Top 9 Reasons to Wear Short Dresses

Top 9 Reasons to Wear Short Dresses

Posted on May 17 2015


Wearing short dresses is not for the faint hearted. You need to be confident in your legs, embrace your complexion, and know your style. It is about being flirty, simple, and to the point.  They don't leave much to the imagination (in most cases) and are meant to keep you cool while ensuring you are visually hot and spicy. With all that said I'm going to give you a few solid reasons you should consider wearing a short dress as the weather heats up plus some other pointers to help you pull off this look. 


Why wear a short dress? 

1. Skin

When you think of wearing a short dress be inspired by Rihanna's sultry song Skin. She simply states, "The mood is set, so you already know what's next..." Set a mood that is sassy, clever, and appealing. Short dresses set a mood that is fresh, flirty, and fun. Wear a strapless short dress when you need to run errands or a spaghetti strapped dress as you head for brunch with friends.  

2. Stylish

Never fall behind the fashion curve  (it's so 1999 when you do). Personal style today is not just about being trending it's about being unique and quirky in your own right. It's about finding your own style and bending the rules. Short dresses evoke a style all their own and add drama (read sexy black dress), flair, and polish to any wardrobe and your going out clothes


3. Comfortable

Being comfortable is the basic foundation of all style today. Gone are the days where your feet had to hurt all day because you decided to wear your favorite pair of sexy heels (these heel pads have been our savior). In a short dress you are mobile, agile, and comfortable. Your legs get a nice breeze that keeps you cool in under the sun.

4. Freshness

Every time you put on a short dress you experience a cooling sensation that gives you a constant flow of refreshing air. Breathe easy all day and consider a short A-line dress with a scalloped skirt or in a sassy short lacey blend little number for a variety of venues ranging from soirees to luaus. Being fresh is not simply about the physical; it's about knowing that your style is unique and the what you wear is a direct reflection of who you are.

5. Vacation

Packing for vacation can be tiresome but when you opt to bring along light and breezy summer dresses you'll enjoy lighter bags without compromising your style.  Whether you find yourself on the road for numerous days or gone for a weekend short dresses or even skirt sets take up less room in your bags so that you can expand your wardrobe or bring home souvenirs for family or friends while away. 


6. Sensuality

In so many ways a short dress can be sensual and a wonderful little dress to put on for dates and anniversaries. Opt for a nude colored dress to give the illusion of being completely naked (so risky yet flattering on many body types) or a two piece number that hits just below your knees. 

7. Versatility

If the sun isn't shining you can still put on a short dress without hesitation. Tights have made a dramatic comeback that should inspire you to be try something new without much effort. Pair your short dress with textured, print, or colored tights or simply opt for footless leggings to keep warm in cooler months.

8. Attractive

Being attractive is the goal for us all. What better way than to put on a simple and sweet short dress that shows off your gorgeous legs and figure. Whether you opt for a form fitting style or a prefer something with more of a flow or ruffle you are bound to feel beautiful and dainty. Short dress styles evoke a simple sweetness that tends to tempt every man into be chivalrous and heroic. Don't believe me? Put on a short dress and watch how many men run to open your door. 

9. Feminine

Every ounce of a lovely short dress screams "I'm a girl and I love it". Short dresses remind me of polka dots. Polka dots are notoriously famous for being lovely, dainty, and girly because of their simple design. Like polka dots short dresses come in an array of styles, colors, and designs that can do good for your feminine and girly girl soul.


How to Wear a Short Dress

The key to pulling off any look today is to put on a dress that is flattering to your body type. Choose a style that makes your toosh pop, shoulders look kissable, and your legs toned so that you are confident when you step outside (confidence is the greatest accessory). 


Always pick a properly fitting dress. For example if you opt for loose fitting clothes you've added ten pounds, if you opt for smaller clothes you look "stuffed" into your attire (giving the illusion of adding a few pounds as well).  Going a size up or down can do the trick. Too tight and you look stuffed. Too loose and you look huge. If you're stuck consider a fit and flare dress which are often in-between. 


It's a basic law, anything with horizontal stripes is guaranteed to make you look two sizes bigger. If you must (and I mean must) don horizontal stripes try vertical bottoms if you have longer legs or vertical tops if you have a longer torso. Here is a great capture on how to wear stripes and use them if they are your favorite prints. 

Why more women don't don belts is beyond me. Belts flatter most body types and look adorable in almost all short dress styles. If you find you are more of a triangular shape place your belt slightly below your bust to give you a clearly defined waistline. If you find you are more rectangular shaped consider placing your belt on your lower hips for the appearance of a longer torso and higher on your waist for the appearance of longer legs. Here is a breakdown on the location of your hips and waist to help determine the placement of your belts on your dress.


If you are a fan of trendy clothing stores you have likely noticed that large prints have been making a comeback - unfortunately. And as cute as they are, if you don't want to look 10 pounds heavier, you might want to skip out on larger prints and stick with solid or "flowing prints" like this. The best styles for any body type rarely involves large chunky prints of any sort. If you must wear a short dress that involves large prints pair it with heels or pumps so that the prints have more space to show off.


A simple and cost effective way to enhance your body type is to opt for coming off the ground a bit. Ever notice that celebrities are rarely seen on stage or performing in flats? There is reason. Heels lift you off the ground, improve posture, give you toned, sexy legs, and shape up your toosh - naturally. With all the pads and cushions on the market today to make heels easier to wear it's a good ideal to try to pair your short dress with some.


Heels with straps are easier to walk in (if you are a newbie to the thought) and wedges give you more surface to balance on for times you may be walking in your heels for more than three hours. Due keep in mind that are a general rule if you have longer legs choosing heels with straps provide a subtle sex appeal. If you have shorter legs consider strapless as you give the illusion of your legs going on forever. If your calves are thick and muscular consider wedges as they offer a slimming effect on certain body types that is worth exploring. Remember that darker heeled wedges or colorful pumps will have the most slimming effect on your legs.


The best short dress styles for your body type depends one what you consider to be your assets. Remember that curves are in, less is more, and identifying your color and styles is only half the battle. Choose a short dress that is flattering and styles that display the assets that you are most willing to share.


If you are still not convinced you should try to wear a short dress sometime soon - message me and we can talk about it, or try a midi dress as a half way point instead. 

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