13 Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss

13 Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss

Last updated on : November 22 2016

fruits for weight loss

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Are you tired of diets that do not show any results? Do you find it difficult to follow the strict regimen of an extreme diet plan? There is a better option available to you that you might not have given much thought to. Certain fruits, when included in your diet, may help with your weight loss goals. Some of these fruits are natural fat burners, while others are rich in pectin and fiber.

Numerous studies agree that increasing your daily intake of fiber results in weight loss. Fiber improves digestion, curbs the absorption of sugar in your blood, and keeps you satiated for longer. Which helps you avoid hunger pangs and energy crashes. Fruits are superfoods that really help you lose weight because they keep your hunger pangs at bay. If weight loss is your goal, consider adding these 13 fruits to your diet for results you can count on.

Fruits to eat for weight loss


Pear is a fruit that has a higher content of fiber than most other fruits. It is also rich in Vitamin C. It is known to reduce your chances of developing type II diabetes as well as coronary heart diseases. Pears also reduce your cholesterol level and keep your energy levels stable. The reason why pears are regarded as a superfood or super fruit for weight loss is because of its fiber content, which ensures that you feel full for longer.


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help your body get rid of toxins. They also increase your metabolic rate and are known to combat cholesterol, hypertension, and insulin resistance. According to a study conducted by the Texas Women’s University, blueberries have proven to fight fat cells. Another study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that rats who consumed blueberry powder daily had less abdominal fat when compared to those on a berry-free diet. Blueberries are indeed natural fat blasters.


Ever heard of ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Well it sure seems true when you look at the immense benefits of consuming apples. Apples are known to reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, and whiten your teeth. This heart-healthy fruit are low in calories but high in fiber, which makes it them perfect fruit to include in your weight loss diet.

There is empirical evidence to support this fact. The results of a Brazilian study indicate that women who consumed apples before their meals lost around 33 percent more fat when compared to those who did not eat apples prior to chowing down. Since apples are high in fiber, they also keep you satiated for longer, thereby curbing your hunger pangs.


Feeling hungry when you are on a weight loss diet? Just grab a piece of watermelon and you will not have to worry about the calorie content. A 100gm serving of watermelon contains just about 30 calories. Eating this fruit will ensure that you are hydrated because of its higher water content (approximately 90 percent). This juicy fruit is also rich in the amino acid arginine, which is well-known for its fat burning properties.

The University of Kentucky conducted a research study that showed that watermelons may help lower your fat accumulation and improve your lipid profiles. Another study that was conducted in Spain showed that watermelon juice reduces muscle soreness. This means that this fruit offer you dual benefits. Not only is watermelon great for weight loss, but also ensures that sore muscles do not stop you from working out.


If you remember the grapefruit diet was a fad not too long ago. Although consuming grapefruits the whole day is not a balanced meal, there is some truth to the idea that grapefruits help you with weight loss. Grapefruit is extremely low in calories; in fact, half a grapefruit only contains 37 calories.

There has been a study that proved that eating half a grapefruit before your meals helps lower your cholesterol level as well as reduces your belly fat. This may be because of the vitamin C content and phytochemicals present in this fruit. The higher fiber and water content in grapefruits make you feel full for longer, thereby reducing your unhealthy snacking urges. If you must grab a snack these protect your waistline.


Pomegranate comes filled with antioxidants that are essential for your body because they help get rid of the unwanted toxins. In addition, pomegranate is also known to increase the blood flow in your body as well as reduce the LDL cholesterol. In a study conducted by the University of Carolina, it was found that pomegranate boosts the metabolism of the body because of the polyphenols and antioxidants present in the fruit. Adding pomegranate to your diet aids in weight loss by helping to control your appetite.


Bananas are a rich source of potassium and fiber, as well as the only fruit that contains such high amounts of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is very important for your body because it lowers your risk of heart disease and helps improve your immune system.

Instead of choosing energy bars for that instant dose of energy, eat a banana. It is considered to be the ideal post-workout food because one banana contains just 105 calories and is high in fiber. Just like all the other fruits with higher fiber content, bananas also keep you full for longer and curb your hunger pangs.


Orange is one of the best fruits to include in your weight loss diet because it is regarded as a negative calorie fruit. In simpler terms, you burn more calories than you eat when you eat oranges. Eating oranges has more health benefits than aiding your weight loss.

This fruit is a rich source of thiamin, vitamin C, and folate. It also boosts your metabolism and is the perfect substitute when you are craving something sweet. A word of advice, do not include orange juice in your diet instead of oranges because they have different nutritional values.


When you are on the lookout for fruits that can be included in your low calorie diet, consider peaches. Packed with a high amount of potassium, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, peaches have a lot of health benefits. The antioxidants present in peach flush out the unwanted toxins from your body, while the fiber content helps by reducing your hunger.


Kiwis are regarded as superfoods when it comes to weight loss because they are brimming with fiber. The black seeds in kiwis are a good source of insoluble fiber that helps in digestion, while the tasty green part contain lots of soluble fiber that aids in feeling full for longer.

Controlling hunger pangs is one of the most essential steps to weight loss. Kiwis naturally control your hunger and are available year around.  


Papaya is a very good fruit for weight loss because it contains papain, an enzyme that boosts the digestion of food in your body. Apart from this, papaya is also rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamin C. What is more, you are easily able to incorporate this fruit in a number of ways in your diet, you can choose to eat it raw or include it in one of your main meals. Check out these great papaya recipes and snacks.


Guava is an effective weight loss fruit owing to the fact that it is rich in fiber, prevents constipation, and has a low glycemic index. This low index makes this the ideal weight loss fruit for people suffering from diabetes. The fiber boosts the metabolic rate of the body, thereby aiding in weight loss. In addition to these benefits, guava also improves our bowel movements.


Are you surprised that coconut is included in this list? A lot people stay away from coconut when they are on a low fat diet on account of the saturated fats found in this fruit. However, what is important to remember is that these saturated fats are unlike any other fats that should be avoided.

Just to give an example, the fatty acids that are present in the coconut oil are not stored as fats in your body. If you are desperately craving a snack on your weight loss diet, you can take a bite of coconut. There are so many different ways to include coconut in your diet—you can use it in the forms of coconut milk, dry fruit, or even coconut oil. The chains of triglycerides in coconut have been linked to a 30 percent increase in the metabolic rate of your liver. By increasing your metabolic rate, coconut aids in weight loss.

Never thought the process of weight loss could be so tasty, did you? Most of these fruits are a rich source of fiber. When you include these fruits in your weight loss diet, you can effectively manage your calorie intake and curb your unhealthy snacking habits. Fiber is a healthy solution to control hunger pangs and very effective. Consult with your doctor to determine if adding fruit or fiber is right for you.

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