuong (the guy behind Madewell) I took note (as should you).

I guess the company figures that if Sikhounmuong can turn simple t-shirts and summer dresses into coveted pieces by women of all ages he can do the same for J. Crew’s line. I’m thinking we can expect to keep J. Crew’s prints and stripes while the brand begins to explore more flattering fitted cuts and designs. Regardless, we all get to see the shift in design during September’s Fashion Week.

4. Hues of Egos

If you haven’t heard of Natasha Duran-Lynch you aren’t the only one - but you should take notice. Her first formal training as a fashion designer began at Collins College in 2010. We first saw her designs grace the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week and her brand continues to grow. She’s been invited to return this June as well. She mixes eclectic style with traditional staples - it’s this simple talent that has put her on the map. I love her more traditional pieces for the office. The simple A-line design Ann is ideal for the office and her KC Top is everything - perfect for office dinners or nights when you just want to be opt for simple, comfy pants.

5. Fashion Illustrator Blair Breitenstein 

Imagine heading to one of your favorite department stores and sketching what you see. That’s what Blair Breitenstein did and landed a job as a fashion illustrator for Saks Fifth Avenue. Her illustrations caught the attention of publicists and photographers attending a product unveil and the rest was history. With a simple pad and markers Breitenstein landed a job with Saks to do a YouTube series and sketches live from its runways. You can even find her on the company’s blog here.

6. Denimite

Begin green is a trend that just keeps picking up steam. Introducing, Iris Industries: a micro-scale manufacturer. The company's signature product - Denimite. It is made of old jeans and a eco-friendly composite. Another one of their products features money - yes money that has been pulled from circulation. Check out Billium here.  

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