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How to Look Just Right In Leggings

Posted on February 11 2014

Wear leggings and you’re dressing down, or maybe you’re rock chic? Doesn’t have to be. Leggings can be classy. The stars have done it, and you can too. Read on, as we discuss.


Classy pairings for leggings

Printed legging can look great, but unless it is perfect, make sure your behind is covered. You don't want the pattern to expand and contort as the material flows over your different contours. Wear them with a chambray shirt, a little on the longer side, and you are good to go classy!


Velvet leggings are also a good choice, especially during the cold seasons. Wearing them with a jeweled button-down makes an interesting look for a night party.


And something unexpected - blazers look real cool with leggings. If you're wearing a pair of black liquid leggings, pair them with a classic blazer and some long neckpieces. Or team your sequined leggings with a long tee and jacket for another class look. In this last look, if you want your top to be more pronounced, wear one with ruffled collars or similar.


A pair of leather leggings as part of a cat suit is a bad idea, unless you are super confident and don’t mind the occasional trashy look.


A few more pointers 
    • Leggings have this natural rock-n-roll edge to them. You need to balance this out with a classy piece, rather than wearing something that accentuates it. Unless of course you want to accentuate it, then go for boots.

    • Don't treat your leggings as you would traditional pants. If you are looking at tucking your top into your leggings, make sure you have ones that are designed for it. This is not really a cool look unless you are super svelte. 

    • Choose the right size. The stretched legging look is no good at all. You want them tight n firm but not stretched, particularly stretched through the ages.

    • Almost all shoes go great with leggings, unless you are pairing them with glitzy dress shoes, or cork wedges, or still worse, flip-flops! Pump shoes that are closed or open-toed and high-heel or wedge boots can look more than nice when paired with the right leggings.

Keeping these few tips in mind will help you pull off your leggings in style! And if you don’t know where to get your perfect pair, check out the latest in slim fit leggings at The Kewl Shop.

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