13 Wedding Hairstyles To Match Your Bridesmaid Dress

Last updated on : June 16 2021

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Being a bridesmaid is an honor and a curse. 

When you are a bridesmaid, you're expected to be in the shadow of the bride and help her with whatever she wants. But that doesn't mean you can't shine in your role. 

After selecting a dress that fits the color scheme of the wedding or wearing the one provided - it's time to decide what hairstyle and accessories to use with it.

Selecting the perfect hairstyle depends on what looks good on you, and the style of the bridesmaid dress you are wearing.

Here is a list of 13 wedding hairstyles to match different types of bridesmaid dresses. Use them as insights into the best ways to shine without stealing the show.

Up-do For A Boat Neck Dress

boatneck dress with updo hairstyle

Boat neck or bateau neck dresses expose some skin around your collarbones. 

The primary job of this straight neckline is to highlight your shoulders, collarbones, and your neck. 

The best hairstyle for these dresses is one that puts these assets on display. Try an updo or similar, one that doesn't have your hair hiding your neckline.

According to Nunzio Saviano, the owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC, “When your hair is down, it makes the dress look narrow, instead show off the dress and look beautiful with your hair up.” 

So go ahead and sweep up your hair to look elegant on the day.

Topknot With A HIgh-collar Dress

high collar bridesmaid dress with top knot hairstyle

High-collar bridesmaid dresses are perfect if you have a thin neck or a square body shape. 

In these dress styles, we recommend you wear your hair in a topknot. A high bun not only makes you feel regal but also elongates your neck. 

If you have intricate details on the collar, a top knot is an ideal way to draw attention to it. 

Add braids to the style when you want a more elegant and polished hairstyle.

Any Hairstyle Works With A Strapless Dress

updo for strapless dress

If you are wearing a strapless bridesmaid dress, you are full of luck.

Almost any hairstyle goes well with strapless dresses, so you have plenty of options to choose. Try a loose low bun, or just let it down, whatever you are comfortable wearing. 

Saviano explains, “This neckline is a green light for anything, it’s just about what is going to look best on you. I prefer the hair up, but wearing it down can look beautiful, too”.

The right hairstyle for your strapless dress gives you a choice in your sex appeal. Go for a messy bun if you want feisty. Or brush your hair back and choose a sleek ponytail for a more refined look. 

Fishtail Braids With A Halter Dress

halterneck dress with fishtail braided hair

Halter dresses are a trend in recent years and make you look sexy as well as fashionable. Whether your bridesmaid dress is a flowy halter dress or a bandage halter dress, wear your hair in a fishtail braid.

Do not hesitate to use hair extensions if your hair’s not long enough to braid. You can either let it fall on your back or pull it in front on one of your shoulders. 

Fishtail braids paired with a halter dress are elegant and charming.

Side-swept Hairstyle with a One-shoulder Dress

side swept hairstyle on asymmetrical dress

One-shoulder dresses draw attention to your shoulders and add visual length to your torso. So, avoid flowy hairstyles that conceal the flattering silhouette created by this dress style.

Balance the asymmetrical neckline of a one-shoulder dress with a side-swept hairstyle

Whether you want it a side-swept updo or a side-swept braid, ensure that your hair does not hide the shoulder details of your dress. If the wedding theme is bohemian, a side-swept fishtail braid will fit in perfectly.

Loose Curls With A V-neck Dress

loose curly hair with a v-neck dress

In a V-neck bridesmaid dress, the eye of the audience is drawn vertically, which makes your body seem longer. If you want to complement a V-neck style, your best bet is to wear your hair down, preferably in loose curls.

However, let’s not forget that the beauty of such a dress is in the cut. So be sure that your hair does not cover your neckline at all. 

Try a hairstyle that lets you wear your hair down, but still pins it to your back to keep your face free. You could go for a halfway-up style that displays cascading curls.

Chignon With A Chiffon Thin Strappy Dress

chignon hairstyle on a thin dress

There are very few dresses that are as feminine as a chiffon dress with thin straps. These dresses are most common at spring and summer weddings. When a bride chooses chiffon for her bridesmaids, she wants to give a romantic feel to her marriage.

Complete your romantic look by wearing your hair up in a low feminine chignon. This hairstyle draws everyone's attention to your shoulders, your collarbones, and your neck. 

The best thing about a chignon is that it works on almost every face shape, whether your face is round or heart-shaped.

Side-swept Updo With A Dramatic Back Dress

Updo or side swept hairstyle for a dramatic back dress

The purpose of a hairstyle is to complement the overall look of your bridesmaid outfit, not to obscure the details on the dress. 

With this in mind, if your dress has a dramatic back, go for a side-swept or full updo to show of the drama. 

Nunzio Saviano explains, “I think the hair should not be over the back. It’s open for a reason to show it off”.

Updo With An Illusion Neckline Dress

updo hairstyle with an illusion neckline

Lace or other sheer fabrics contribute to the illusion of these neckline types. And often they are full of embroidery. 

If you choose to wear your hair down, you'll be hiding the intricate details or the lace.

Any form of updo complements this dress type. Right from classic updos to messy side-swept updos. Pick a hairstyle of your choice and one that suits the shape of your face.

Bombshell Waves With A Backless Dress

bombshell waves on a backless dress

If you have a toned back and moderately blemish-free skin, backless dresses look sexy and stunning on you. 

The front of these dresses is well covered up. It is the back that reveals a fair amount of your skin. 

The ideal way to style your hair for a backless dress is to keep it simple – wear your hair in bombshell waves. Waves that scatter all over your open back will add to the overall femininity of the dress.

Pumped Up Ponytail With A Sweetheart Neck Dress

pumped up ponytail on a sweetheart dress

Sweetheart necklines accentuate your breasts, without showing vast amounts of cleavage. They often come in a halterneck or strapless form and leave most of your back, neck, and shoulders bare. 

The best hairstyle is a pumped-up ponytail – this type of ponytail is in trend at the moment, and adds a chic look to your overall outfit.

Vintage Waves With An Off-shoulder Dress

vintage wavy hair with off shoulder dress

An off-shoulder dress is perfect for women with any body type, even if you have broad shoulders. 

The best thing about this dress is that it adds glamor, polish and a refined look. 

Off-shoulder bridesmaid dresses look stunning when you pair them up with gorgeous vintage waves. The cascading waves of this hairstyle evoke an old-time Hollywood feeling, which works perfectly well with your off-shoulder dress. 

Waves are also romantic and flattering to the bride.  

Tousled Tresses With A Scoop Neck Dress

scoop neck dress with tousled hairstyle

A scoop neck dress flatters all body types and is perfect for those who want to show off their collarbones. 

Pair it up with tousled curls, and you are guaranteed to look elegant and polished. Just ensure that your hair does not fall on your collarbones since these dresses are known to show them off. 

Your best bet is to wear your hair up with tousled tresses or pin them in the back using a barrette.

Bonus Section - How To Get The Best Out Of Your Bridesmaid Dress

Your bridesmaid dress might not be your choice, nor your style (or even be that stylish at all), but you can still make it look perfect for you.

Apart from selecting the correct hairstyle for the wedding and the dress you are wearing, you can follow these tips to maximize your bridesmaid's presence, without upstaging the bride.

Always order one or two sizes up. It's highly likely the dress will need some tailoring, and having some extra fabric to work with will help and avoid it being too tight on you.

For makeup, go with natural., everyday makeup if the dress is far from your style. That way, your face will look the part, if your dress doesn't. Combining uncomfortable makeup with a dress style that doesn't suit you will be a step too far.

Wear comfortable shoes, and prepare for the venue. Wearing shoes you like and enjoy can also uplift your spirits if you're not feeling so good about the dress. If the wedding is on grass, don't wear stilettos.

Get excited about your accessories. Choose jewelry that screams you. Apart from earing, choose a statement bracelet or necklace, or both.

Wear the right underwear. Don't exacerbate a dress style you don't like with ill-fitting underwear or underwear that is showing through. Make sure your bra is a proper fit and works with the dress. Test it all out properly beforehand, so there are no surprises on the day.

Find a sassy purse. The benefits of a purse are that you don't need to carry it around all the time. So find a purse that is you, and use it when you want to stamp more of your style onto the moment.

For the most part, remember the day isn't about you, and no one is going to judge you, particularly on the dress. So put a big smile on your face, conjure up some energy and suck it all up. 


It's important to choose the right hairstyle for the bridesmaid dress that you are wearing. 

Instead of being flattering, an incompatible hairstyle ruins the elegant look that you want. And not to mention, you will have the bridezilla on your tail.

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