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Mandia Nantsios

Posted on March 21 2015

Mandia Nantsios | Bandage Dress Mandia Nantsios is young, beautiful, and fabulous. She’s an emerging Canadian Pop and R&B songstress with a voice that carries the natural maturity of a seasoned singer - and we love her here at The Kewl Shop.

Her singles Rising UpSmile, and Secret are hot, fresh, and beyond kewl. I had a quick sit down with Mandia - she’s real, refreshing, and exuberantly upbeat plus she raises awareness and fights against bullying and violence.

It’s always an honor when an artists like Mandia Nantsios puts on one of our bandage dresses and allows us to be a part of her budding career. Here’s a bit of what we talked about.

Mandia, you are young and the industry can be tough at times, what sets your style apart from other recording artists?

My style sets me apart from a lot of recording artists now a days because I simply wear clothes that reflect my personality. A lot of artists are older and can't exactly get away with wearing bows or candy coloured nails.  When I wear an accessory or piece of clothing, there is usually a meaning behind it. I also try to wear a lot of colors. I think colors say a lot about the type of person you are. I have a very outgoing and bubbly personality so I wear colors that make me look approachable and friendly.

I think because I am also very confident and independent, I like to wear clothes that make a statement. I have always been the type of person who likes to create my own path rather than follow the crowd. One thing that I ALWAYS have to include in my outfit whether I'm going to the grocery store, out to dinner with a friend or when I'm on stage is bling. You will never see me leave the house with a little sparkle.

I love my share of sparkles, too Mandia. Tell me what inspires your style? Where do you look to find new outfits?

I am inspired by one of my favourite designers named Betsey Johnson. She is the only designer I know who can make young girly things edgy, cute and sparkly all at the same time. I always like to keep an eye on her accessories. I love her pieces because they make a huge statement and you can wear them casually or at a girls night out. I am also inspired by a TV host/YouTuber in LA named Chrissa Sparkles. She is all about the glitter, pastel colours and everything kawaii!

I also like to shop at a store in Toronto, Canada called Originals. If you want bling, colour or to be noticed..this is the spot for you. It's my dream world! They have prom dresses, corsets, shoes, jewelry, bags, wigs and everything else you could ever think of. It's hard to walk in there without buying the whole store! Another spot I like to check is Etsy. You can always find one of a kind pieces on there and you can almost be sure you won't see the girl across the room wearing the same thing as you.

Originality is always key! So what is your most original outfit that you've shared with your audience so far?

I think my favourite outfit that I have ever worn is my banana outfit. I have a bright yellow banana outfit that has bananas ALL over it! I wore it to an MMVA party here in Canada and I'm pretty sure when I walked in all eyes were on me! It's a matching jacket and skirt that I picked up from Top Shop and paired it with a really cute bow ring and some black booties.

Love black booties and nude pumps. What are some of the new pieces you have picked up for this spring  and summer?

I have picked up some really cute body con dresses and lots of pastel clothing/accessories. I absolutely love pastel colours and there is no better time to wear them but in the spring. I love heels so I have been waiting for the snow to clear up to pull out my favourite black wedges! I also think it is essential to have a pair of nude shoes in the spring..they go with everything and they won't get dirty easily.

I love black pumps for the same reasons. As we conclude I must ask for the sake of our readers inspired by your style, where do you recommend they shop?

If someone is inspired by my style, I would recommend they check out Betsey Johnson's collection. She has some great jewelry and bags as well. I am also a huge fan of Madonna's collection "Material Girl" which you can find at The Bay. She has a lot of really bright clothing that you can wear for a night out or even just for a shopping trip at the mall.

Lastly and certainly not least, if I am going out for the night, I would recommend checking out The Kewl Shop's bandage dresses. Recently, I have really been into loving your curves and appreciating what you've got and bandage dresses hug your body in all the right places. But I’ve learned the hard way that if you don't wear a good quality bandage dress you won’t like the look so much as they won't smooth you out. I love The Kewl Shop's bandage dresses because they do a great job of smoothing and are still really comfortable. - thank you Mandia :)

If you haven’t checked out Mandia’s new single Secret it’s available on iTunes and if you are interested in seeing some of the dresses she got from us - just shoot me an email and I’ll send them over.

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