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12 Ways to Blast Fat with Food

Posted on August 26 2016

blast fat with food

Yes, you read that right. Did you know that you can actually eat to lose weight? Simply changing or adding a few things to a balanced and healthy diet has the ability to help you fight fat, get lean faster, and give you a boost of much needed energy.

There are certain foods that help you lose those unwanted pounds as they eliminate toxins, boost your metabolism, and trigger the right hormones. Take a look at these foods that you should start adding to your shopping list.

Eat eggs

When it comes to fat-burning foods, eggs have been found to help you achieve your fat-blasting goals without much effort. Studies suggests that if you eat eggs for breakfast rather than cereals or other items you are able to lose weight more easily. Eggs keep hunger pangs at bay,  by controlling your appetite. Rich in protein and low in calories, eggs are a tasty and easy way of eating to stay slim.

However, consult a doctor about the quantity of eggs you can safely consume if you have a high cholesterol problem. Eggs are delicious with an array of foods including sauteed veggies and in low carb wraps with cheese.

Do raw vegetables

Do raw veggies, especially ones like kale and celery because they are healthy food choices that burn calories. Did you know that raw veggies are also excellent for achieving your weight loss goals quickly? Whenever you are in the mood for a bite or a light snack, dice up some vegetables, get a yummy dip (preferably a low-fat one), and enjoy a delicious, crunchy, and healthy snack. Eating your veggies raw works towards making you feel full as they have high water content and are full of antioxidants.

Enjoy quinoa

Whole grains are a great addition to your diet when you are trying to eat healthy. Quinoa, in particular, helps you shed all that unnecessary weight without effort because it is an awesome substitute for rice or pastas. This is because quinoa has a higher fiber content and nutrients than other grains, and it helps in blasting tummy fat while boosting your metabolism. The protein content in quinoa gives you a feeling fullness and keeps you from unhealthy snacking.

Try sweet potatoes

Another food that is rich in dietary fiber is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes help you shed weight without having to give up on eating delicious dishes. This food works in a 3-pronged way to keep your weight in check—its high fiber content keeps you feeling full longer, it regulates blood sugar to control frequent hunger pangs, and also reduces your cravings for unhealthy sweets as its sweet flavor makes it wonderful to eat. Just add baked sweet potatoes to your diet and see the change in your body, energy, and focus.

Explore turmeric

It is common knowledge that this incredible spice, turmeric, helps improve several health conditions, including fighting inflammation. Turmeric also works for weight loss since it contains a compound called curcumin, which reduces inflammation in your muscles and fat cells—a factor related to obesity. Use this yellow spice liberally in your food to boost your body’s fat-burning quest.

Sprinkle cinnamon

Another spice that works towards reducing weight is cinnamon. Cinnamon regulates blood sugar levels, subdues appetite, and boosts the body’s metabolism. Eating this spice (at least a quarter of a teaspoon daily) helps if you are trying to trim the fat around your stomach, as it works in burning abdominal fat. Since it imparts a nice flavor to almost everything, it is not tough to include cinnamon in foods that you eat every day. Sprinkle some powdered cinnamon over your breakfast cereal, black coffee, or use it in your cooking. However, remember not to cheat—a cinnamon roll would not really count as a fat-busting food.

Snack on apples

An apple a day not only keeps your doctor away, but also aids in weight loss. Apples contain lots of water and fiber that suppresses hunger, and helps curb those annoying temptations to reach out for an unhealthy bite. Consuming apples with the peel on and whole rather than as a juice or smoothie is recommended when you are trying to lose a few pounds.

Test chilies and peppers

A little spice never hurt anyone, right? If you love a touch of heat in your food, there’s good news—chili peppers help in your weight loss efforts and are easy to incorporate into your diet. They contain a chemical called capsaicin, which aids the burning of fat by increasing your body’s metabolism. Use hot peppers in the powdered or cooked form in your dishes or simply eat it raw, if you dare.

Consume grapefruit

Usually, fruits contain fructose sugar—something that doesn’t make them seem like fat-fighting foods. However, a number of studies found that the consumption of grapefruit may actually help those trying to shed weight. During one such study at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center, Scripps Clinic, researchers found that people can boost weight loss by eating half a grapefruit with meals.

This fruit contains soluble fiber, something that takes longer to digest and keeps you full. Try to eat the white parts of the fruit too, as this portion contains the most fiber. For maximum benefits, drink a glass of grapefruit juice or eat up to a half a grapefruit before your main meals on a regular basis.

Make green tea

Among the many health benefits of this wonderful beverage is the ability to aid the burning of fat from the human body. Although it is not a magical cure for weight issues, drinking a few cups of green tea daily can certainly help you shed weight, especially around the belly.

Green tea contains a type of phytochemical known as catechin, something that scientists believe affects your metabolism and helps lose weight. Moreover, green tea is known to improve overall health and soothe nerves (a helpful aide when you are trying to get rid of a few pounds). Store cold, chilled, or iced green tea in the refrigerator for easy access and to increase your everyday intake. It is also believed that drinking hot green tea promotes healing within your body.  

Find berries

Berries act as a fat-fighting food that is easy to choose. They are easy to snack on and great for those sudden hunger pangs at work or out of boredom. Similar to other fruits, berries are foods that have a high content of fiber and water while being low in fat- things that work towards reducing hunger by keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time.

These fruits have other health benefits too, since they are packed with various nutrients. If you need to choose among berries, go for blueberries as they are loaded with beneficial antioxidants that have a high content of phytochemicals naturally occurring in the fruits.

Roast almonds

No, we have not gone nuts; eating almonds can actually help you lose weight, rather than the other way around. While it is true that almonds are something that is eliminated from most weight-loss diets owing to the high levels of fat, newer research has found that these really contain fewer calories than believed earlier.

In fact, during a recent study it was found that participants who consumed almonds as part of their regular diet lost 62 percent more weight and a considerable amount of belly fat after 24 weeks. Along with almonds, other nuts can also act as fat burners. This is because such nuts have a high content of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Almonds make for excellent healthy snacks, so fight those cravings with a handful of these next time instead of reaching into the refrigerator for a piece of chocolate or unhealthy junk food.

Tips on Eating Healthy

Apart from eating the above-mentioned foods in the right portions, a few conscious lifestyle changes go a long way in losing weight. Keep these tips in mind.

  • If you are eating out, stick to salads or other fresh, low-fat dishes. Losing fat does not mean you cannot dine out.
  • Choose lean meats over others and fatty fish like wild salmon, mackerel, and tuna if you love your seafood.
  • Go for 5 to 6 smaller meals in a day rather than 2 to 3 big meals. This helps to keep your metabolism engaged rather than letting calories rest in your body and accumulate as fat.
  • If you are at work for long hours and there are no healthy eating options around, prepare in advance and carry snacks with you rather than indulging in junk foods found in vending machines or office treats.
  • Reduce, if not eliminate, alcohol and sweet aerated drinks from your diet as these have a high calorie content.

Extreme or crash dieting (read: starving yourself) is not a good way to burn fat. Sometimes, a walk down the aisles of a supermarket to pick the right eatables, and dutifully adding them to your regular diet helps you get rid of unwanted body fat. So grab your shopping bag and use these yummy foods to blast away fat and stay in top shape.

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