15 Unconventional Yet Effective Motivational Tips

Last updated on : August 26 2020

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Motivational Tips

Everyone has a different set of moral standards, life goals, and expectations, as well as good and bad days.

As a result, becoming more motivated when you feel down can be as hard or as easy as reading a couple of useful and unconventional tips to jump-start your productivity once again.

Becoming more motivated is all about hitting that special note that works for you.

In addition to your morning routine, try any of these 15 motivational tips to see which works best for you. 

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1. Imagination turns into reality

Anything you imagine can become real if you work hard enough.

While you cannot make fantastic elements such as supernatural beings or science-fiction real, your life goals are very much achievable.

For example, if you imagine yourself as the CEO of a company 20 years down the line, why not work towards that goal and turn it to reality?

Anything you can imagine will become your reality if you are focused and work hard enough to get it.

2. Sleeping for success

While it may seem unconventional, sleeping can help you achieve your goals easier.

Sleeping helps because we often dream of things we want from life, whether it’s a happy family in the future or an executive position in an international company.

Sleeping regularly and being wide awake for the rest of the day will not only help you focus better but also help you imagine your future and think about it more carefully.

3. Work out, don’t back out

Doing physical activities during the day is nothing new, but what about making those activities a routine?

Working out for an hour every single day will not only make your body feel fresh and energetic, but it will also motivate you to work harder during the day.

If you feel good in your skin, no one can stop you from achieving your goals, so why not try working out and making your body as healthy as possible, step by step.

4. Let bygones be bygones

Holding grudges towards your coworkers, friends, or even family members can have devastating consequences.

For one, your relationship with those people will become strained and distanced, not to mention the fact that holding a grudge serves no purpose whatsoever.

Do both of you a favor and be the first one to forgive. The person in question will appreciate the sentiment, and you can both move on and focus on more important life issues.

5. Learn from failure

Never let your failures repeat themselves. Failing is the fundamental step in learning something new, doing your job, or simply living the life you want.

Omissions and mistakes are bound to happen, no matter how careful or calculated you might be. The trick about failures is that they always offer a life lesson when it comes to realizing an essential aspect of life.

Don’t let failures go to waste, and always look for an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and not let them control who you are.

6. Get up, don’t stay down

Speaking of failing and falling, you must never let your failures become permanent and change your life for the worse.

Fix anything that happens to you by working hard to do so. Don’t let your past failures define who you are and demotivate you from what you want in life.

Get up every time you get beaten down and make sure that you always smile when doing so. You will not only overcome hardship in doing so but inspire anyone who might be there to see you rise again from your failure.

7. Develop habits for success

Developing healthy habits is one of the most critical aspects of success.

No one has ever succeeded in achieving their goals by following someone else’s guidebook or acting impulsively.

It would be best if you got a hold of your life by creating healthy and productive routines that suit your work style and make sure you follow your own set of standards.

In doing so, you will be able to succeed much more regularly and motivate yourself to work harder than ever before.

8. Objectivity over subjectivity

There will always be someone who has an opinion of what you are doing with your life. Whether it’s a concerned parent, a close friend, or your loving spouse, people will always feel a need to comment on your life and career.

Make sure that you always take these comments with an open mind and think of them as objectively as possible, as you would look at websites ratings at an online service.

Taking them too seriously and personally will not only ruin your mood but demotivate you from doing the things you have become good at, and want to do.

9. Don’t take anything for granted

Repaying your debts toward others is an essential part of being a human being.

If anyone has ever helped you with hardship or helped you accomplish an important goal in the past, make sure that you are available to them.

Owing someone a favor might not sound like the best of ideas, but remember that those individuals have helped you in the past.

This behavior is different from being a Good Samaritan because you are merely repaying debt and not ignoring a friend who might need your help after helping you.

It will make sure your conscience is clear, and you are motivated for further work.

10. Positive thinking – decisive action

If you think positively, you will act much in the same way.

Living life without doubts is much more than smiling at anyone who comes your way – it’s about genuinely seeing the best that the world has to offer.

You will always find the best solution to a problem and be a diplomat when it comes to solving a crisis.

Always look for the positive note of a situation without jumping to negative conclusions. Nothing in this world is black or white, and positivity will help you see that more clearly.

11. Your past doesn’t define you

Giving into the things you have done in the past will severely influence your motivation.

You might have made mistakes you are not proud of or hurt someone you love – these things are now in the past for you. As such, they should remain in the past and serve as a reminder for the future.

Using them as useful tools instead of a hindrance is an integral part of evolving as a person and becoming more productive.

12. Strike a hero pose

Putting your hands on your hips and puffing up your chests while looking into the distance sounds silly on paper.

Once you do it for the first time, however, you will notice the effects of putting up a hero pose every once in a while.

Feeling like a hero for a couple of seconds each day will work wonders for your overall motivation and make sure that you are productive and energetic throughout the day.

13. Talk to yourself about success

Standing in front of a mirror and telling yourself how successful you are going to be in the future is an excellent way to boost your motivation.

You can have a clear roadmap of where you want your life to go, but if you don’t understand it wholly and personally, nothing will come of it.

Do everything you can to make sure that you know yourself and everything you want from life. Only then will you become the best version of yourself.

14. Meditate and relax often

Taking a break from all your worries every once in a while is essential to your motivation and productivity.

While you don’t have to meditate in the traditional sense of the word, putting on some light music and laying in bed while doing nothing for an entire afternoon is something we all desperately need.

Do yourself a favor and unwind any chance you get to charge your batteries for future productivity.

15. Track your progress

Being productive and motivated to work on your goals is nothing if you don’t track your progress.

A simple notebook will suffice when it comes to keeping tabs on you. Make sure that you write down all of your life goals on a single page and then list all of the activities that need to happen if you want to be there one day.

According to professional college paper writers, this will not only help you visualize your goals but also give you a massive boost in motivation and productivity since your goals have suddenly become visible and attainable.

While it can be difficult to find personal motivation when you need it the most, writing down your goals in this way will undoubtedly help you anytime you need a kick start.

Are you ready to change your life?

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Here you have it—fifteen proven tips to help you motivate yourself. Whether you’re interested in changing careers, launching a new project, or want to start working out at home, we hope this set of advice will make things easier for you.

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