Librarian for Lifestyle

Librarian for Lifestyle

Posted on February 11 2015

the kewl shop bandage dressRecently, The Kewl Shop had an opportunity to sit down with Jen, the style blogger behind Librarian for Life and Style and ask her a few questions about her background as a style blogger and her style.

We're thankful for Jen taking the time from updating her blog to give us some insight on her style, her inspiration, and her favorite outfits.

What sets your style apart from other personal style bloggers?

I have often described my style as "classic and comfy with a bit of quirk." I start with classic silhouettes that are flattering for my body type. I always have to be comfortable; comfort leads to confidence. To indulge my quirky, fun side, I like to add in unexpected details, like a brightly colored belt or scarf, or texture, like with suede heels or crocheted earrings. 

What I think helps distinguish my style is my commitment to remixing pieces from my closet in different ways. As a librarian, I am quite practical, and I sharpen my skills at creative problem-solving on a daily basis. This also helps explain my natural inclination to remix, as it's practical for budget reasons, and it's a creative way to get as much mileage as possible out of my wardrobe.

I also set challenges for myself, like how to wear a dress in a new way (one of my favorite tricks is to wear a dress as a skirt by layering a top or jacket over the dress, as seen here). I am always on the lookout for inspiration; for example, I participate in and help curate a regular style challenge called "Style Imitating Art," which challenges you to think about your own style as inspired by pieces of art. These style challenges also fit my commitment of remixing items that I already wear in new, unexpected ways. 

librarian for lifestyle

What inspired you to start your blog?

I have always been interested in style and fashion. For example, I hold dear the memory of a special pair of grey suede booties that, at age 7, I literally wore the soles off because I loved and wore them so much. ;) 

A few years ago, I discovered a couple of style blogs, and I wanted more -- and then I discovered there is an entire style blog world out there. I really had no idea! I realized that the style blogs I was drawn to, including Erin at  Loop Looks (who is now my blogger friend-in-real-life!) were the ones featuring real women in professional jobs, describing the how's and why's of their personal style journey. I found their personal stories intriguing, and their style choices inspiring and relatable. I then started taking photos of my daily outfits -- or rather, my husband takes photos of my daily outfits! -- and putting them in a Facebook album, and then that turned into starting my own style blog in Spring 2012. 

You can read more more details about how and why I started my blog here in this post published near my 1-year blog anniversary -- and I have slowly but surely been building up a loyal readership. And it's still just as amazing now as it was the first time I received a comment about how I've helped inspire someone else to try new things or remix items in their own closets. Even the fact that I have regular readers -- how amazing is that?! It still blows my mind, and it humbles me at the same time. Inspiration is truly everywhere.

librarian for lifestyle

What is your favorite outfit that you've posted so far?

That's like asking a librarian about his/her favorite book -- it's too hard! In my monthly retrospective posts, I do choose a personal favorite  of the outfits I have that that past month (and invite readers to choose their own favorites!). The reasons behind my faves are usually personal, like how I felt wearing that outfit. 

One of my recent work faves was my "back-to-school" outfit this fall:  a floral top I belted over a pencil skirt, paired with snakeskin wedges. It reflects my style:  classic (pencil skirt silhouette), comfy (belting the top instead of tucking it in + wedges), with a bit of quirk (mixing snakeskin + floral patterns).

Another recent fave was a look I wore for a night out last spring:  a black blazer over a librarian-themed t-shirt, dark jeans, and yellow statement heels. Again, following my style, it's classic (blazer + heels), comfy (a t-shirt + jeans!), with a bit of quirk (librarian t-shirt + yellow statement accessories).

librarian for lifestyle

What new pieces have you picked up for winter that we haven't seen on the blog yet?

Oooh, interesting question! I do tend to wear new purchases as soon as possible in real life -- I get inspired! -- but that doesn't always translate immediately into pictures for the blog. I post a "budgeting bloggers" post the last week of each month, recapping what new items, if any, I have recently added to my wardrobe. Some items that haven't made it to the blog yet include a basic black, fit-and-flare dress I recently bought on sale; ceramic-and-copper earrings made by a local artisan; as well as my new bandage dress from The Kewl Shop (see all bandage dresses from The Kewl Shop).  

Thank you Jen

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration and outfits with The Kewl Shop, Jen!

Jen has also put together a Pinterest Board highlighting her favorite outfits from The Kewl Shop. We highly recommend you check it out!

And if you're a style blogger or fashion blogger reading this post and want to contribute your voice to The Kewl Shop's Style Interviews, just send us an email.

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