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Sexy Collarbones and How to Dress Them!

Posted on April 11 2014

sexy collarbones

Flaunting collarbones is a subtle way to make a statement. Showing off clavicle bones is feminine, alluring, and sexy. Additionally, it is a timeless trend that has made its appearance for generations and decades.

The collarbone or clavicle is the longest horizontal bone in your body. You have two - one on the left and one on the right. They connect your shoulder blade and your breastbone.

If you are trying to look your best and display sexy collarbones there are a few style tips and tricks on how to pull the look off with charm, poise, and class. It is important to remember that the ultimate goal of showing off feminine collarbones is to do so with confidence and dignity.

Let your collarbones and bare skin do all the talking and consider dainty necklaces and earrings to pull your look together. In this post we discuss the best necklines to show off your clavicles and whether or not your body type and size need to be considered when looking to participate in this timeless trend.

Best Necklines to Show Your Collarbones

Halter. Everybody loves a good halter neckline. A halter neckline can live up to its name and stop people in their tracks when worn to the right venue and with the right attitude.  Halter necklines show off your clavicle and usually feature cleavage. This neckline also giving your shoulders the illusion of being more slim.

Halter necklines are ideal if you want to give your body the illusion of being long and lean. The halter style draws the eye to your body in a vertical way, which gives you the appearance of being taller and more slim.

If you have a full bust or petit shoulders consider a two piece halter dress with a midi length skirt and super high stilettos to pull off this display of collarbones.  

Deep-V. A sensual deep-v neckline is the perfect way to show off your collar bones and flatters most body types. If you have an hourglass body type your body does most of the work to pull this look off. If you are more curvy you will find that the deep-v neck has a slimming effect, drawing attention to your décolletage and cleavage.

Deep-v necklines that also show off your collarbones is not an easy look to pull off without losing your dignity. Be sure to focus on pulling together a hairstyle that works for this neckline and choose very simple makeup with red lips to keep your look visually balanced. Red lips will pull attention from your bust area and draws eyes to your face.

Strapless. We each have one timeless, strapless dress in closets. It is our go to dress that slims and makes us super confident in our body. There is no better way to bring attention to your collar bones and neck than with a sexy straight-across or sweetheart strapless neckline.

Strapless bandage dresses are ideal for women with a full bustline. The styles helps you flaunt your flawless arms, shoulders and collar bones. If you have a smaller bustline the look is the perfect time to bring in some beautiful jewelry and statement pieces.

We did a round up and asked jewelry designers to share their most recommended pieces for strapless necklines. Check it out here.

Asymmetric. The latest thing in collarbone flaunting is definitely the asymmetrical one-shoulder dress. If you have slim shoulders, a petite frame, or an ample bustline an asymmetric design is a great way to draw attention to your well-defined clavicle.

From structured architectural designs to fun and flirty summer dresses, asymmetric necklines are often designed to be flattering and feminine.  

Bateau. Bateau necklines are ideal for accentuating your clavicle while keeping your dignity firmly in tact. It is considered one of the more traditional ways to accentuate your clavicle. Boat or square necks mirror the sweep of your collarbones, enhancing their natural appeal. Boat necks are very popularly used in wedding gowns and formal dresses because they style is simple, ultra feminine, and leaves enough to imagination.  

With the right designs, colors and fabrics, bateau necklines can be adapted to almost any occasion. It is also a neckline that

How to Be Confident Showing Your Collarbones

From a simple boat neckline to deep-v t-shirt to a sexy off-the-shoulder jumper, there’s no reason not to flaunt your collar bones confidentiality. Rather than simply show off your collarbones when wearing a pretty dress, consider showing them off in everyday clothes.  

There’s been a lot of debate about whether everyone can pull off the collarbone flaunting style. There are those who say it’s a trend reserved for the super skinny, but others beg to differ.
Naturally, at The Kewl Shop, we weigh in. Whether your figure is slender and lithe or full and voluptuous, a pretty décolletage is always in.

We believe the clavicle is a great way to show some skin without taking the outfit from classy to too-sexy-to-handle. This trend is perfect for everyday and never too sensual for any occasion. Necklines showing off your collarbones are a timeless, feminine style that will continue to be around for decades -  so flaunt them proudly.

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