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13 Effective Exercises to Target Your Waistline

Last updated on : September 11 2016

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Have you ever noticed that going on a diet and losing weight is not enough to get a slim and trim waistline? Your waist size is bound to reduce when you lose some weight, but a toned waistline requires a little more hard work, dedication, and targeted exercises. A well defined waistline gives you a feminine profile that is curvy, attractive, and ideal for showing off your gorgeous feminine proportions.

Not only does a toned tummy ensure that your sexy bandage dresses give you celebrity inspired confidence, but you will also find that lounging by the pool in your bandage bikini becomes all the more fun! Plus you'll rock any two piece dress that shows off your midriff.  

Here are 13 effective exercises for targeting your waistline. For insights and tips on the best foods to support your efforts read our article, 11 Quick Spring Snacks That Protect Your Waistline. And if you're interested in combining a slimmer waist with a more shapely butt read our article compilation on the subject

Forgo Cardio and Embrace HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Benefit: Full body strength training and targeted waistline exercises.

Most of us are used to starting any exercise session with conventional steady-state cardio. However, the problem with regular cardio is that your heart rate does not increase beyond a certain point. This is where HIIT exercise regimes such as CrossFit can help you.

An acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT helps you get your heart rate much higher owing to the highly intense activity you perform during the duration of the workout. According to the Journal of Obesity, HIIT is more effective in reducing abdominal fat as compared to any other type of exercise.

The easiest way to experience HIIT is to begin on a machine you love such as the treadmill. To do a HIIT workout, start with an easy 5 minutes of warm up on the bike, elliptical, or the treadmill. Increase your pace for the next 2 minutes. Lower the speed for the next 2 minutes. Repeat this high intensity interval training for approximately 5 to 10 reps. Walk another 5 minutes at an easy pace to cool down. This may not sound too difficult but the high-intensity bursts of exercise gives your body a complete workout and requires that you breath deeper and faster. This often tones and targets your tummy area more effectively.  

Often when it comes to exercises that target the waistline, love handles, and your abs, many people assume a bazillion crunches is the way to go.

Muscle Toning and Strengthening

If you’ve implemented a thousand crunches or situps into your exercise regime you are aware of the low impact of these exercises. But these are simply not enough. In order to target your waistline and maximize your time in the gym, it is important to know which exercises are really effective, and then mix them up in a way that gives you the results you want.

We recommend beginning some form of muscle toning for the best results. Here is a list of some of most effective toning and strengthening exercises that target your waistline.

Bicycle Crunches

Target Areas: Internal and external oblique muscles

According to a seminal study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), bicycle crunches or bicycle maneuvers are the most effective of all exercises that target the abdominal muscles and waistline. In fact, the study noted that this exercise is 148 percent more efficient than any standard crunch!

This type of crunch works on the stomach muscles while you extend your legs. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, and place your fingers on your temples or behind your head. Raise your upper body as you would for a standard crunch, and simultaneously twist your waist to reach your right elbow to your left knee. As you do this, extend your right leg till you can tap the floor with your toe. Come back to the center, and then to your original position. Repeat for the other side of your body. You will need to do at least 20 to 30 repetitions of this maneuver for maximum impact.

Knee Lifts on the Captain’s Chair

Target Areas: Oblique muscles and all major abdominal muscles

Standard knee raises/lifts/leg raises work well. However, the Captain’s Chair adds an extra level of difficulty to this exercise. This chair is basically a big chair without any seat for you to sit on. The result is that your ab muscles have to crunch tight to keep your body steady.

Hold the Captain’s Chair handles tight while pressing your lower back into the pad at the back of the chair. Slowly and in complete control, lift your knees up toward your chest. Aim for at least 20 reps.

Exercise Ball Crunches

Target Area: Abs, abs, and abs

This effective exercise is perhaps the most targeted one for your abs—it does not concentrate on any other muscle or hip flexion.

Place your feet firmly on the floor while you sit on the ball. With slow movements roll the ball backwards till it is under your back, and your body is parallel to the floor. Tuck your chin in, place your fingers on your temples, and do a crunch. If it doesn’t burn after 20 repetitions you may be doing it wrong. Check out how to do them properly courtesy of Scott Herman Fitness.  

Straight Leg Crunches

Target Areas: Abdominal muscle groups

Similar to the standard crunches, the straight leg crunch requires you to raise your legs by extending them above your hips while you crunch your abs. If you need to modify this exercise consider crossing your ankles for added stability.

TTM/Torso Track Machine

Target Areas: Oblique muscles and all major abdominal muscles

If you have a Torso Track Machine at your gym or home,  do not think twice before putting it to good use when looking to get a healthy waistline to show off your feminine figure in one of our sexy bandage dresses.

Kneel on the pads in front of the machine, and grip the handles firmly. Crunch your abdominal muscles, and lean your body outward in one line. Pull your body back to your starting point while ensuring that your abs are still contracted.

Arm Extension Crunches

Target Areas: Oblique muscles and all major abdominal muscles

Also known as the long arm crunch, the arm extension crunch is like a standard crunch but with raised arms.

Get into crunching position; raise your arms over your head so that your biceps touch your ears. Crunch while keeping your arms up, and inhale as you get back to the starting position. As with any abdominal exercise, breathing is very important, so focus on taking steady breaths and measured inhales and exhales.

Reverse Crunches

Target Areas: Lower abs

Reverse crunches are great for your lower abs and recommended because they do not bring as much neck and back strain that comes with a standard crunch. This is recommended if you are new to waistline targeted exercises.

Lie down flat on the floor with your arms down by your sides. Cross your ankles and raise your feet up till your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Press your back down, and use your core to raise your hips off the ground. Do this in slow measured movements and do not allow your legs to rise up over the head.

Heel Push Crunch

Target Areas: Core and lower abs

A combination of a standard and reverse crunch, the heel push crunch is highly effective at targeting your waistline to keep you slim and trim.

Get into crunch position with bent knees but press your heels into the floor with your toes pointing upward. Do a standard crunch, and when you reach the top, use your heels to push against the floor. By pushing your heels into the floor as you crunch, the focus on your abs gets intensified and provides the best impact.

Ab Roller Workout

Target Areas: Core and abs

We have all seen the innocuous-looking ab roller in televised advertisements, and we have all wondered if the device could actually work to better your waistline. According to ACE, a personal training certification program, it does!

Kneel on the floor holding the ab roller with both hands. Slowly begin to roll straight ahead, stretching your body out straight. Do not touch your body to the floor. Take a pause here, and then breathe out while pulling yourself back to the starting position.

Hover Plank

Target Areas: Core, glutes, back, calves, hamstrings, arms, and shoulders

The plank works on the waistline as well as the rest of your body, particularly strengthening the core. Adding this exerciser to your workout gives you an new found increase in energy as well.

Lie face down on the floor with your forearms extended on the floor such that your elbows and shoulders are in line. Hold your core tight, and lift your body off the floor so that you are balanced on your toes, forearms, and elbows—then, hover and hold for as long as you can!

Standard Crunch

Target Areas: Oblique muscles and abs

The standard crunch scored quite low on the list of the most effective exercises to target your waistline. While it did not make it to the top 10 of the list it is still an effective exercise.

Form is very important if you want a crunch to work. Lie on your back, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Flare your elbows and place your hands behind your head or by your ears. Brace your core, and exhale while you try to pull your belly button upward to the spine. Lift your shoulder blades and upper back off the floor to perform a crunch. Count till one, and inhale as you lower your upper body to starting position.

Exercise Tubing Pull

Target Areas: Upper abs

You can also add extra resistance to your ab workout with different tubing if you want to take this one level up.

Lie on the floor, knees bent, and feet flat on the ground. Once you’ve attached the tubing to a spot behind your head, hold the handles and pull till your elbows line up with your ears. Now raise your shoulders and head off the floor while tightening your abs. Return to starting position while inhaling.

Ab Rocker Workout

Target Areas: Core and abs

The rocker makes core work quite easy. However, this also reduces its effectiveness by some extent.

Lie back with your feet firmly on the ground about hip distance away from each other. Rest your head on the pad, grab the railing above your head, and do a crunch as you exhale. Inhale as you get back to the starting position. Remember that this is a workout for your abs, so keep the pressure on the arms at a minimum.

The best route to a toned and trim waistline is bringing the right exercises into your regime regularly. Focusing on exercises that tone and strengthen and not simply cardio is key.

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