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All Things New

Posted on February 19 2015

Denise, All Things NewRecently, The Kewl Shop had an opportunity to sit down with Denise, the style blogger behind All Things New and ask her a few questions about her background as a style blogger and her style.

We're thankful for Denise taking the time from updating her blog to give us some insight on her style, her inspiration, and her favorite outfits.

Denise is a style blogger in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband (Jason), her son (Charlie), and her terrier/chihuaha (Norman).

What sets your style apart from other personal style bloggers?

What I believe sets my style apart from other personal style bloggers is that I not only love keeping up with the latest trends, but my style is practical and comfortable.

What you see in my posts are real outfits that I wear on a daily basis. I don't think you have to sacrifice style for comfort and as a mother of a toddler, I want to feel good about myself but I also want to be able to keep up with my little guy.

I always like to pick a basic item such as my favorite pair of denim or my favorite blazer and work around that to build an outfit, adding accessories at the end to complete my look for the day. I love neutral colors but like to add a pop of color to mix it up.  

What inspired you to start your blog?

I've always gotten lots of inspiration from other bloggers and so I was inspired to start my blog to share my own creative ideas.

I love style, crafting, creating DIY projects, and home decor so this has been a way for me share my ideas and also build connections with others.

The blogger network is huge and I've met some really inspirational people through the web!

denise all things new

What is your favorite outfit that you've posted so far?

One outfit that pops to mind is an outfit that I wore on a family picnic with my husband and our son. I remember being really comfortable but also feeling stylish in a long black dress, flat sandals, brown hat and simple accessories. We spent the day picnicking and then playing on the playground with our son.

To me, this outfit shows that you can be stylish yet super comfortable at the same time. 

What new pieces have you picked up for winter that we haven't seen on the blog yet?

I've recently picked up a pair of edgy black ankle boots that have become a favorite winter item in my closet. I've also recently purchased a few chunky knit sweaters. I've been living in ankle boots, denim and chunky knit sweaters ever since it got cold outside. I love layering and so fall and winter are my favorite seasons.

all things new

Thank you Denise 

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration and outfits with The Kewl Shop, Denise!

And if you're a style blogger or fashion blogger reading this post and want to contribute your voice to The Kewl Shop's Style Interviews, just send us an email.

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