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Posted on May 06 2015

white dress and pink swimsuitCarly is a sexy wife, amazing mom, and esteemed professional woman just like you and I. She maintains a thriving style blog, Dresses and Denim, that covers how to balance casual, everyday comfort with occasional elegance. She’s been awesome to us here at the shop.

Her first dress review, Will You Accept This Rose?, was elegant and real. She wore one of our beautiful white midi bandage dresses and we couldn’t be more honored.To help get ready for hot days ahead she also covered one of our swimsuits in her post Waiting for Pool Time.

Since we are envious of her style we just had to get into her head. In this short Style Interview Carly shares more about her sensible fashion palette and balancing being a modern woman.  Plus, Carly is hosting a $300 PayPal Gift Card giveaway. To enter just follow her blog.  

Carly, what you do for a living and for fun?

I'm one of the modern women trying to do it all.  I work part-time in the medical field, am mommy to a sweet 2 year old boy, and am wife to my best friend of 10 years.  While you would think these activities would keep me busy enough, I felt like I wasn't getting to explore and develop my creative side, so in 2014 I became the blogger for Dresses & Denim, a blog dedicated to style inspiration, practical outfits, hairstyle tutorials, and huge fashion giveaways.  It has become a rapid growing style network that has served as a wonderful creative outlet for myself and family.

Your style is unique, sensible, and fresh. Tell us about it.

I combine practical pieces in a way that creates polished, classy looks but are still completely appropriate for typical everyday activities.  One of my favorite examples of this is my Quiet Afternoons outfit.  I combined a chambray shirt with chino shorts for a preppy, styled look that was perfect for a casual weekend with my family.  I truly believe there is no point in owning clothes that you can not wear on regular basis.

My style is also unique in that I am constantly experimenting with hair styles.  I've found that fancy braid, twisted tie back, or ballerina bun can completely change a look.  I'm always wearing a different hairstyles and I love to teach people how to do them.  You can see some of my tutorial here.

Hairstyles are so fun. What else inspires you? Where do you look to find new ideas?

New Mexico is nick-named "The Land of Enchantment" because of it's vibrant colors and interesting mix of Hispanic and Native American cultures, since I currently live in New Mexico I draw a lot of inspiration from the colorful palette and interesting origins the state offers. 

I regularly wear custom made jewelry from the Native American jewelry markets that commonly occur in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  You can see my favorite find from the market here.  I also try to wear vibrant and colorful outfit regularly as a salute to the state's love of bright bold colors.

My favorite New Mexico inspired look was my Peacocks in Spring post that featured a colorful dress with my favorite turquoise jewelry.  The pictures were taken at a spa in Santa Fe, so it really doesn't get more New Mexican than that!

Do you have a favorite outfit that you've shared with your audience so far? 

That's a hard question!  I only feature outfits I love on my blog, so it's impossible to choose a favorite.  Each look is unique and fun it's own way.

Understandable. Carly, what are some new pieces you have picked up for spring and summer that you're dying to share?

Distressed denim jeans caught my eye several months ago and I have been searching everywhere for the perfect pair.  I am excited to say, I finally found the perfect pair at Express.  You can definitely expect to see me in distressed jeans a lot this Spring and Summer!

Another outfit I have been on the hunt for is a colorful matching separates maxi and I recently found one of those as well!  

I'm also so excited for the summer weather, because we practically live at the country club in the summer and it is always fun to shoot pictures for the blog there.  It's so green and lush and every corner has a different and interesting design element.  You will definitely be seeing distressed denim, matching separates, and tennis outfits photographed at the club on the blog soon! 


I love distressed jeans too! So let's back up a bit. How did you get started? What motivated you to start Dresses & Denim?  

pink bandage swimsuitOnce I settled into my permanent job I wanted to re-do my wardrobe.  The clothes I had lived in during college no longer fit into my life as a mom and young professional, so I wanted to build a wardrobe that better represented my position in life and had tons of versatility.  I started Dresses & Denim with the intention of it being a hobby, but it quickly became more than that.  It became my little spot on the web where I could feature all things happy and pretty and experiment with my creative side.  It's been fun to capture my style and life in pictures.

There are a zillion benefits when you run your own style blog. Right? What are they? 

There are tons of benefits!  As my blog has grown, I have had the opportunity to build a style community of supportive women looking to experiment with their style.  I also love working with companies and discovering small companies or individual creators that I probably would have never have discovered if it weren't for my blog. 

I'm sure your blog connects you with the world - literally. When starting out, where did you learn the most about running a popular fashion blog – a course, book, blog, website?

I'm still learning.  Blogging is a lot of trial and error, but the longer I do it the better I get at it.

I've learned a lot about building an online community around my blog from The Blog Tyrant.  He writes wonderful posts on how to become a better blogger and how to build a supportive community around a blog.  

It's also helpful to evaluate other blogs and evaluate why I like or don't like their blog and how I can incorporate the elements you like into your own blog.  This has been especially helpful when it comes to designing my site.  

What is the best way for our readers to stay connect with you? 

The best way is to head over to and become part of the style journey by subscribing. If they do it enters them into all the huge giveaways I do on the blog including the $300 PayPal gift card shopping spree.

I also have an Instagram account and Facebook page.

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