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Laverne Cox, Her Style, Her Bandage Dresses

Posted on August 12 2014

Reading about Laverne Cox rocking her hourglass figure at a Justin Timberlake concert on The Bandage Dress Report got me thinking.  She had at the time just been nominated for an Emmy.


Laverne is truly a remarkable woman; she is openly transgender and a strong advocate for the movement. She was bullied as a child for her feminine ways and came out as transgender many years later. She is now most famous for her role as Sophia Burset in Orange is the New Black, has been on the cover of Time and true to our heart is also a lover of bandage dresses.


I watched and read her interview with Time Magazine and pertinently she says that as individuals we should be willing to let go of the preconceptions we might have about people who are different to us and to take people on their own terms…and if we are uncomfortable with that then we need to look at ourselves. I do agree with that statement as an individual and more widely for The Kewl Shop.


But this is a blog on fashion, well bandage dresses, and in a style Laverne would appreciate we do like how she looks in one. At the Emmy Awards nomination she wore a beautiful green HL dressed up with a belt (yes that is a belt and not part of the dress, well done Laverne) together with fishnet stockings. She looked awesome.


Laverne green bandage dress 


We also caught her wearing HL at Logo TV’s Trailblazers, so gorgeous.


Laverne black bandage dress


And earlier this year she wore a bright red bandage dress with thigh length boots at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night in NYC, she was a real stunner.


red bandage dress with boots


We do have a healthy respect for Laverne and she sets herself apart admirably. A while ago she shared a remarkable moment with a bullied six year old girl after one of her speaking events in San Francisco. In a whimsical moment she explains that she too was badly bullied as a child and now she is a TV star and then follows up with some powerful words. Watch the short video here.   


Have we piqued your interest, want to read more about Laverne?

Laverne as a style icon - a great article by The Gloss chronicling the latest in her perfect styleHer official web site and you can always like her on Facebook


Tell us what you think. Do you have any views on some of the troubles Laverne has faced in her life.

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