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Posted on February 11 2015

ask april bandage dressApril Masini is hot, sexy, and she knows her stuff. She’s a regular contributor to MSN, Men’s Health, and She’s respected as a relationship expert that gets real results. April is so fabulous she has her own day that is celebrated in Hawaii on June 4, proclaimed ‘Al and April Masini Day’ in 1998.

As we mentioned April is hot - super hot and she turned to The Kewl Shop for her Valentine’s Day bandage dress needs.

She loved our dresses so much that she bought eight and even agreed to answer a few relationship questions just for you guys! Naturally we will drop the questions and answers by April into our blog all this month in honor of Valentine’s Day.

This question tackles the differences between hooking up and relationships. April shares why it all matters and how to sort it all out. Enjoy!

Dear April,

I’m not against commitments, and have had proper relationships, but because of how my life is at the moment I felt that a casual relationship would suit me. I’m very busy and have a lot of responsibilities. So, I connected with someone on a dating website who apparently wants the same thing as me and we started seeing each other. He was pressuring me to do things I wasn't comfortable with so I stopped contact for a while, but couldn’t stay. The sex was hot, in spite of the discomfort. So, I went back to him. He says he wants me to do things to prove I want him and he asks to meet up on a certain day and if I can't, he seems to get annoyed and won't meet on an alternative suggested by me. I wish I didn't have this feeling of wanting, needing him.


Fifty Shades

Dear Fifty Shades:

I think you’re confusing a relationship that’s more about sex, with a hook up. You both want a relationship, not a hook up, and the fact that sex is the main event has confused you. The reality is that even a Fifty Shades relationship requires compatibility! Hook ups, less so. Whenever you have a relationship -- whether it's a friendship, a romance or a casual sex relationship, it's got aspects of a relationship that require the same dynamics as other relationships in your life. You're looking for compatibility here, and it sounds like there are some things about him that you like, and others you don’t, and that has to do with the sex and the dynamics that aren’t primarily sexual in nature. In any relationship, compromise, deal making and knowing your deal breakers are all important. I suggest you know your deal breakers, which may be particular sex acts you love, and those you’re not comfortable with, and the things that annoy you but aren't deal breakers, like his schedule -- that maybe you can compromise on by agreeing to meet on those days, but only places you want to meet, or only every other month -- you get the idea, I'm sure!  And remember that some of the things you don’t like, like his control, are part of what makes the sex hot for you both, so think twice before eliminating something or putting it on your deal breaker list!  


Her reply easily gives you 50 reasons to head over to Ask April where you can get your questions answered absolutely free. Here’s a brief bio on April Masini for those of you out of the loop. 

April Masini is the author of four relationship advice books, the 'Ask April' advice column and the advice forum where over 20,000 questions have been asked and answered; she has more than 1.3 million Twitter followers and 560,000 Facebook fans. April has appeared as a featured guest on the The O'Reilly Factor, hosted Everything You Need to Know About Sex and been interviewed for over 10,000 articles, radio and television shows, including those on ABC, CBS, FOX, MSN, Yahoo!, CNN, BBC, Univision, Telemundo, Agence France Press — US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, New York Post, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Glamour, Woman’s Day, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, The Associated Press, TIME, Brides, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and USA Today, among others.

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