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7 Trending White Dress Styles in 2015

Posted on May 04 2015

Admittingly, white is not the new black - but it certainly is hot right now. If you have the confidence to wear a sexy white dress then you have the confidence to try different styles for the various venues you attend as the weather heats up throughout the spring and summer. What I love about white dresses is that they are exceptionally versatile! I can put on a white party dress for an engagement party, night out with my friends, or when I host a soiree at my house.  


As we continue to see a rise in white parties and events it is obvious - you need a solid arsenal of white cocktail dresses to choose from; because nine times out of ten you are going to be amongst the same crowd. So I gathered a few of my favorite white dresses from the shop for you to choose from. I'll cover why it made the list, how to wear it, and where. If you have any questions - just email me or start a chat with us. If you see a dress you want - just click the pictures. 

High Waisted White Dress

2 Piece High Waisted White Dress

Need to show some skin? Show just enough skin while avoiding being considered a hussy. The bodice of this white crop top and skirt is strong and sturdy so you'll get the cleavage you see in the picture. The length of the dress keeps you covered to ensure you don't offend the more conservative event attendees.    

Wear it with any pair of pumps or stilettos you have in your closet (see how versatile these dresses are). Choose vibrant colored heels if you want to stand out or conservative nude colored heels for a timeless and classy look. Put on casual makeup for daytime events and try a smoky eye for nighttime. How you wear your hair is really up to you. An updo hairstyle shows more skin and lets you be a subtle tease while a curly mane grabs attention for reasons all its own. 

White Strap Dress White A-Line Elegant V-Strap Dress  

A-line dresses are flattering to every body type (that's why we've begun adding more of this style to the shop). Whether you are pear or hour-glass shaped your feminine figure shines in A-line styled dresses because of its tapered waistline and flowing effects. We find the style to not only be flattering but easily worn to both formal and casual venues.

Whether you find yourself in need of something to wear to a reception or graduation an A-line dress easily dresses up or down. The V-Strap on this white party dress style shows off sexy shoulders while the polished metal effects add drama and texture. Consider a "sweeping hairstyle". The half-up-half-down hairstyle is ideal because it provides a cascading effect that complements A-Line styles perfectly and keeps your lines flowing.


Strapless White Dress White Strapless Bandage Dress 

Sophisticated strapless styles are always a go-to for any occasion. Although, I'd re-think wearing a white strapless dress to a wedding (let the bride have her day). Strapless styles are ideal if you have a short torso and long legs. The style makes your torso appear longer and uses your legs to do the trick. We happen to carry this dress in knee and below the knee styles. Check them out here.

Wear your hair down if you need to play it safe or consider on updo if you have flirty flexibility. Messy buns and knots are perfect for this style tucked comfortably at the base of your neck. 

Choose shoes that match your mood and hair style. If you go flirty pick a pair of shoes with lots of straps. If you leave your hair free consider platforms or pumps. 

Mesh White Dress White Mesh Bandage Dress 

Mesh is like being naked - legally. It is a see-through fabric that is airy, comfortable, and most importantly sexy. This white mesh dress makes my list because of its unique design that elongates your body; giving it the appearance of going on for days. The wave design and contrasting fabrics make it sensibly bold and conservative without much effort. 

Add this white dress to your closet if you find yourself being invited to last minute semi-formal affairs such as client dinner parties or conferences. The style is comfy and not overbearing while maintaining a professional sex appeal that only true career woman can appreciate. Choose closed toe pumps for daytime events or open toe pumps for evening affairs. Hair can be up or down and accessories can be bold or subtle - just go with your mood. 

Casual White Bandage Dress Casual White Dress 
Who says being casual must mean you turn to jeans and a t-shirt? Why not go casual with a bit more polish? This Casual White Bandage Dress is simple and classic. Its long sleeves, embossed lines, and metal tap embellishments give it sexy texture that outlines your silhouette perfectly. 

It features a high cut neckline that is very complimentary to broader shoulders while its deep V bodice plunge makes your breast appear larger. Wear this simple white dress with sparkly flats or your favorite comfy pumps.

Avoid over doing accessories as you metal taps have you covered.
2 Piece Long Sleeve Dress 

Sleeves transform any outfit or dress. I love 2 piece white bandage dresses because they are a stark contrast to the color itself. White boosts purity and innocence while 2 piece white dresses speak otherwise. Yet, this style is midi length which means it hits just below the knee and the sleeves obviously tell the world that you are covered. 

Go all out with you makeup to help balance the style and consider platforms and stilettos to keep the look bold and fresh. Choose a red or deep pink for your lips and detailed eye makeup to compliment a loose, curly mane or detailed updo. Due to the contrasting style of conservative versus sexy you be sure to balance every aspect of your look from head to toe. 

White Mesh Bandage Dress Mesh White Dress 

The simplicity of lines and snug fit of a white dress make it a tantalizing option for any white party or semi-elegant event. Wear this white cutout mesh dress to office parties or evening galas to leave an elegant and lasting impression. The drop waist mesh line and side seams add drama and flare.

An updo is recommended to show off all the lines of this little number while a sweeping half-up-half-down style prominently displays your face and shapely shoulders, bust, and feminine profile.  


Pair the dress with strappy pumps, stilettos, or simple comfy heels but avoid wedges as they may appear to chucky and overbearing for the dress. 


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