12 Simple Ways You Can Turn Your Workout Space Into A Personal Sanctuary

Last updated on : November 04 2021

Workout at the gym

If you want more motivation for your workouts, try out these simple yet effective decorating tips to turn your workout space into the sanctuary you need. 

A sanctuary is a private, safe, personal space for your mind-body practice. Creating one will undoubtedly encourage you to exercise regularly, unlike most Americans today. 

1. Add Plants (Succulents, Areca Palms, Spider Plants)

Plants release oxygen during the day in the presence of natural light through a process called photosynthesis. At night, plants will uptake oxygen and release carbon dioxide—unless they have a Crassulacean Acid Metabolism like succulents, areca palms, and spider plants.

These plant types purify the air 24/7, which helps you focus, recover quickly, and prevent mental and physical illness. 

To get your hands on these plants, try a subscription box filled with them. You can get succulent plants at Bouqs.com and have them delivered in boxes right to your door.

2. Declutter And Keep Your Workout Space Clean

Nothing is more demotivating than seeing a messy space before your workout. 

A clean house allows for better concentration, reduces search time, and keeps stress to a minimum. These aspects make you more willing to exercise. 

However, you can take it a step further.

Make sure that everything has its place, from your weights to your yoga mat, so you can quickly grab what you need. 

If the room is a multi-use space, use racks or cubbies to keep everything off the floor. If your room is specifically being used for working out, buy a squat rack and bench. 

Please don't neglect the floor as it's essential to keep it clean.

When doing Yoga, some positions require you to place your face against the mat. If your floors are dirty, this puts you at risk of inhaling dust and other micro debris, giving you sniffles or colds.

3. Paint Your Room With Calm Colors

Colors significantly affect our mental states. Warm-toned colors typically evoke feelings of optimism, happiness, and energy, while cool colors, like green, blue, and purple, evoke negativity. 

When painting your workout space, avoid black and darker colors and stick to oranges and yellows.

Although bright green or other neon colors can make you feel energetic, only use neutrals, like beige and browns, if your exercise room is designated for your yoga practice. 

Keep in mind that different shades, tones, and glosses make a difference in how you feel, so be sure to test your mood and feelings before committing to a new color.  

4. Use Aromatherapy, Scented Candles, or Incense

Candle lights

Aromatherapy sprays, scented candles, and incense can create a welcoming feel to almost any space. 

Consider keeping a small, low-hanging shelf where you can rotate various scented objects that affect your emotional state. 

For example, you can use mint to excite and inspire, while lavender can calm you after a stressful day, improving your yoga practice.

Note: If you have pets, research scents that won't make them feel sick. While lavender makes humans feel more relaxed, it's incredibly toxic to cats, especially in a concentrated form.

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5. Purchase Mood Lighting or Airy Curtains

Lighting can also interact with our mood, especially if it's natural UV lighting. 

Vitamin D, which can only be found naturally from the sun, affects our mood and overall health. If we don't get enough of it, we'll feel lazy, unmotivated, and depressed, so be sure to supplement in the Winter.

If you have large windows in your workout room, install airy, semi-opaque white curtains that help bring in more light while providing a bit of privacy.

If you prefer to work out at night, install dimmer switches on overhead lights and UV light bulbs to change the feel of your space.

6. Make Your Workout Room a "Workout Only" Space

When you enter your workout space, you may not feel like you want to start doing squats or pushups as soon as you cross the threshold. 

However, if you create an area dedicated to working out, your brain can more easily shift into workout mode without much effort.

What do you do if you don't have enough space specifically for working out? Can you still get into workout mode? Yes, but you need to get creative. 

Find a corner, whether it's in your living room or bedroom, and face away from your bed or couch as that will help you focus. Instead, face your window for reasons in number five.

7. Install Foam Flooring or Plush Carpets

Your workout surface should be shock-absorbant and kind to your joints. 

At the same time, your flooring type should be able to keep your gear stable throughout the workout. 

If you or your equipment starts sliding around, you could hurt yourself or damage your furniture or floor.

Cover your floor in easy-to-connect tiles, yoga mats, or waterproof epoxy coating to add traction. 

If you have carpeted floors and you don't want to or can't replace them with wood, you should be fine if your carpet is soft. If not, find a yoga mat with a non-slidable backing.

8. Place Cleaning Products Away From View

She is wearing a grey bra

All home gyms need to be cleaned after every workout. Otherwise, bacteria, dust, and dirt will start to accumulate. 

Not only will this make your room smell, but it could also make you sick. Your sanctuary should be a sick-free zone, so keep cleaning products in the room at all times.

Wood floors are easy to clean; use any wood-specific disinfectant. Carpets are a little trickier, but a cordless vacuum, baking soda (for odor), and a portable deep cleaner should do the trick. 

Keep clean clothes, mop heads, and sponges out of sight in a closed cabinet. 

9. Buy A Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers have become so advanced that just about any budget speaker will be suitable for your workout room. 

However, if you're looking to maximize the speakers' longevity, save big on quality, and have an easy time maneuvering them, you'll want to do a bit of additional research.

If you're looking for a decent portable speaker, the Google Nest Mini is the right choice. If you value fitness studio-like sound quality, then the PRORECK Club 3000 may be what you want. 

If you want the perfect mix of size and sound, try the Mackie Thump12. 

Whichever you choose, always consider quality as this provides more value in the long term than cheap but disposable gadgets. 

10. Consider Buying a Portable Mini-Fridge

When you need a workout refresher, running down/up the stairs to the fridge for your ice-cold water bottle or towel can be a pain. 

Drinking warm water after sweating it out can be uncomfortable. Exercising heats up your body from the inside out, so having cold beverages can cool you down, especially after a good, sweaty session.

Coldwater can also provide you with an extra boost of energy, which will help you get through your workout. 

Keep at least one water bottle and three clean cold towels that you can use to clean yourself off after an intense high-intensity interval training or cardio workout.

11. Place Mirrors Around the Room

Mirrors make your home feel more extensive because they capture light and project it into the darker corners of the room. 

In an exercise room, they also provide a functional purpose: to check your form. If you have the wall space, you can set up your room like an aerobics studio.

You can also use mirrors to create texture by installing mirror frames that add a three-dimensional level to the wall. These act as statements to your room. 

You can also turn any mirror into a faux window by adding paneling or a frame that adds character to the space.

12. Add A Television (If They Don't Distract You)

Some of us prefer to use guided workout tapes to complete our workouts, while others like to watch television while on the treadmill. 

Regardless of why you want to add a television, make sure it isn't distracting you from your workouts. Otherwise, you'll need to remove them.

Buy one or more flat-screen televisions and install them directly onto your wall. If you prefer to have it swivel, you can do so. However, it may make the television look a bit out of place. Plus, you can add a picture frame on top of your televisions, so they look more decorative.


There are many reasons why most of us don't get enough exercise, and a lack of motivation is undoubtedly one of them.  

Sanctuaries are supposed to create a sense of calm and focus, two qualities you need to boost your motivation and desire for your next workout.  

No matter what type of person you are, we guarantee you'll find one or more of our workout room ideas valuable and practical.

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