12 Reasons Women Need to Deadlift

Last updated on : August 23 2017

reasons to deadlift

If you are looking for exercise recommendations, consider deadlifting—a form of exercise that is increasingly popular among women because it makes gym time fun, challenging, and more effective.

The exercise takes it's name from the dead or stationary weights lifted directly off the ground. These weights can be either barbells, dumbbells or kettle bells depending on preference.

Experts believe that it is one of the most suitable forms of exercise for those looking to build strength and fitness, and to boost overall health, rivalling the squat. And it's perfect for women. 

Deadlifting can be quite taxing both mentally and physically so we'd put it into the "no pain no gain" category. But once it's mastered and built into your routine the benefits will show.

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How to Deadlift

At it's simplest level this exercise involves lifting a barbell from the floor to mid thigh, locking your hips and knees at that point, and then returning it back to the floor by bending your knees slightly and moving your hips back. Then repeat without letting the bar go.

There are quite a few variations to the exercise to give your overall routine some variety. These include the sumo and the snatch, plus more.  

However a word of caution, the deadlift can place unnecessary strain on your back and related muscles. Completing it with the right form is very important and so do seek some advice from your personal trainer or gym.

If you cannot do it properly or are developing niggles or strains it must be stopped right away. Start again when you are rested and have mastered the proper form. 

Watch this demonstration by Gabrial Sey to learn how to do this exercise properly. Video demonstration.   

Why Women Should Deadlift

Weightlifting is not just for athletes and there is now a growing understanding that incorporating weights into your exercise routine is not only beneficial but important.

Moreover, weights will not build muscle mass unless taken to an extreme. They will instead improve your feminine proportions through better toning. Deadlifting is of course another form of weightlifting, and here are a few solid reasons to do it! 

Excellent confidence booster

Women performing this workout are generally perceived to be strong and fierce, and with good reason. It will immensely improve your core and overall strength, plus you won't be able to ignore the massive confidence kick that the workout brings. 

I've taken this quote directly from SyncTherapy because I just cannot write it any better...

"Besides stronger abs, the confidence you gain from being animal-strong will make you fearless on the field. Progressively improving your Deadlift technique will make you stronger, train your body to adapt to physical stress, assist you in staying healthy and give you a warrior's mentality to dominate...."

Lets be fearless girls, and dominate of course!

Boost confidence

Works several muscles

Being a compound exercise, deadliftiing works different muscle groups in your body simultaneously. A strong reason why many fitness specialists recommend it specifically.

Perform this single exercise instead of going through a range of exercises on different pieces of gym equipment, and exercise muscles you otherwise wouldn't. Think of it as a time saver! 

Burns More Fat

Burn fat faster

Deadlifting is an anaerobic exercise that boosts your metabolism. It's an highly efficient way to burn calories fast and so helps with losing fat too.

Women who perform it regularly with the proper technique burn fat more efficiently than those following other workouts like cardio, jogging, and even dieting.

A 2014 study by Arizona State University reported that strength training can burn over 450 calories an hour, a number that may vary depending on the intensity of your workout and your weight.

This is quite huge and is far better than your average run on a treadmill. In the calorie and fat burning department deadlifting certainly yields some excellent results.

Helps prevent injuries

Prevent back injury

Back pain is a common problem as we get older. With an estimated 10% of the worlds population suffering from lower back pain learning to combat it now can have long term life changing benefits.

The deadlift performed properly is a highly effective lower back exercise, and will improve existing back pain plus decrease the risk of injury in later life.

It does this by increasing the strength of the entire core, found to be more effective at combatting back pain than strengthening the back muscles alone.    

So by doing this exercise you are able to prevent pain in your lower back—a common complaint among women of all ages today.

Improved cardiovascular activity

You may find it tough to believe, but performing deadlifts actually increases your cardiovascular fitness.

This is because the workout improves your VO2Max (the ability of the human body to utilize and carry oxygen while exercising) by working the heart. This improved ability goes towards promoting stronger cardiovascular health.

A strong heart gives you energy to finish your day without a need for a “pick me up snack”.

Strengthens grip and biceps

Strengthen grips

Usually, deadlifts are not exercises associated with developing your biceps. However, once you perform a few repetitions, you will certainly feel the pull in your biceps.

Another major advantage is the improvement in your grip, which over time will become quite sturdy. The more you do this workout the more you will feel your grip strength improve.

You will also notice that you are able to move heavier objects without much effort and strain. The best part is that your legs will take stairs easily and carrying your groceries into the house is now a breeze.

Improves your posture and stability

Deadlifting will unquestionably improve your core strength, and this in turn works all the important muscle groups that are responsible for your posture.

It won't be long before you will notice that you are walking taller and have stronger muscles in your lower back, waist, and hips. Climbing stairs is no longer a chore and playing sports is easier.

Corrects posture

Corrects pelvic tilt

For most women, the regular wearing of high heels has a gradual but strong effect on the pelvis and lower back, and it isn't for the good.

Heels make your back arch unnaturally, and can cause painful hamstrings and glutes.

You obviously cannot hang up your stilettos, but you can definitely use deadlifting to correct this imbalance and reduce some of the harmful effects of wearing heels long term.   

Useful in real life

Since you get into the habit of lifting heavy weights in this exercise regime, there are real-life applications too.

You'll soon find that lifting heavy shopping bags, weeding the garden, or playing with the kids (where considerable lifting may be involved) becomes far less stressful than before.

Strength builds in weightlifting

Having built a strong lower back from regular performing the exercise, your strength will begin to show. No more squatting to pick up something from the floor or becoming wheezy just from lifting a suitcase into your car.

Easy-to-perform and affordable

Deadlift is affordable

We have already established that deadlifting does not require years of experience or special training and skills. A good physical trainer at your local gym is enough for you to perfect your form.

Another great advantage is that you do not need to spend a lot to benefit from the workout. Basic gym membership with free weights and supportive tennis shoes are enough to get you started.

My summary

Deadlifting can work wonders on the mental health of women. Life gets to each us, but this form of exercise will help you deal with stress and maintain a positive outlook.

For me this is the biggest reason to perform them, the sum of all the small positives leads to one absolutely huge confidence booster. I'm a fan. 

Having said that, it is vital to remember that they need to be performed properly and only under a physical trainer’s guidance. Doing them correctly is important to avoid injury.

Reach out to your trainer now, and start lifting your way to good health and feminine strength today.

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