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Profiling Claire Danes

Posted on August 28 2014

Claire Danes is one of Hollywood’s undisputed leading ladies. She is also well known for her daring and perhaps unconventional style.


While I was some doing research for this blog post, and in keeping with the theme of bandage dresses, I stumbled upon an article about Claire Danes… In a bandage dress. Yay!


So basically, the 35-year-old wore a patterned bandage style dress to a pre-Emmy awards show last Sunday. This signified that she was willing to vamp it up a bit. Her hair and make-up looked absolutely sensational. As did the dress…

claire in red lace.


A day later (on Monday) she looked radiant on the red carpet at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards in red lace. The dress was designed by Givenchy. It actually resembled Kim K’s wedding dress. But who really cares!


The actress was nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actress in A Drama Series category for her portrayal of Carrie Mathison in Homeland. She lost out to The Good Wife’s Julianna Margulies.


Danes had literally just arrived back in America after shooting scenes (for Homeland) on location in South Africa. She was photographed in Cape Town…


As I was saying, Danes is definitely on track to become a style icon.


She is often hounded by the paparazzi on a day out with her husband, Hugh Dancy or with her baby son. She always looks trendy even if she is just wearing denim jeans and a sweater.


She would probably look the part with a brown paper bag over her head!


Here is her story…


Claire with Hugh and baby son.


Her Love Life


Danes dated Ben Lee (an Australian singer) for six years until 2003. Thereafter she embarked on a passionate romance with actor Billy Crudup. He actually left his pregnant girlfriend for Danes… SCANDAL!


She then started dating her future husband, Hugh Dancy in 2006. The pair met on the set of Evening. They married in secret in France (not very original Brad and Angelina). They had their first child, a son called Cyrus in late 2012. The couple split their time between London and New York.

Claire Danes and her husband.


I have actually always wondered if Danes ever dated Jared Leto. The pair played love interests in the hit television show, My So-Called Life. They had such chemistry in front of the camera…. (sigh) I suppose we will never know!


Her Film Roles


Danes excelled as an actress in her teens. She played the role of Angela in My So-Called Life (1996) with distinction. This was actually a show I watched growing up. She won the first of her four Golden Globe awards for the role.


In that same year, Danes was cast as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. The big screen version of William Shakespeare’s tragic and heartbreaking love story was a resounding hit. Leonardio Dicaprio starred opposite Danes as Romeo. The film was directed by Australian film director, Baz Luhrmann.


Danes featured in a few more film rolls up until 2008, but then found herself out in the wildnerness. She turned her back on the acting game and became an interior designer.


However, acting and performing was clearly in her blood and she starred in Temble Grandin in 2010. This role would ultimately signal a return to mainstream acting for Danes.


The actress has since featured in Homeland. Danes plays a CIA agent. Her character Carrie - is also hiding the fact that she has bipolar disorder. Danes won plaudits from not only her peers but was also recognized during the awards season. This role came at a time of war and showed that terrorism is indeed on our front doorstep.


Her Style


Claire Danes is one of those people who actually look good with and without make-up. I saw a picture of her out running (her favourite hobby) and although she looked fresh faced and free of make-up... (another sigh) She looked so pretty.


Her dress sense is one of the reasons why so many of the top designers want to dress her for red carpet appearances and public events. Her natural beauty aids the designer’s in mixing natural beauty with design elements.


She is also an advertisers dream. She has appeared in advertising campaigns for high-end brands like GAP and Gucci. She has also featured in an Audi advert. She is often the cover model for beauty or celebrity magazines. There have been too many to name, but an example of this is Vanity Fair.


Some people may see Danes as a poster child (or lady) for the girl next-door roles. She has, however, in my opinion exceeded this expectation in both her private and professional life.


She hardly ever puts a (fashion) foot wrong and one only reads about her in a positive light. Of course, I have never met Claire Danes. So for all I know, she could be a diva. But I actually doubt this…


She keeps her affairs out of the public eye. And in a time of social media – with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – this is indeed rare and a breath of fresh air.


In conclusion, we have yet to see the end of Claire Danes.


She is midway through her seven season role on Homeland and there will surely be plenty more film roles. She has won pretty much every award multiple times from a Golden Globe to an Emmy Award. There is just one award missing from her resume. An Oscar! Perhaps this will come at some point.


Claire Danes is staying put. And her star is shining bright.


The End.

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