The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Leggings

Last updated on : January 15 2023

how to wear leggings

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Leggings are versatile, and you can wear them year-round, but you should wear them with a longer top, tunic, blouse, or dress to create a flattering yet appealing look. Also, avoid see-through leggings and opt for darker colors and neutrals for a fuller figure.

Avoid pairing leggings with clingy dresses to prevent showing lumps and bumps—layer leggings with a soft, floaty blouse, knitted wool coat, or cropped leather jacket. Use understated or muted patterns or soft embossed fabrics to create texture.

Choose shoes carefully and opt for wedges, stilettos, heeled boots or trainers.


We all love to wear leggings because they're seriously versatile, whether for summer or winter. You can substitute them for pants or tights. But we have also all seen some of the epic leggings fails (click at your peril) that are out there.

So what are the Do’s and Don’ts of legging wearing that will guarantee you a flattering outfit rather than a fail? 

The Don'ts

Don’t Display Your Crotch.

The great debate when it comes to leggings is: are they pants or tights? Leggings are skin tight, so you should wear them like you’d wear a pair of tights, with your crotch covered. Even if they are entirely opaque, wear a longer length top, tunic, blouse or dress to create a flattering yet appealing look

Don’t Do See Through.

Unless you are wearing mid-thigh to knee length tops or dresses, see-through is a bad idea. There is nothing worse than seeing a girls underwear through her leggings with nothing to cover her fashion faux pas! And besides, if you want to see through, then you should instead get tights

Don’t Do Light Colors on Fuller Figures.

The truth is that light colors make you look more substantial, so if you have a fuller figure, it’s probably a better idea to stick to darker colors and neutrals. And even if you don’t have a fuller figure, try never to wear leggings that are lighter than what you are wearing on your top half. It will make your bottom half look more prominent. 

Don’t Do Clingy on Clingy.

Leggings do not leave much to the imagination, this includes lumps and bumps. Nor do clingy dresses. Pairing the two together can be a big mistake because any wobbles or bumps you may have, or that may be caused by the elastic will show. 

The Do's

Do Layer

Layering is the best and most flattering way to wear leggings. Think leggings with a soft, floaty blouse, and a knitted wool coat or cropped leather jacket over it.

Do Use Subtle Pattern to Create Texture

Go with understated or muted patterns or soft embossed fabrics to create texture. It also creates a subtle sense of interest. 

Do Use Bright Patterns and Colors Carefully

Be very careful when wearing brightly colored or patterned leggings. Instead, pair them with simple colors or neutrals on top. Or if you are going to wear a bright or patterned dress or top, go with neutral or simple leggings. Too much color and the pattern is far to busy and does not a flattering look make!

Do Choose Your Shoes Carefully

Flats are not a great idea with leggings unless you are tall. If you are tall, then go for pumps or flat sandals with pleasure, but for all the shorties out there, it would be better to wear some sort of heel. You can extend the length of your legs with leggings and a good pair of wedges, stilettos or heeled boots.

Nowadays it's common to wear trainers with leggings, especially during the day. This look can work well with sport type training leggings or tights.

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