How Much Should I Pay For A Bandage Dress?

Last updated on : August 24 2017

How much will a quality bandage dress cost? Why do you see so many that look the same but vary in prices from $10 to more than $1000? And most importantly, will the dress you see on a store's website be the same dress you get in the mail? 

As an online retailer that specializes in affordable, high-quality bandage dresses, we seek to set the record straight and help you buy smart and save at the same time.

Understanding Quality Bandage Dresses 

There are thousands of bandage and bodycon dress retailers on the web - literally. Each offers you a range of dresses that vary in size, color, and styles. These retailers have various shipping costs, return policies, and price points in their arsenal, depending on quality.

The two most important aspects of any bandage dress are its fabric quality and ease of wear. If the fabric is rough, you will be uncomfortable. If the structure is too loose, your dress will look sloppy, and you will appear unkempt. 

A high-quality dress can be made from a variety of fabrics. Your satisfaction rests in the thickness of the dress, its ability to stretch, how strong and durable it is, and it's sheen. A thicker fabric acts as shapewear. A stretchy dress makes it super comfy and comfortable to wear. A durable one means that you can put it on and pull it up or down without tearing it or ruining its shape. A dress with sheen shows quality and gives you confidence.  

For comparative purposes and to be clear upfront, bandage dresses at price points below $70 should be carefully considered. These dresses are typically made from polyester or cotton and thus fail to deliver adequate thickness, stretch, durability, and shine.

Are Dress Stores Online Selling the Same Cute Dresses? 

Think of it this way. If you need milk and eggs, do you have to go to a grocery store to get them? Or can you get both from Walgreens or Walmart? You can get similar products online and offline from anywhere - it depends on your shopping preferences and the time frame in which you need them. 

A reputable store or retailer promising to offer high-quality bandage dresses is likely selling one from a respected manufacturer, and therefore it is a similar dress (in quality at least) to what other reputable websites are selling as well.

Bandage Dress Manufacturers at a Glance

Bandage dress manufacturers are mostly related either through history or family ties and produce about 95 percent of the high-quality dresses sold at price points between $70 to $250 on the web today. A reputable online store or retailer selling dresses within this price range is likely selling one made by one of the primary manufacturers we've mentioned. So whether you buy one from dress store A or dress store B; you're getting a similar bandage dress – albeit at a different price. 

Fashion brands and bandage dress retailers that offer dresses designed by them are almost certainly made by these same manufacturers and will be of similar quality - not necessarily better quality. Remember that exclusive brand lines and collections do not affect the quality of dresses. In most cases, you are only paying extra for the label. 

Manufacturing cost per bandage dress range between $25 to $55 depending on the dress and weave. Add to that shipping costs of approximately $30 for the first two pounds and additional fees for related stock, packaging, and financing of around $5 and we get a base cost to get the dress to a customer's door between $60 and $90. So why do we see prices as much as $180 or even $250?

Why Are High-Quality Bandage Dresses More Expensive? 

Quality control and returns influence the price point the most. Although the dresses have a similar manufacturing source; controlling the quality of each costs more than you would think. 

Manufacturers are producing thousands of quality dresses a month, but they are not necessarily all the same. The finish can be poor on some, while others have different damage. Seams must align, zippers must zip, colors must match. In most cases, manufacturers tend to regard quality as the buyer's responsibility, and that requires a bit more overhead.

Ever received a defective or damaged product in the mail? Worst case is that the dress store sources directly from a manufacturer who ships it straight to your door. These dress stores never see your dress, and it is quite a gamble for you and them. If the dress is all wrong and the zipper doesn't zip, then you have the hassle of returning it - within an allocated time. 

Impacts of Returning Bandage Dresses on Cost

A reputable dress store offering a fair return policy sees returns in the region of 40 to 50 percent. Yep! Almost half of the dresses sold are in fact also returned. Why?

  • A significant component of returns is the "try-on" approach employed by many customers. It means that customers order a variety of dresses not knowing which styles they prefer as well as a range of sizes to be sure they get one that fits - then returns the rest.
  • There is also a high incidence of Wardrobing, where a customer orders a dress, wears it out for a night (or more) and then returns the dress. Yes - it's crazy but true. In fact, one in six customers admits to having done this at least once.
  • And lastly, there is Friendly Fraud, where a customer buys something and then claims their money back on their credit card stating it wasn't them who made the purchase. In 2014, online retailers collectively forfeited $11.8 billion as a result of Friendly Fraud.

What Does This All Mean to You? 

Focusing only on returns means that dress store retailers cannot offer lower prices, excellent customer service, and simple, fast returns sensibly. If they do, they will go bust. As a consumer, you are compensating for the various factors we've mentioned.

Some retailers offer the standard 30-day return policy while others employ an inconvenient seven days. In a nutshell, the more relaxed and friendlier the return policy the higher the selling price is likely to be, and this is why lower priced bandage dresses are more difficult to return or will not be accepted at all. The cost of dresses is based mainly on these factors.

What Should I Pay For A Bandage Dress? 

Keep in mind that a dress store or retailer that promises easy returns does not mean that your dress is quickly returned and exchanged. Do you have to pay a restocking fee? How many days do you have to decide if you want to keep your dress? Is there an actual phone number you can call to get updates about your purchase or ask questions? Is there any form of customer service? Does the store have prominent and verified customer reviews (like the ones found here)? Can you read what other customers are saying about the store from an unbiased source? Consider all of these things before deciding how much you want to spend on your dress. 

Below we've listed what you can expect at different price points at a glance:

$10 - $70

  • The dress comes polyester or cotton. 
  • It lacks stretch for a consistent snug and sexy fit.
  • One time wear, for a night out with friends.
  • All sales are usually final.

$90 - $100

  • This price range provides a suitable dress made primarily in rayon with either nylon or spandex.
  • Two or three wears for special occasions.
  • Familiar with the brand's sizing and quality.
  • Not planning on returning your bandage dress but may. 
  • Possibly a restocking fee. 

$110 - $150

  • These dresses are usually 90 percent rayon with a luxe blend of nylon and spandex. 
  • Wear for many years with proper care. 
  • The retailer has verified customer reviews.
  • Possibly need to return for sizing. 
  • Free shipping. 
  • No, or a reasonable restocking fee. 

Overall, based on the cost of manufacturing, shipping, and returns prices beyond $150, including shipping for a standard high-quality bandage dress are too high.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bandage dress?

A Bandage dress is a dress that fits your body like a… You guessed it- A bandage.

It is a figure-hugging dress, made famous by the one and only Hervé Léger. The sexy dress pulls in (or hides) all the curvy parts of the body, thanks in part to the stretchy fabrics that make up the dress – namely Rayon, Nylon, and Spandex.

Does A Bandage Dress cost a fortune?

A high-quality bandage dress can range from $70 to $250.

Ideally, you should opt for a good quality dress as opposed to one worth a fortune.

One does not have to go to a high end or well-known brand to find the dress.  Instead, source one from a reputable online retailer. One with a good reputation.

Do your homework before making the purchase. Read up on the terms and conditions, sift through all the customer reviews with an eagle eye and if there is a live chat option, then ask the important questions before making the all-important purchase.

What is the fabric predominantly used in a bandage dress?

We make all our dresses from 90% rayon, 8% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Rayon is an absorbent (man-made) plant-based fabric. Rayon is made from a cellulose derivative, coming from wood pulp or similar organic materials. It is also a stretchy fabric with silk-like qualities.

Nylon, on the other hand, is a synthetic fabric made from petroleum products. It is a much stronger and more durable than the other two components, Rayon and Spandex.

The last fabric featured is Spandex. We only use 2% in our Bandage Dresses at The Kewl Shop. Spandex adds the body-hugging element to our dresses and is derived from a synthetic material with a polymer base, classed as Polyurethane.

Our lighter bandage bodycon dresses are made from a blend of polyester and spandex.

Are Bandage Dresses still popular?

Yes – bandage dresses will never truly go out of style. While Kim Kardashian put them on the map, they are still the go-to seductive dress for most body-conscious women, especially for those women still willing to flaunt what they were born with – curves and booty.  

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