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Kick Ass Selfie Promo Gets You 15% Off Today!

Last updated on : February 21 2015

The Kewl Shop has come up with another kick ass promotion - Get 15% off all your bandage dress purchases just by giving us your selfie. As long as you post a selfie each time you buy a bandage dress you continue to get 15% off your next purchase - isn't that kick ass. 


Bandage Dresses are The Rage

We know Bandage dresses are all the rage right now, right? You literally can’t google a celeb without seeing them in one of those fantastic bandage dresses. These super sexy dresses can be seen on the likes of Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Hayden Panettiere to name a few and why not? They are stunning and flattering no matter what your shape!


Everyone Knows What A Selfie Is Right

Now let’s talk about selfies: Selfies have been taking social media by storm, whether they are being used by peeps to catch a moment, promote awareness, or as the butt of a joke, everyone knows what a selfie is, how to take it, and guaranteed has at least one of themselves lurking on their phone somewhere.


The Selfie Promo & The Rules! 

So what is this Selfie Promo you ask? Well it’s pretty simple. Buy any bandage dress from The Kewl Shop's bandage dress collection. Take a selfie in the dress. Post it to Twitter and tag @thekewlshop or on Instagram and tag @thekewlshopoffical or load it under the product on our website (click on the main image above as an example). You then get 15% off of your next bandage dress. It is literally that simple. How fabulous!


Step by step:

  1. Order a Bandage Dress from The Kewl Shop.
  2. Take a selfie in your new dress
  3. Post your image on Twitter and tag @thekewlshop or upload onto the product on the web site - click on the upload your photo button to add your selfie.
  4. Get your 15% off promotion code.
  5. Use it with your next purchase!


We've Got An Awesome Video Too

In the spirit of the current #selfie trend we have done our very own Selfie Parody of the original song done by the Chainsmokers.  Check out our video:


The Kewl Shop Bandage Dress Selfie promotion couldn’t be more easy! As long as you post a selfie each time you buy you continue to get 15% your next purchase. 

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