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16 Style Tips on What to Wear to a Holiday Party

Posted on October 15 2016

style tips for holiday party

It is October already, and this means that the fun part of the year is just beginning—from Halloween all the way to Christmas and New Year, the holiday season is upon us. Your friends and family are going to be around and get togethers and office events are in the making. It is time to buckle down and get serious about your holiday style.  

Planning ahead and considering your styles and dresses for holiday parties you plan to attend gives you peace of mind. Planning your style helps you avoid the midday rush to the store to find something to wear or paying crazy shipping fees to get your look.

Planning your looks for different holiday parties is fun if you love to dress up, but it is also a bit tricky as you need to keep a number of things in mind. Nailing the perfect look entails picking the right kind of holiday dress, the right colors, and an outfit that makes you look sexy without being unsuitable for family get-togethers.

Holiday Dress and Style Ideas

Dressing for the holiday requires an open mind and a hard look at your wardrobe. To pull off chic style that makes sense and is festive you are going to have to utilize every part of your wardrobe from you boots to sweaters to earrings. Here are a few style tips and insights on what to wear and shine at every holiday party you attend this season - without giving up your sexy.

Do not stay away from winter whites.

There is an outdated saying that you must avoid white after labor day. However, white outfits are not only for Labor Day and spring. White is crisp and fresh and easily gives one visions of snowflakes and snow capped hills. Easily make white work for a holiday style too.

Try mixing and matching colors with a sexy white bandage dress, and accessorize with other colors. Embrace silver shoes and earrings for a snow goddess inspired look or opt for a biscuit color option with warm, deep neutral colored scarves and boots.

How about a tuxedo?

A sharp black-and-white tux is not an evening look only for the men. Watching feminine tuxedos hit runways this season should inspire you to give it a whirl. Consider wearing one to look elegant, stunning, and ooze sex appeal at the same time. Tuxedos are timeless and powerful.

Rather than going for the full suit, try a pair of shorts or a flirty mini skirt as bottom wear for a sultry look. Add tights, super high stilettos, and a tailored blazer for look nothing short of ravishing, bold, and determined.

Make smart use of turtleneck.

If you do not want to spend a fortune on an autumn and winter wardrobe, but also do not want to miss out on styling for holiday parties? No problem! Pairing a knit turtleneck under one of your lovely summer dresses gives you style and warmth that keeps up with the trends. If you are thinking it may not be stylish enough, designer Tory Burch has even showcased it on the runway.

You are not only layering up, but this outfit is sure to make you stand out among the crowd. Accessorize depending on the kind of event, and you are all set to stun everyone without even investing in a new dress! We’ve covered the best ideas on how to layer and transition your wardrobe to fall here.

Go strapless and big on bling.

If the holiday party you are attending is a somewhat flashy, evening affair, there is nothing wrong in stepping out in a shiny, strapless number. We suggest making it holiday-specific with the color (consider greens, golds, and reds). Our gold bandage dresses are perfect for holiday parties and bringing tasteful style and sex appeal. However, if it is a family event, cover up with a vintage-style jacket, a stylish scarf tied in an interesting way, or even a boyfriend cardigan.

Keep your LBD collection handy.

Your little black dress is going to be you savior in a pinch during holiday party season. If you LBD is strapless add a blazer, oversized vest, or cashmere sweater to keep you warm and festive.  Use gold accessories to give your look wings such as a belt, a statement necklace, or a clutch. Also pair it with opaque tights or combat boots for a look that gives you edge and spice.

Go cool and casual with a T-shirt dress.

A T-shirt dress works almost every time, but make it extra special for the holidays by opting to wear one in a more festive fabric such as silk or satin. Add a statement belt at the waist and nude heels to your feet. However, this look is best for meeting up with friends or a casual party holiday party.

Make a sweater dress work.

For comfortable get-togethers around the holidays remember that sweater dresses are everything. Pick one in an earthy tone and use accessories to ramp it up (black stockings or printed leggings also work very well). Sweater dresses are not only easy to wear but durable if you plan to hang out with the younger ones in the family or help your mother-in-law cook dinner for a casual night in.

Think nude.

If you plan to attend a holiday party where everything is shiny and twinkling, opting for a dress in nude hues like biscuit or sand gives you soothing style that is warm and adaptable. If it is a family affair, choose to keep either your arms or legs covered for a balanced look. Play around with your hair for polished style that is chic and complete.

Paint it red.

Dressing in all-red for a Christmas party makes sense. However, this year avoid overdoing it and taper the look with lovely accent colors of gold and green. Consider a long sleeved red bandage dress that shows off your curves. The long sleeves keep you covered while the snug fit ensures you never give up your sexy.

We also love bandage dresses with Santa hats. Check out 12 Santa inspired looks to pull off in a sexy bandage dress this holiday season.

How to Layer Without Compromising Style

Dressing up during the holiday season is fun, but remember that the weather is turning cooler and you need to ensure that you are warm and comfortable (visible goosebumps and hunched shoulders do not quite spell sexy). If you are thinking that wearing a coat might affect your style, you are mistaken.  Check out our article on how to match your sexiest dress with a coat. For the best balance of your coat and style this year consider these tips.

Tailored coat with fitted dress.

For an evening party, try wearing a fun, well-fitted frock in a bright color (metallic bandage dresses work great) and team it with a tailored men’s tuxedo jacket. With the right pair of heels and a stylish clutch, your look is effortlessly chic and decidedly more comfortable.

Coat with a ruffle dress.

A fit-and-flare coat works wonders when paired with a girly ruffled mini dress. The coat’s nip at the right place on your waist to show off your curves. This look is comfortable and versatile.

The ball gown-and-blazer look.

Holiday parties often have a theme or you are required to dress up as characters. This season go the smart princess way by wearing a Cinderella-type ball gown with a boyish blazer.

Light layers with a long dress.

So it is not winter-cold yet, but the nip in the air is making you rethink your wish of wearing a classy slip dress? Enjoy the best of both worlds by pairing your floor-length slip dress with a light tuxedo jacket or a furry vest.

Makeup Ideas for Your Holiday Style

Your holiday look cannot be complete without the right makeup, especially when you are dressing up for a party. While striking red lips is the go-to holiday makeup look, it is not the only one. Consider shaking  your makeup routine up a beat this season.

Go for exaggerated lashes.

Think Kim Kardashian for your eyelashes for a fun, flirty yet intense look. Getting this look is not difficult at all. Either apply individual mascara lashes to the waterline of your eyes and go for false eyelashes for the upper line, or use a heated eyelash curler to first curl the lashes and then apply lengthening mascara. Check out our inside scoop on false eyelashes and how to style them here.

Orange lip color.

Tangerine is the color to try on your lips if you want to stick to the reddish theme but not apply red lipstick. Bold and stylish, this shade uplifts your look without having to wear too much makeup. For a shiny finish, add some gloss after applying the lipstick and use a tissue to blot it and reach your desired shade.

Nude gloss.

To avoid making a no-makeup look appear too pale, go for a high-shine, creamy gloss in a neutral shade for your lips. It will not add color, but definitely add a bit of shine to the otherwise plain look. Also enjoy the art of contouring and highlighting.

Planning ahead and balance are keys when it comes to choosing your style for any upcoming holiday parties with family, friends or colleagues. Think through each look and consider trying different things to give you a fresh style during holidays. Remember to include holiday style staples for a pretty finish such as adding an ugly Christmas sweater to your bandage dress or choosing festive earrings.

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