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15 Things Your Clothes Say About You

Posted on October 30 2016

what your clothes say

What you wear says a lot about who we are. In most cases our clothes reflect our mood and style. If we are feeling disappointed and down adding a bit of lipstick tends to lift our mood and give us a bit of cheer. If we are feeling happy and confident we often reach for our favorite pair of heels and pumps or even a bandage dress.

Psychologists have discovered that what a woman wears gives away a lot about her personality and outlook too. Taking cues from our article on what the color you wear says about you we decided to zero in on what the styles of clothing you choose convey to the masses about your personality.

If you've never really paid attention to what you say with your clothes here is what you need to know about how different types of outfits often convey very different moods and personality characteristics.


If you are someone who prefers buttoned-up shirts and fully covered outfits for work, you may be subconsciously trying to dress in a more conservative and traditional manner. Remember former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s clothes? Dressing the way you do makes you feel confident and at par with your male peers.

Being a buttoned-up woman is totally in vogue today. We see the style softened with tailored blazers, frilly blouses, red lips, and high heels. Your tendency to keep things in check says you are not afraid to go head to head with the best of them.

Work Clothes

We understand that for work, you need to look the part and that is where power dressing comes into play. But is there truly a need to be in workwear even outside the office? Some women find themselves clothed in formals and other work clothes even on days off—sounds like you?

This means that you value yourself based largely on your accomplishments at work. Professionalism is one thing, but dressing this way most of the time may tell others that you are neck-deep in the 9-5 rut and work takes precedence over anything else. Make a conscious effort to enjoy life outside work by meeting friends and indulging in various activities. As for your wardrobe, start the change by going for a few colorful prints and replacing your work trousers with more denims and dresses.

Strapless Dresses

Strapless Dress

Not every woman steps out in a strapless dress often, although all of us aspire to have that level of confidence. If you have no qualms in dressing up in an outfit for a bare-shoulder look, you embrace feminine grace and love to show off the lady in you.

You also come off as a woman who is confident about her body (you probably have killer arms from working out). However, while wearing strapless outfits, be careful of where you are headed as such dresses may not be the most work-friendly attire. They are also not recommended if you are meeting the parents for the first time.  

V-Necklines and Revealing Dresses

V neck Plunging

A plunging neckline is one of the sexiest ways to dress and shows total confidence in your body. V-necks are flattering to most body types. We often see v-necklines in anything from formal to casual wear. If you are often seen in a neckline that dips low you are not afraid to show off a bit of skin and openly embrace flirting and sex appeal.

While it is one thing to be playful and sexy, showing off skin too often gives out the message that you have a great hunger for power and control. Exposing plenty of cleavage or wearing something too short for inappropriate occasions says either that you know people will be looking at you and expect it.

Your preference for taking more risky steps in fashion may be an indicator of your preference for being seen. You are also addicted to being  the center of attention.

Baggy Clothes 

Is your wardrobe stocked with oversized T-shirts, pants, and other baggy clothes? There is two sides to this form of dressing. On one hand you may lack of confidence in your body. On the other hand it appears you prefer comfort and reality above all else.

Using clothes to hide your body reveals that you are a very private person and takes time for you to open up. Preferring to always be comfortable in your clothes shows that you are more interested in real life rather than kept appearances.

Sloppy Dressing

No, dressing shabby may not always tell others that you are all for the “grunge” and anti-establishment look. If you look is too unkempt you may come off as having a poor self-image and “ careless” attitude that may affect your impression at work and other professional settings.

Ripped shirts, frayed denims, bed hair, and smudged make-up may give others the impression that your are not proactive or ambitious. Sloppy dressing is best enjoyed at home or amongst your most trusted friends and family.

Bodycon and Bandage Dresses

Bandage dress

There is a difference between bodycon and bandage dress types, but if you prefer wearing either or both of these styles, it says that you love your body and do not shy away from showing all your curves.

Women who wear figure hugging dresses are often perceived as being confident and possess strong personalities. Your preference for sexy dresses means you love all things feminine and charming.  

One-shoulder dress

Trendy, funky, and sexy—exposing one shoulder means you love a good tease. Putting on a one-shoulder dress or top means you do not mind standing out and know what it takes to be extraordinary. You are also very fond of unique and quirky style that only you and a handful of other women can pull off well. You are flirty and love socializing. You are the first one to the party and likely the last one to leave.

Neutrals-only Style

Do you find more monochrome outfits and duplicate clothes (the same style in different patterns or colors) than anything else in your wardrobe? Do you prefer wearing clothes sans any accessories? Well, this may mean that you are scared of drawing attention and prefer blending into the crowd. Being stuck in this kind of psychological rut can seriously affect your personal and professional relationships, so take charge.

Neutrals are fine, but ensure that those are not the only things you wear. Try mixing colors and patterns, and start off with adding tiny pieces of jewelry to your look. Explore hairstyles and other accessories like purses and scarves to change your look as well.

All Terrain Outfits

If you are living in a hoodie and jeans with unkempt hair, you are giving out the message that you are exhausted and possibly suppressing part of yourself out of some guilt. True, being a busy woman or being overworked can take a toll on the way a woman dresses, but you need not be in trainers all the time. You need some downtime, so take some time off and dress in different ways to regain pieces of yourself. A happier and more balanced you is a happier and more balanced life.

Designer wear

There is nothing wrong in putting on designer logos and favorite labels once in awhile. But if you are drowning in designer logos at any given time, it could signal that you are trying to show off wealth and power due to your desire of mixing with a certain kind of crowd. On the other hand, you may come off as intimidating to some others. Let people value you for who you are, not the brands that you wear.

Athletic Attire

Wearing workout clothes (even when you are not out on a jog or at the gym) gives out the message that you want people to think that you are health-conscious, even when you may not be.

Always appearing in workout attire gives the impression that you are always busy and preoccupied. Try not wearing complete workout ensembles and instead just opt your yoga pants paired with tennis shoes and a feminine top.

Bright Colors

A dynamic, fun personality is what you have if you do not shy away from putting on dresses in various colors rather than sticking to the classic blacks, whites, and greys. You radiate warmth and cheer, and people are most likely drawn to you and your positive outlook. You do not want to blend in, instead you use your wardrobe to draw attention and send out positive vibes. However, remember to strike a balance so that you do not look over-the-top with too many colors on you.


So you love all-black outfits with ‘Goth’ accessories and dark makeup—while you may perceive yourself as artistic, fun, and rebellious, this is not what you come across to others in most cases. Instead, too much Goth may make others think of you as uninviting, depressed, and even threatening. While black will always be a timeless classic, remember to temper it with neutrals or other pops of color.

Take a look at your wardrobe—there is a good chance you have been giving away your hidden desires simply with your choice of outfits. Do you like what you’ve been saying? Confidence is the key when it comes to pulling off any look. If you are not comfortable in something, even if it is the most expensive or prettiest dress, it will show. As famous designer Vera Wang once said, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.”

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