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Posted on March 24 2015

two piece bandage dressElizabeth Lee is a fashion blogger, wife, and mother of two. She's the lovely face behind Stylewich and also happens to love our dresses. Liz understands that style is a unique blend of layers that simply starts at the dress but ends with accessories, hair, and make-up.

We got Liz to give The Kewl Shop a bit of insight into her style and found her to be elegant, classic, and real. She has a delicate blend of professional and casual style that is hard to pull off but she manages it with ease.

Liz loves a bargain but embraces a splurge every now and then - who doesn't? Here's a quick excerpt from her time with us. 

Can you give a brief overview of what you do? (professionally, personally, and as a style / fashion blogger)

I've always loved fashion and being creative but ended up spending the past decade of my life working in finance and law. After six years as a corporate attorney, I decided to take a break from the corporate world to spend more time at home with my little boys (ages 1 and 4) and to try pursuing something creative and fun. I started my blog to create a small space for myself in which I can share my love for fashion, shopping and other fun things in my life.

What sets your style apart from others?

I didn't have a lot of money growing up so I have a great deal of experience in finding good bargains. That said, I understand that some splurges are necessary so my style is a good mix of high and low. Also, I love taking risks and trying new trends, even if they don't always work out because I believe that fashion should be fun.

What inspires your style? Where do you look to find new outfits?

I am inspired by great fashion everywhere I go. I admire the teenagers who mix high top sneakers with pretty floral dresses as much as the older ladies who wear perfectly tailored pieces with a touch of pearls. I pay attention to details and think that outfit inspiration is all around us - on the internet, in our favorite stores, in magazines, our friends and family and the stylish strangers who catch our eye on the streets.

What is your favorite outfit that you've shared with your audience so far?

My bandage dress outfit from The Kewl Shop is definitely one of my favorites. The dress is stunning and so perfect for a special occasion but it also looks extremely cool with daytime accessories. You can see The Kewl Shop's full collection of bandage dresses here.

What new pieces have you picked up for spring / summer that you're dying to share?

I picked up a few pairs of colorful sandals that will add a bit of pop to my casual spring and summer outfits and a pair of the cutest, most comfortable skinny overalls that I am planning to wear around the clock (ok, maybe not for sleeping).

How did you get started? What motivated you to start this style blog?

I am a huge fan of fashion blogs and always toyed with the idea of creating my own but didn't have the time with the long hours that I worked as a corporate attorney. Taking a break from law was a good time for me to start this blog. Read the full story here.

What benefits do you get from running your own style blog?

I love sharing fashion and meeting other people who have the same enthusiasm for finding a beautiful dress or a great pair of jeans. There is a great fashion community out there and I feel lucky to have met so many nice people. Also, it's been a good way to discover great brands that are out there like The Kewl Shop.

When starting out, where did you learn the most about running a popular fashion blog – a course, book, blog, website?

I learned most things that I needed to know from reading other blogs! There are many bloggers out there who are very generous with their tips. If you type in a topic in google, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to pursue activities that I enjoy but work really hard to achieve results. I think the secret to success is a good mix of passion and hard work.

How can people follow you online?

I post updates regularly in the following places:

If you haven't already - be sure to follow Liz and enjoy her Stylewich all year long. Thank you Liz for taking the time out from your blog to provide us with insights into your style, inspiration and favorite kewl outfits. 

If you're a style blogger or fashion blogger reading this post and want to contribute your voice to The Kewl Shop's Style Interviews, just send us an email.

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