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4 Secrets to Embracing Your Curves

Last updated on : August 26 2015

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How confident are you in your own skin? Do you love every bit of you or obsess about what you have declared your "imperfections and flaws"? Always commenting on your flabby thighs, wide hips, or small boobs? It is hard being a woman today but that's where we come in.

At The Kewl Shop we are not just about celebrity inspired dresses or sexy dresses. We are about making dresses that give you confidence beyond your expectations and a feminine charm that is uniquely created from your natural body and feminine profile.

If you find that you always feel self-conscious about your appearance, are struggling with an eating disorder, striving for an ideal body type, or find yourself stuck in a cycle of thinking that a perfect body is linked to positive self-esteem then - welcome to womanhood.

Women everywhere struggle with self-confidence. Our customers and readers are real women so this is our voice. Based on the questions we receive, reasons for returns and exchanges, and various other information we have identified a need to build women and their self confidence - from the inside out. 

At The Kewl Shop we are very aware of the "ideal body image" absurdity women are constantly facing and feel the need to look a certain way to achieve self esteem. Here are a few thoughts on the subject and 4 secrets to embracing your curves and flaws from the inside out. 

Redefine Beauty

Size 2 Isn't the Only Kind of Beauty

As I mentioned - having positive self-esteem doesn't come easy for the average woman in today's society. The slim and proportioned images portrayed in the media contribute to our self-esteem issues. We tend to form an unnatural perspective of what is deemed beautiful.

Studies show that college women exposed to photographs from magazines that represented the 'thin ideal' showed more, "body dissatisfaction, negative mood states, and eating disorder symptoms." Through our Style Reviews we have found that beauty comes in all ages, sizes, and styles. What makes a girl beautiful is her commitment to never allowing anyone to define beauty for her. 

Never succumb to the pressure of looking a certain way. We understand and recognize that this sentiment is easier said than done but remember to always embrace every flaw and see it beautiful no matter what. Often pressures of how to look can come from seemingly-innocent sources, such as well-meaning friends, a family member, or even a magazine. But it is up to you to remain true to yourself, to love every freckle, and show off every curve

For most of us our appearance is directly linked to our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. If we are not thin enough or pretty enough compared to friends, family members, or our favorite celebrities we begin a harmful pattern of self-doubt and criticism. Identifying where your negative messages are coming from and taking steps to stop them, avoid them, or control them is key. When you are proactive in taking care of your mind and body you help boost your self-esteem and feel more confident in your own skin while embracing every curve and flaw.  

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Dress For You

Nobody has the perfect body (not even models). What is the perfect body anyway? In fact, defining the perfect body divides us. Some believe the perfect body is a full bustline, tiny waist, and a sensible tush. Others argue that a full bustline, average waist, and wide hips and ample tush is the only true beautiful form.

One way to boost your self-confidence is to accept your body as it is and start dressing for your body type. Determine whether you are a pear shape, apple shape, triangle, or a mixture of all three. If you are unsure of your body type take the You Beauty Body Type Quiz.

You are reading this blog so that ensures three basic facts. You are feminine, have at least three features and assets to die for, and love style. Remember that your assets are not always determined by cup sizes or waistlines. Consider your legs, eyelashes, eye color, complexion, arms, fingers, etc. 

Choose clothes that fit you well and you gain an instant confidence in your body. Too loose and you will feel fat, too tight and you will feel stuffed, just right and you will feel trending, stylish, and fabulous. If you can, have items tailored particularly if you need a higher waistline or hemmed pants. Play with different styles and accessories to accentuate your body

Above all when you get dressed each day make it fun and focus on enhancing your natural beauty, embracing your body, and making a conscious effort to be comfortable in your own skin. 

Take Inventory of Your Self-Esteem

The key to getting behind the wheel of embracing your curves is to accept that you don't at times. Coming to terms with the fact that sometimes you wish your hips would downsize, your boobs would grow, and your stomach would flatten is the first steps to realizing the scratches that scar your self-esteem and confidence. The first step is to search for articles that provide tips for improving your self-esteem and lifestyle. 

Having realistic expectations about your life is a way to avoid falling into the trap of being hypercritical about yourself and others, and reinforcing negative thought patterns that can affect you even in the most subtle ways.  

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Taking inventory of your self-esteem means taking the time to identify what types of irrational thoughts you may be having about your body and life overall. Do you think that you will be completely happy when you have a model-like body? Do you think you will have more friends, fall in love, or get a better job if you lost weight or got plastic surgery? These are relatively unrealistic expectations and may fall into the irrational thought category, perpetuating a cycle of negativity about your body and appearance that leads to low self-esteem. 

Jot down the things you tell yourself on a regular basis, including any criticisms you have about your body. Then make a list of all of your positive traits, accomplishments, and anything else that makes you feel good. Identifying the harmful thoughts that might be affecting you is the first step to improving your self-confidence and body confidence.

Boost Your Self-Esteem in Positive Ways 

In addition to accepting yourself and your body, begin to direct your energy towards other areas of your life that help you build positive self-esteem. Reach out to positive friends more frequently and enjoy some quality time together. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus more on developing yourself to be the best version of you. Get into the habit of adjusting your self-image as you grow, explore, and discover yourself so that you are taking inventory of all of your current abilities and positive traits - and basking in them.

Today is the best day to take the first steps to improving your self-confidence and embracing your curves. Break negative thought patterns, escape from the pressures that many young women face today and begin to create a world that is a reflection of who you are. Need a jumpstart - be inspired by our Style Reviews because they are real women loving themselves and sharing it with the world. 

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