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Can I Wear A Bandage Dress Over 40?

Posted on January 21 2016

Bandage dress over 40
When I was younger

When I was younger fashion was my middle name. I would look for the latest trends on the hottest movie stars, scour magazines for outfits I could duplicate or just combine them all for my own look. Now all the "fashion" I have is plucked from clearance racks, then worn and washed until they’re threadbare. I have even been known (on more than one occasion) to root through the dirty laundry or pick up a discarded item off the floor (sniffing for cleanliness, of course) and toss it on without a further thought.

As horrifying as this may sound to most of you, it comes with working from home and not having to impress anyone with my daily attire (the delivery guys are used to me and hardly ever flinch anymore when I open the door).


I’m in my mid forties

My age also doesn’t help (mid-forties). It’s like the clothing manufacturers have completely disregarded this category. Most of the clothes on the racks are either young-hard-body or old-granny style - I have an elderly mother and I don’t want to shop out of her closet.

My problem is I like the younger fashion - they’re cool, colourful with funky designs and look adorable on the rack or those teeny-bodied mannequins.


I like the trendy clothing stores

I start out in these trendy clothing stores with such enthusiasm, too. I have visions of how cute I’ll look in one of these spaghetti-strapped numbers or tight-fitted jeans, but my bubble is soon burst.

It usually starts with the sales person (some young thing with her perky boobs and fresh skin) and the look on her face that says...I think what you’re looking for is on the other side of the store, grandma. However, ignoring her I anxiously take my cute clothes and pick out a dressing room (as far back as possible) shut the door and begin my transformation.


But my bubble so often bursts…

I quickly shed my bargain bin attire, careful not to look in those full-length mirrors (that would kill me instantly, why are they so unflattering?), then begin the struggle. As I wiggle and pull the tight little number into place (hmmm, the label says it’s my size) it’s usually at this point that my muffin top rebels; why are those zippers so short? And realization dawns on me. Actually, it doesn’t just register it screams, YOU’RE NOT TWENTY ANYMORE! But being the sucker for punishment that I am, I still have to look in the mirror hoping it’s not as bad as I think.

WRONG! It’s worse! When did all those bulges form around my mid-section? Plus, I can’t even breathe much less sit in this thing. With one more quick glance to make sure my self esteem is totally shot, I quickly peel off the offending outfit, get dressed and get out of there, only to be greeted with the smug look and voice of the sales girl asking me, "how did it go?" Honey, if the scream of horror cutting through the jazz-rock and my face completely drained of color doesn’t tell you, then nothing will. I dump the offending clothes in her arms and head for the nearest café to drown myself in an extra large mocha-latte (hmmm...could that be part of the problem?)


So What Am I supposed To Wear?

So, what am I suppose to wear? I’m too old for the cool stuff and too young for my mom’s fashion. Good thing I found this article about Jane Seymour wearing a bandage dress at the age of 61. She looks fantastic and so can I. I’m going to buy a bandage dress from The Kewl Shop right now and I’ll be fantastic in it.  

If you are over 40, even over 50 or 60, you can still wear a bandage dress. Let me rephrase that, you can still rock a bandage dress. Do it now!

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