12 Reasons Women Need To Deadlift

Last updated on : April 07 2023

reasons to deadlift

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If you're looking for exercise recommendations, consider deadlifting. It's increasingly popular among women because it makes the gym time fun, challenging, and more efficient.

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How to Deadlift

Difference Between Deadlift and Squat

Why Women Should Deadlift

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you're looking for exercise recommendations, consider deadlifting. It's increasingly popular among women because it makes the gym time fun, challenging, and more efficient.

The exercise takes its name from the dead, or stationary weights lifted directly off the ground. These loads can be either barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells depending on preference.

Experts believe it is an excellent exercise for those looking to build strength and fitness and to boost overall health. It rivals the squat, and it's perfect for women. 

Deadlifting is taxing both mentally and physically, so we put it into the "no pain, no gain" category. However, master the exercise and build it into your routine, and the benefits show. 

How to Deadlift

The exercise involves lifting a barbell from the floor to mid-thigh, locking your hips and knees, and then returning it by bending your knees slightly and moving your hips back. Then repeat without letting the bar go.

There are variations to the exercise that give your overall routine some variety. These include the sumo and the snatch, plus more.  

However, a word of caution, the deadlift can place unnecessary strain on your back and related muscles. Completing it with the right form is essential. So seek advice from your trainer or gym before trying it out. 

Stop if you cannot do it correctly or are developing niggles or strains. Start again when you are rested and have mastered the proper form. 

Watch this demonstration by Gabrial Sey to learn how to do this exercise correctly. Video demonstration.

Difference Between Deadlift and Squat

Both the deadlift and squat work your legs but they are not the same movement. They activate and develop the muscles of our legs, back, and core differently.

At the most basic level, the squat is a squat movement (i.e., similar to sitting down on a bench) and the deadlift is a hip hinge movement - read more about the differences here

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Why Women Should Deadlift

Weightlifting is not just for athletes. There is a growing understanding that incorporating weights into your exercise routine is both beneficial and essential.

Weights don't build muscle mass unless taken to an extreme. Instead, they improve your feminine proportions through better toning and the development of lean muscle. 

Deadlifting is, of course, another form of weightlifting, and here are a few solid reasons to do it! 

Excellent confidence booster

Women performing this workout are perceived to be healthy and fierce, and with good reason. It improves your core and overall strength immensely. Plus you cannot ignore the massive confidence kick the workout brings, especially when you are looking to turn on the seductive heat. 

I've taken this quote directly from SyncTherapy because I can't write it any better.

"Besides stronger abs, the confidence you gain from being animal-strong will make you fearless on the field. Progressively improving your Deadlift technique will make you stronger. It trains your body to adapt to physical stress, assist you in staying healthy, and give you a warrior's mentality to dominate."

Let's be fearless girls and dominate!

Boost confidence

Works several muscles

Deadlifting is a compound exercise working for different muscle groups in your body simultaneously. A strong reason why many fitness specialists recommend it.

Perform this single exercise instead of going through a range of activities on different pieces of gym equipment. It exercises a variety of muscles simultaneously giving you a fuller body workout than sets of individual exercises. Think of it as a time saver with enormous benefits! 

Burns more fat than cardio

Burn fat faster

Deadlifting is an anaerobic exercise boosting your metabolism. It's an efficient way to burn calories and lose fat fast.

Women who perform it regularly with the proper technique burn fat more efficiently than those following other workouts like cardio, jogging, and even dieting.

A 2014 study by Arizona State University reported that strength training burns over 450 calories an hour, a number that may vary depending on the intensity of your workout and your weight.

Burning this amount of calories is enormous and is far better than your average run on a treadmill. In the calorie and fat burning department, deadlifting produces excellent results.

Combine deadlifting with a diet of natural fat burning foods to boost your weight loss goals.  

Helps prevent back pain

Prevent back injury

Back pain happens to many of us as we get old. An estimated 10% of the world's population suffers from lower back pain. Learning to combat it today has long-term life-changing benefits.

The deadlift is a valid lower back exercise. It remedies existing back pain and decreases the risk of injury in later life.

It does this by increasing the strength of your entire core. It is found to be better at combatting back pain than strengthening the back muscles alone.    

So try this exercise to prevent pain in your lower back today and in later life. 

Improves cardiovascular activity

Deadlifts strengthen your cardiovascular fitness because they work your heart. The intensity of the exercise drives much-needed blood flow to your muscles, making your heart work hard. 

The result is a better VO2Max (the ability of the human body to utilize and carry oxygen while exercising) promoting stronger cardiovascular health.

A healthy heart gives you the energy to finish your day without the need for an unhealthy snack.

Strengthens grip and biceps

Strengthen grips

Usually, deadlifts are not exercises associated with developing your biceps. However, perform a few repetitions, and feel them get strong! The resistance needed to hold the barbell exercises your arms and biceps.  

Your grip improves too and gets sturdy over time.  The more you do this workout, the more you feel your grip strength improves.

You notice that you can move more massive objects without much effort and strain. The best part is that your legs take stairs efficiently and carrying your groceries into the house is now a breeze.

Improves your posture and stability

Deadlifting will unquestionably improve your core strength, and this, in turn, works all the essential muscle groups responsible for your stance.

It won't be long before you are walking taller with stronger muscles in your lower back, waist, and hips. Climbing stairs is no longer a chore, and playing sports is easier.

Corrects posture

Corrects pelvic tilt

For most women, the regular wearing of high heels has a gradual but steady impact on the pelvis and lower back. 

Heels make your back arch unnaturally and can cause painful hamstrings and glutes.

It's not easy to hang up your stilettos, but you can deadlift to correct this imbalance. And reduce some of the harmful effects of wearing heels long term.   

Useful in real life

Since you lift heavy weights with this exercise regime, there are real-life applications too.

You'll soon find lifting heavy shopping bags, weeding the garden, or playing with the kids (where a lot of lifting happens) becomes far less stressful than before.

Strength builds in weightlifting

Your stronger lower back brings benefits too. No more squatting to pick up something from the floor or feeling wheezy from lifting a suitcase into your car.

Easy-to-perform and affordable

Deadlift is affordable

Deadlifting does not need years of experience or specialized training and skills. An excellent physical trainer at your local gym is enough for you to perfect your form.

Another advantage is that you don't need to spend a lot to benefit from the workout. Basic gym membership with free weights and supportive tennis shoes will get you started.

My Summary

Deadlifting works wonders on the mental and physical health of women. Life gets to each of us, and the exercise helps you deal with stress and to maintain a positive outlook. It also positively boosts your immune system

For me, this is the most significant reason to perform them. The sum of all the little positives leads to one huge confidence booster. I'm a fan. 

However, it is vital to perform these exercises correctly and only under a physical trainer’s guidance. The proper technique is essential to avoid injury. Also, watch out for other common workout mistakes that can hurt your fitness goals, and wear the correct sneakers

Reach out to your trainer now, and start lifting your way to good health and feminine strength today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions most frequently asked by our readers.

1. Will deadlifting make me bulky?

Building muscle requires a combination of resistance training and a caloric surplus. You will need more than deadlifting alone to make you bulky. You can adjust your workout and diet accordingly if you're worried about getting too bulky.

2. Do I need to be strong to deadlift?

No, you needn't be strong to start deadlifting. Like any exercise, starting with lighter weights and gradually increasing the weight as you get stronger and more comfortable with the movement is essential.

3. Is deadlifting dangerous?

Deadlifting can be dangerous without proper form and technique. Learning the correct form and gradually increasing the weight is essential to avoid injury. If you're new to deadlifting, consider working with a qualified trainer or coach to help you get started.

4. How often should I deadlift?

The frequency of your deadlift workouts will depend on your individual goals and fitness level. As a general guideline, you can aim to deadlift 1-2 times weekly. However, if you're new to deadlifting, starting with lighter weights and lower frequency is vital to allow your body to adapt to the movement.

5. Can deadlifting help with weight loss?

Yes, deadlifting can help with weight loss. Deadlifting is a compound exercise that works for multiple muscle groups and can help to increase metabolism and burn calories. However, combining deadlifting with a balanced diet and regular cardio exercise is essential for the best results.

6. Can deadlifting help with back pain?

Yes, deadlifting can help with back pain. Deadlifting can help strengthen the back muscles and improve posture, which can help alleviate back pain. However, starting with lighter weights and proper form is vital to avoid exacerbating any existing back issues.

7. Can women with osteoporosis deadlift?

Women with osteoporosis can deadlift. Deadlifting can help to improve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Still, it's critical to take precautions to avoid injury by working with a qualified trainer or coach.

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