12 Tips For Staying Healthy And Sane When Working From Home

Last updated on : June 10 2021

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Switching from working from an office to working from home is difficult even under normal circumstances, let alone with the never-ending pandemic. 

If you add homeschooling, social distancing, lockdown, and other restrictions to the equation, you get a recipe for mental and physical disaster. To avoid disaster altogether, you have to keep your sanity and health on a level keel.

Try these 12 tips on keeping your stress levels low and effectiveness high when working from home - jump to the section you want by using the links below. 

1. Be Disciplined

2. Work In A Dedicated Home Office

3. Interact With Colleagues

4. Stand Up Often And Stretch

5. Exercise

6. Unplug

7. Practice Mindfulness

8. Eat Healthily

9. Hydrate

10. Get Enough Sleep

11. Make Some Me-Time

12. Dress Up


1. Be Disciplined

If you take a look around your house, what do you see? 

The answer is distractions, such as TV, gadgets, family members, and even chores needed in the kitchen or garden. Every single one of them may distract you from your duties and responsibilities at work. 

For this reason, you have to have an adequate level of discipline to work effectively from home. 

An excellent way to deal with this is to set yourself a routine and practice it sufficiently to make it a habit

Do you have a strict working schedule? If not, come up with a plan of your own. Make sure it reflects the time of the day when you feel most productive. 

This way, you will get more things done in less time and stay disciplined. 

2. Work In A Dedicated Home Office

Most people have found working in a dedicated home office more manageable and more efficient than changing workspaces every day. It gives them a sense of normalcy and much-needed routine. 

You don’t need much, just some traffic and a distraction-free space to set up a home office. It could be your walk-in closet, balcony, deck, or even an unused room if you happen to have one. 

Then you can add a working desk, comfortable chair, office supplies, and electronic devices your work demands. 

If possible, your home office should be well-lit not to put a strain on your eyes while looking at the monitors of your electronics.

Home office

3. Interact With Colleagues

There’s no doubt that work from home tends to be lonely most time. 

You can’t grab a coffee with a colleague whenever you feel it because they’re no longer sitting next to you. Similarly, you can’t casually chat by the water cooler. 

The lack of interaction is even more problematic if you’re an extrovert. 

However, thanks to technology, you can still interact with coworkers and maintain relationships with them. Alternatives to Slack allow you to message not only team members but also colleagues from other departments too. 

Furthermore, it’s easier to stay in the loop when you connect with others. Having access to information takes the pressure off you and helps you relax at least a bit. 

4. Stand Up Often And Stretch 

Office work and home office one are quite different. For example, while you worked in an office, you can leave your desk to grab a coffee or snack or chat with coworkers. 

Now that you work in a home office, that’s impossible, which makes getting caught up in workload a problem and is especially noticeable with remote employees who live alone. 

As you already know, diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity occur more with physically inactive people. To prevent diseases and live a healthier life, all it takes is to get up every 20 to 30 minutes and stretch out. 

These mini-breaks will also help you relax and increase focus. Additionally, particularly if you suffer from a sore back, get set up with a stand-up desk at home. Stand-up desks have a multitude of benefits, from reducing the risk of cancer to increasing your productivity.  

Girl stretching

5. Exercise

Many studies show the physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise. And remote workers have an excellent opportunity to replace their commute time with exercising to boost their immune system and overall wellbeing. 

The exercising regime doesn’t have to be too strict or harsh. Instead, you can make it a fun and enjoyable experience. For example, take a stroll around your neighborhood, jog in the nearby park, or work out with an app or a fitness video.  

If you’re not a fan of fitness videos, don’t worry. You can still get some exercise in your workday. For example, you can pace or do squats during phone calls or use a standing desk. This way you won’t spend all day sitting.  

6. Unplug  

During remote work, private and professional lives become one. That is why most remote workers can’t unplug entirely after work hours. Before going to bed, they have to check their emails, make just one last phone call, or check the work calendar. 

On the weekends, they try to squeeze in a few more hours of work to catch up or get ahead. Either way, the work never stops. 

Thinking about work all the time can damage your mental health. 

Therefore, you have to find a way to unplug entirely and clear out your head. Otherwise, you might burn out or develop more severe health problems. 

It’s hard, but try to turn off the devices used for work and dedicate yourself to some other things in your free time. 

Girl reading a book on bed

7. Practice Mindfulness

Work from home can be stressful and filled with anxiety. 

One particular activity that can help you cope with the challenges and stress remote work brings is practicing mindfulness.  

Mindfulness is being present or aware of the present moment. It means that you take some time to pause and reflect on your experiences without being judgmental.  

Practicing mindfulness helps you gain a different perspective and become objective. The insights you gain through this activity also allow you to recognize negative feelings, understand where they come from, and prevent getting entangled in their darkness. 

As a result, you develop mental strength, which helps you control stress levels and prevent them from getting out of hand.

8. Eat Healthily

What does it mean to eat healthily

It means your meals consist of nutrients such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. The important thing is to limit the intake of salt, sugar, and saturated and trans-fat. 

Apart from eating only healthy food, you also have to make sure not to skip your meals and substitute with snacking. When you work from home, you become aware of hunger more than you usually would in the traditional office and are prone to snacking. 

Hence, keep healthy snacks and stay away from junk food. 

9. Hydrate

During the day, it’s essential to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and other health conditions. 

How much water you should drink depends on your needs. The important part is not to forget to drink it because you got caught up in work. It doesn’t do your body any good. If this is the case with you, you can install an app that will remind you to drink water. 

While water is the best choice for beverages, you can also drink tea or coffee moderately. You want to avoid drinking beverages with high amounts of sugar, such as energy drinks and sodas.

Working amd drinking coffee

10. Get Enough Sleep 

Get up on time as you always do. When you start working from home, your sleep schedule, like everything else, suddenly changes. It tends to fluctuate depending on your work duties. 

This fluctuation can make you feel sleepy, tired, or sluggish

Meanwhile, when you go to bed and get up at the same time every day, your sleep quality improves, and you have plenty of energy for the rest of the day. 

Whenever you feel tempted to take a long nap in the afternoon, go for a walk instead. In case you’re in desperate need of a power nap, set the alarm for it to avoid feeling groggy afterward.

11. Make Some Me-Time 

Self-care is the best gift you can give yourself.  

Every individual has a perception of self-care. For some, it’s face masks or bubble baths. For others, it’s drinking wine, reading books, or meditating. 

No matter your perception, there is one thing they have in common — putting yourself first. Please don’t confuse it with selfishness.  

Self-care can give you a much-needed routine and sense of control, which is essential right now when no one knows what to expect in the upcoming months.  

Therefore, find something you like and enjoy doing and treat yourself at the end of a hard day in the home office.

Girl practising self-care

12. Dress Up 

Most people think working from home means wearing pajamas all day long. 

This perception is entirely wrong because it sends the wrong message to the brain. When you wear pajamas all day, your brain inevitably thinks it’s time for relaxation, which is the opposite of work in the home office. 

That’s why you should take a shower, comb your hair, put on some makeup, and dress the part. You don’t have to wear a work outfit. Instead, you can dress casually but not too casually. Wearing the appropriate clothes puts you in the right mindset.


All in all, work from home is a considerable challenge even without the pandemic. However, you can adjust to even the most challenging change in life if you know the right tips. 

Our easy-to-follow tips will not only help you adjust to the remote work but also stay healthy and sane down the road. 

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