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12 Reasons Women Need to Deadlift

Last updated on : October 21 2016

reasons to deadlift

When it comes to workout regimes, there is limitless variety and options available today. If you are looking for exercise recommendations, consider deadlifting—a form of exercise that is increasingly becoming popular among women. Deadlifting makes your gym time fun, challenging, and more effective.

To put it simply, deadlifting is called so because it refers to lifting dead weights from the ground. Usually, equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells are used for this weight training exercise, and experts believe that it is one of the most suitable forms of exercise for those looking to build strength and fitness, and to boost overall health.

Deadlifting is not as tough as it sounds; in fact, it is quite simple and is easy to master. Essentially, deadlifting involves positioning a weight in front of you, then bending over and picking it up from the ground mostly to the hip level, and then placing it back on the ground. However, although it is simple and effective—deadlifting is a form of exercise that is designed to improve your agility and strength. The constant challenges and different types of deadlifting ensures that workout time is interesting and effective today.

Still on the fence about deadlifting? Here are 9 girl reasons to lift weights.

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Reasons to Deadlift

Deadlifting is not just for athletes; in fact, one advantage of this exercise is that women of different ages are able to perform it and reap its benefits. In addition, this workout helps you stay toned and fit while having real-life benefits as well.

There is a myth that lifting weights is deemed masculine and may result in earning a more masculine figure. However, we have set out to put this myth to rest. Check out our 12 reasons women need to deadlift.  

Easy-to-perform and affordable

Deadlift is affordable

We have already established that deadlifting does not require years of experience or special training and skills. A good physical trainer at your local gym is enough for you to perfect your form. Another great advantage of the deadlift is that you do not need to spend a lot to start benefiting from it. Basic gym membership with free weights and supportive tennis shoes are enough to get you started.

Work several muscles

Being a compound exercise, deadlift works different muscle groups in your body simultaneously, a reason why most specialists recommend going for this exercise form. Many of us avoid the gym as going through a range of exercises on various equipment is tiring. However, with deadlifting there is no such issue as it works your back muscles as well as the upper and lower body. And since it is one exercise for so many areas, deadlifting is also a big time-saver for women who cannot always dedicate an hour or more to working out.

Burns More Fat

Burn fat faster

One main reason for women to hit the gym is to burn calories, and lose ungainly body fat. This is another area where deadlifting scores high. Since it boosts metabolism, the exercise is known to burn fat more efficiently. It has been found that women who deadlift regularly and follow the proper technique burn fat faster than those following other workouts like cardio, jogging, and even dieting.

Studies found that going for heavy lifting for an hour also helps you lose up to 460 calories, a number that may vary depending on the intensity of your workout and your current weight. However, if you are looking for an effective exercise to blast belly fat or lose calories, deadlifting is sure to yield some excellent results.

Gain defined curves

A common myth associated with deadlifts is that it makes women expand their waists. But as we mentioned, it is nothing but a myth. The truth is that you can build lovely curves by deadlifting, as unlike men women do not gather too much muscle mass. This single exercise can help you achieve well-toned glutes, abs, and an overall attractively curvy figure since it works a lot of muscles at once.

Some form of deadlifting also involve squats. Check out why you should make squats a part of your everyday workout regime in our post that covers 11 sexy reasons to do squats.

Helps prevent injuries

Prevent back injury

The deadlift is an exercise that strengthens the muscles around important ligaments and tendons in your body. Therefore, it prevents a lot of injuries, since your muscles are stronger than ever. Moreover, it also works the important muscles in your body that keep you agile and more flexible. By deadlifting you are able to prevent pain in your lower back—a common complaint among women of all ages today.

Safe form of exercise

If deadlifting with a barbell seems a bit risky for you, rest assured that you have nothing to fear when you follow the proper technique. In fact, this exercise is one of the safest among weightlifting workouts as you do not need to be afraid about being pulled back or pinned under the weight of the equipment. If you feel your arms giving out, you can simply drop the weight—no more damage than a possible loud thud.

Improved cardiovascular activity

You may find it tough to believe, but performing deadlifts actually increases your cardiovascular fitness. This is because deadlifting improves your VO2Max (the ability of the human body to utilize and carry oxygen while exercising) by working the heart. This improved ability goes towards promoting stronger cardiovascular health. A strong heart gives you energy to finish your day without a need for a “pick me up snack”.

Strengthens grip and biceps

Strengthen grips

Usually, deadlifts are not exercises associated with developing your biceps. However, once you perform a few repetitions of this exercise, you will certainly feel the pull in your biceps. Another major advantage of the deadlift is that it works great to build a sturdy grip.

The more you deadlift the more you will feel your grip strength improve. Soon after you start this workout, you are sure to notice that you are able to move heavier objects without much effort and strain. The best part is that your legs will take stairs without strain and carrying your groceries into the house is a breeze.

Excellent confidence booster

Women performing deadlifts are generally perceived to be strong and fierce and with good reason. Deadlift not only gives you confidence but does immense good to your core strength. Additionally, you cannot ignore the massive kick of confidence that such a workout brings and involves.

Boost confidence

A common myth is that you will transform into looking like the incredible hulk. However, to achieve a bodybuilders physique you will be required to eat well, take a healthy share of supplements, and consume strategic calories. Furthermore, men are genetically inclined to build ripping muscles because of the testosterone in their body. As women you are able to deadlift without worrying about bulking up but rather simply obtain healthy, defined, and toned muscles.  

Improves your posture and stability

Corrects posture

The deadlift is an exercise that works toward building your core strength, and this in turn works all the important muscle groups that are responsible for your posture. Since deadlifting requires you to keep your back straight, you also tend to carry it over to other daily activities and thus improve your posture. A few months after you start deadlifting, you will notice that you are walking taller and have stronger muscles in your lower back, waist, and hips. Climbing stairs is no longer a chore and playing sports is easier.

Useful in real life

Strength builds in weightlifting

It will not be entirely wrong to term deadlifting as one of the most practical exercises out there. Since you get into the habit of lifting heavy weights in this exercise regime, it has a real-life application too. As mentioned women who deadlift soon find that lifting heavy shopping bags, weeding the garden, or playing with the kids (where considerable lifting may be involved) becomes less stressful than before.

Having built a strong lower back from the regular exercising, your strength will begin to show.  No more squatting to pick up something from the floor or becoming wheezy just from lifting a suitcase to your car.

Corrects pelvic tilt

For most women, the regular wearing of high heels has a gradual but strong effect on the pelvis, and not for the good. It makes your back arch unnaturally as well, and even your hamstrings and glutes may be affected. Now, you obviously cannot hang up your stilettos, but you can definitely use deadlifting to correct this imbalance and reduce some of the harmful effects of wearing heels on your body.   

Other than these benefits, deadlifting has been found to work wonders on the mental health of women. Life gets to each of one of us, but this form of exercise can help you deal with stress and maintain a positive outlook. Having said that, it is vital to remember that deadlifts should be performed only under an physical trainer’s guidance, as doing it correctly is important to avoiding injury. So reach out to your trainer, and start lifting your way to good health and feminine strength today.

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